Jul 262014
New Game Stuff (7/26/2014)

Tonight’s New Game Stuff is gonna begin with a little list action, because Fantasy Flight drop new expansion packs for nearly every Living Card Game line they publish. So, *deep breath*, there is the It Binds All Things Force Pack for the Star Wars LCG, there is the Upstalk Data Pack for Netrunner, there is [...]

Jul 252014
Comic List Highlights: 4x4 (7/30/2014)

Bodies #1 (of 8) -Like a British version of True Detective. -Si Spencer, the British writer of various Judge Dredd, Hellblazer, and Doctor Who comics, weaves a decade spanning crime mystery. -Bodies is set in four different time periods, ranging from the 1890s to 2050, each with their own detective attempting to solve a homicide. [...]

Jul 192014
New Game Stuff (7/19/2014)

Since most of tonight’s post is mostly populated by Magic the Gathering product, we’ll start out with the two non-Magic related items. First up, is the second item release for Dungeons & Dragons aka D&D Next aka D&D 5.0 is out this weekend.  The Icons of the Realm miniature set for the D&D Starter Set [...]