New Comics | 10 January

New Comics | 10 January

10 January 2024


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Ultimate Spider-Man #1

Ultimate Spider-Man

Ultimate Spider-Man returns to shelves this week. Jonathan Hickman kickstarts the relaunch into the recreated Ultimate Universe and fans are ready for thrills!

10/10 recommended for fans of Spider-Man and other universes.


Zorro: Man of the Dead #1

Zorro: Man of the Dead

Zorro is BACK courtesy of Sean Gordon Murphy and Massive Publishing. In this iteration a young man believes he’s the legendary Zorro after suffering a psychotic break as a child. Can he live up to the name he’s falsely claimed when trouble shows up?

10/10 recommend for fans of Zorro and sword fighting.


Acid Chimp vs Business Dog #1

Acid Chimp VS Business Dog

 Mark Russell returns for the 5th anniversary one shot showcasing Ahoy’s breakout animal duo; Acid Chimp and Business Chimp.

9/10 recommended for fans of Mark Russell and furry friends 


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