February Third Thursday Local Artist Feature: Eisley Rose

February Third Thursday Local Artist Feature: Eisley Rose


Meet Eisley Rose

Eisley Rose is a local author behind Glitched, the first book in a new series!

My book doesn’t fall under just one genre category. It is a mix of action & adventure, romance, mythology, thriller, sci-fi, fantasy, & dystopian. Its subject matter is dark and thrilling, and it is abundant with revenge and a side of spice with an absolutely never before explored storyline about Spartans still existing as a secret society dedicated to protect humankind.

You can find more information on Eisley's work on her website




Is this your first book?

Glitched is the first book in The Glitched Series. There will be four total, and I am already working on the second book.

How did you get into writing?

I had an idea 12 years ago, and I shared it with a few friends and co-workers who were avid readers. They said they had never heard of anything like that at the time and I should write it. And here we are.

Who are your inspirations?

Strong women. No one in particular, just the concept of a strong woman, both physically and mentally.

What would you describe your style of workv?

My style is narrative. I love movies, and therefore my books play out in readers’ minds as if they are watching the story they are reading.

What medium do you prefer?

I type everything. I recently got an iMac, and it has helped tremendously with the speed at which I am able to work.



 What your favorite work you've done?

So far, Glitched, but I am probably going to love the second book (which is still untitled) even more.

Do you have a place that inspires you?

Anywhere I can zone out and just look at nature. My backyard is perfect for that.

Do you have a favorite art museum?


Where can we find your books locally?

KD’s Books in downtown Lee’s Summit & soon, Barnes & Noble in North Blue Springs



 And of course, what is your favorite color?

Shiny black since I was 4 years old, thanks to Catwoman in the 1992 film Batman Returns.

Featured Question from the January Featured Artist, Donavan Noble:

What is the easiest way for you to get out of an art block?

Not being distracted by children 🤣 I could write all day every day if able. I’m not able to write because of my demands as a housewife and my children. Not to blame them but it is what it is.

I dont have art blocks. Ever. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I love listening to music and have a playlist for each book that i listen to on repeat while writing.




KD’s Books was established in 1990 and has been a mainstay of downtown Lee’s Summit for over 30 years. They continue to focus on children’s literature, learning materials, toys, and games.

In addition, they are working to grow their stock of adult bestsellers and gifts for booklovers of all ages, and become more involved in the rapidly-growing Lee’s Summit community! They host book clubs, author signings, special children’s events, as well as participating in downtown festivities, like summer art walks, open houses, and ladies’ nights!

KD's Books //  241 SE Main St, Lee's Summit, MO 64063

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