August 18-20 Store Credit Promo

August 18-20 Store Credit Promo


Happy birthday to our owner, Meg!

For her birthday, Meg has asked for cards featuring fox characters or art with foxes for her collection binder. If you bring a card she doesn't already have on the weekend of August 18-20th, you can exchange it for $1 store credit each. Any cards worth more than $1 trade credit will be priced normally.

Check the list below to see what has already been checked off!



  • Card must be a fox type or contain a fox in its art
  • Variants, foils, tokens, art cards, foreign language, etc are all allowed
  • All rarities, sets, and card types allowed
  • Have a fox card from a game that isn't MtG? Bring it!


 What's Already in the Binder?

These cards can't be submitted for this promotion.

Have a different variation not listed here? We'll sill accept it!

List updated: 08/12/2023 15:36


Magic: the Gathering

  • Architect of Restoration / The Restoration Of Eiganjo
  • Arctic Foxes
  • Blade-Blizzard Kitsune
  • Blade-Blizzard Kitsune (Showcase)
  • Blade-Blizzard Kitsune (Art Card)
  • Bright-Palm Soul Awakener (Foil)
  • Devilthorn Fox
  • Eight-and-a-Half Tails (Commander Legends Border)
  • Essence Symbiote
  • Etched Familiar
  • Farfinder
  • Filigree Familiar
  • Flourishing Fox
  • Flutterfox
  • Foxfire (Black Border)
  • Glass Casket
  • Glass casket (Promo Pack)
  • Golden-Tail Disciple
  • Hotshot Mechanic
  • Hunter's Edge
  • Kitsune Ace
  • Kitsune Blademaster
  • Kitsune Bonesetter
  • Kitsune Healer
  • Kitsune Healer (Foil)
  • Kitsune Mystic / Autumn-Tail Kitsune Sage
  • Kitsune Riftwalker
  • Light-Paws, Emperor's Voice
  • Light-Paws, Emperor's Voice (Art Card)
  • Maraleaf Rider
  • Maraleaf Rider (Foil)
  • Mila, Crafty Companion / Lukka, Wayward Bonder
  • Mila, Crafty Companion / Lukka, Wayward Bonder (Borderless)
  • Mila, Crafty Companion (Art Card)
  • Mothrider Patrol
  • Night of the Souls' Betrayal
  • Nine-Tail White Fox
  • Oakhame Ranger
  • Oakhame Ranger (Showcase)
  • Oko's Hospitality
  • Reality Shift (Borderless Alt)
  • Reality Shift (Borderless Alt Foil)
  • Reality Shift (Art Card)
  • Regent's Authority
  • Regent's Authority (Foil)
  • Searchlight Companion
  • Searchlight Companion (Foil)
  • Selfless Samurai
  • Selfless Samurai (Showcase)
  • Seven-Tail Mentor
  • Seven-Tail Mentor (Showcase)
  • Silverchase Fox
  • Silverchase Fox (Japanese)
  • Silverchase Fox (Foil)
  • Spontaneous Flight
  • Spontaneous Flight (Japanese)
  • Vivien, Champion of the Wilds
  • Vulpikeet
  • Vulpikeet (Japanese)
  • Vulpikeet (Foil)
  • Vulpikeet (Borderless Alt)
  • Vulpine Goliath
  • Wildborn Preserver
  • Wildwood Escort
  • Wildwood Tracker
  • Zirda, the Dawnwalker
  • Zirda, the Dawnwalker (Extended)
  • Zirda, the Dawnwalker (Promo)
  • Zirda, the Dawnwalker (Multiverse Legends Alt Foil)

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