Sep 272014
October 40K Tournament 1

We will be holding a special “tournament” on Saturday, October 4th to raise money to buy additional terrain for the store’s gaming room! No prizes will be given, but all proceeds will go directly into ordering new terrain kits. Also, to make things interesting, we’re allowing Unbound armies! Bring whatever you want, within a 1500-point [...]

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Sep 272014
New Game Stuff (9/24/2014)

Dave Matthews must have just been hired on as a game designer at Fantasy Flight, because the newest Netrunner LCG Data Pack is named The Spaces Between.  The second expansion in the Lunar Cycle, The Spaces Between lives up to its name by exploring the limbo status of used up events and operations.  What after [...]

Sep 262014
Comic List Highlights: 4x4 (10/1/2014)

Men of Wrath #1 (of 5) -Who ever is reading Southern Bastards knows that Jason Aaron understands the South, violence, and family conflict.  And that’s exactly what Men of Wrath is. -From Marvel’s MAX imprint, this miniseries is written for adult readers and filled with adult content. -The Rath family of Alabama has been quarreling [...]