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Sunday Preview – The Twin-Tailed Crusade Runs Into an Ironjawz Problem

Strap on your armour, boyz – it’s time the Cities of Sigmar found out what a real army looks like. This week we’re going Ironjawz mad, and joined by a large and very irritable Troggoth King rising from his slumber. It’s a good time to root for Grand Alliance Destruction, and a pretty miserable one for anyone in their way, so let’s see what the week has in store.

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Dawnbringers: Book II – Reign of the Brute

The story of the Twin-Tailed Crusade continues in Dawnbringers: Book II, as the brave soldiers of Hammerhal strike out across Aqshy and Ghyran. This time they’ll have some titanic foes to deal with, as one branch clashes head-on with Gargant King Brodd – seeking vengeance for the death of his father – while the other tangles with Trugg the Troggoth King. 

This book contains a selection of awesome battleplans to reenact moments from the book, as well as the latest narrative and rules for four new Armies of Renown. It’s packed with great stuff for fans of the Mortal Realms, and will be available to pre-order on Saturday in either a regular or captivating limited edition.

Trugg’s Great Troggherd

SundayPreview Sept10 TruggsGreatTroggherd (1)

After a century or two of sleep, Trugg woke up with an almighty headache which might have something to do with the great celestial engine someone had stuck onto his head while he caught 40 winks. As the slightest hint of the arcane causes him excruciating pain in the skull, he’s gathered a horde of his fellow troggoths for a no-holds-barred magic-smashing tour – and the Twin-Tailed Crusade is in his warpath.

Trugg’s Great Troggherd gives you all the miniatures you need to start an all-troggoth army, including the king himself and his entourage of six Rockgut Troggoths. It’s the first place you can get this new bruiser, and it’s a great accompaniment to existing Gloomspite Gitz armies too!


SundayPreview Sept10 GSGRabbleRowza

Speaking of the Gitz – only one truly versed in the ways of making noise could rouse the troggoth king from his hibernation, and the Rabble-rowza is just that grot. The piercing, magically enhanced voices of these chuntering champions are loud enough to disturb creatures lurking far underground, and he’s just what a horde of grots need to buck their ideas up. 

Gloomspite Gitz Dice Set

SundayPreview Sept10 GSGDice

These dice are a great way to give your Gloomspite Gitz a flash of style. Each pack contains 20 yellow plastic dice with the emblem of the Bad Moon embossed in black ink – just what the Loonboss ordered.

Battletome Supplement: Ironjawz

SundayPreview Sept10 IronjawzSupplement

A host of new Ironjawz are coming to pre-order on Saturday. Their rules can be found inside the new Dawnbringers book, but in case you aren’t getting your hands on a copy this week, we’ve got you covered with a free PDF download of Battletome Supplement: Ironjawz. This contains all eight warscrolls, from Ardboys with their new weapon options to the brutal Tuskboss on Maw-grunta. Speaking of which…

Tuskboss on Maw-grunta

SundayPreview Sept10 TuskbossOnMawGrunta

The big pig is here! 

Lead your Ironjawz from the front atop the most ornery, short-tempered mount seen so far in the Mortal Realms. Really, this thing would give Dorghar a run for its money. The Tuskboss is a powerful fighter and capable leader for Ironjawz armies, and unlocks the ability to take more Maw-gruntas as Battleline choices.

That’s right, an entire army of giant, hairy chargers. This kit builds the Tuskboss variant, or alternatively a Maw-grunta with Hakkin’ Crew or Maw-grunta Gouger – with plenty of options for making yours stand out on the battlefield.

Ardboy Big Boss

SundayPreview Sept10 ArdboyBigBoss

Not all leaders need to ride something big and flashy to get the job done. The Ardboy Big Boss is a seasoned commander who marches to war alongside his fellow orruks, getting stuck into combat with five Damage 2 attacks and a bad attitude to match his prodigious resilience.

Orruk Ardboys

SundayPreview Sept10 Ardboys

Ardboys are the bread and butter of an Ironjawz Waaagh!, if the bread were metal and the butter were violence. This new kit updates the classic armoured orruks into a new age, with brand new options to equip all 10 with spears and shields. Plus, they look absolutely brilliant!.

Weirdbrute Wrekkaz & Brute Ragerz

SundayPreview Sept10 BruteRagerz

When an orruk’s bragging gets too much and they can’t live up to the lofty expectations they’ve set, the shame sends them on a path of self-destructive redemption as a Brute Rager. Stripping off their armour and carrying massive two-handed weapons into battle, they seek to reclaim a sense of self-worth through sheer bloody minded butchery, and woe betide those who would try to stop them.

SundayPreview Sept10 WeirdbruteWrekkaz

Sometimes, the storm of Waaagh! energy that swirls around an orruk battle can send some boyz off the deep end, and they end up in a unit of Weirdbrute Wrekkaz. The only thing they’re good for is bolting on an iron mask and swinging a heavy ball-and-chain, which is a task their fellow Ironjawz are only too happy to set them to.

Zoggrok Anvilsmasha

SundayPreview Sept10 ZoggrokAnvilsmasha

A proper release calls for some legendary named characters, and one of the greatest ever is finally taking their first steps in the Mortal Realms. Strong, handsome, and indispensable in a forge, Klonk is a true red-blooded hero of Gorkamorka – and he even comes with an entire orruk smith as a bonus!

All jokes aside, Zoggrok Anvilsmasha is a legendary forgemaster responsible for the thick armour and rugged blades carried by his Ironjawz tribe. He’s also a dab hand in a fight, as you might expect from an orruk, and can smash enemy ward saves into nothing with his crude magical sword.

Vanguard: Orruk Warclans

SundayPreview Sept10 VanguardOrrukWarclans (1)

If you prefer your orruks of the sneaky, scheming variety, Vanguard: Orruk Warclans has just the collection of Kruleboyz for you. This set contains a Killaboss on Great Gnashtoof, a Murknob with Belcha-banna, one Beast-skewer Killbow, three Man-skewer Boltboyz, and 10 Gutrippaz – perfect for starting your own swamp-dwelling warband, or building on an existing army with a balanced selection of units.

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Yndrasta: The Celestial Spear

Yndrasta is an intimidating hunter with a penchant for silently dropping off freshly-decapitated heads at the foot of Sigmar’s throne, and in Yndrasta: The Celestial Spear by Noah Van Nguyen she has her work cut out for her defending the sled-city of Riika-Min – a nomadic metropolis that skids across the icy tundras of Ghur.

SundayPreview Sept10 BL 01 YndrastaTheCelestialSpear

In her quest to slay a mighty kraken threatening the settlement, Yndrasta befriends Njda, a local who soon discovers that the hunter’s ferocity may just outstrip the leviathan menacing her home. Previously available only in a glitzy limited edition, this novel is now coming to pre-orders in hardback, eBook, and audiobook editions.


It’s a big week for Warhammer+, as a brand new animated series debuts with its exciting first episode. In Pariah Nexus, a beleaguered group of Imperials find themselves stricken in Necron territory, with danger lurking all around them and only ironclad faith in the Emperor keeping spirits strong. Keeping with the Necron theme, Loremasters tackles the legendary Cryptek Illuminor Szeras, digging into this natural experimenter’s technological genius as he searches for the meaning of life itself.

SundayPreview Sept10 WHPlus

That’s not all – Citadel Colour Masterclass are also on hand to teach us the mysteries of soft, pale skin for your miniatures. Painting delicate skin tones is a real trial, so it helps to have the experts show you the ins and outs.

Meanwhile, here at Warhammer Community we get close and cosy with the Ironjawz, as well as keeping up with the latest from the Dawnbringers series.

What are you looking forward to this week? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter/X!


Armies on Parade 2023 – Get Your Brushes and Paints Ready

AoP2023 Nov30 Header

For many incredibly talented hobbyists, Armies on Parade 2022 was the culmination of a year’s worth of hard work. We saw many fantastic, creative entries – and the bar has been set very high indeed.

AoP2022 Awards Nov26 AoS Bronze1

This huge celebration of hard Warhammer graft, however, tells us that it’s time to start thinking about what next year’s entry will look like.

Every other month we’ll provide you with a different theme to work towards, so when October and November come around you should have a full and beautiful army ready for submission! Here’s the list of themes for next year – if you share your army with #ArmiesOnParade2023 you might spot your progress right here on WarCom.

AoP2023 Nov30 Poster

Get each of these done and you’re sure to have a brilliant entry for next November. As with every year, you’ll want to follow along on Twitter and Instagram by sharing your progress with #ArmiesOnParade2023.

AoP2023 Nov30 NYNA

Why not start with one of the many Combat Patrols and Battleforce boxes you could get for Christmas to get a head start with New Year New Army?

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