Apr 182015
April Warhammer 40K Tournament

The April Warhammer 40K Tournament will be on Saturday, April 25th. This will be a two-person team tournament, with each team member bringing a 1000-point army. Battle-Forged armies only, with a max of one Combined Arms or Codex-Specific Detachment (Nemesis Strike Force, Realspace Raiders, etc.). All other detachments (Allied, Inquisition, Formations, etc.) are unlimited. Teammates’ [...]

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Apr 242015
New Game Stuff (4/24/2015)

We begin tonight’s New Game Stuff with dessert.  Just Desserts is the newest card game from Looney Labs, makers of Fluxx and Chrononauts.  Similar to Fluxx, players are drawing and playing cards in an effort to match a goal card in the center of the table.  The goal in this instance, however, is a hungry [...]

Apr 242015
Comic List Highlights: 4x4 (4/29/2015)

Arkham Knight Figures Series 1 -In anticipation of the Batman Arkham Knight video game this summer, DC Direct is releasing a series of figures based off of the game’s character designs. -Out this week are Batman. . . -Harley Quinn. . . -And the Scarecrow! Pisces #1 -Two great Image Comic talents combine in one [...]

Apr 172015
New Game Stuff (4/17/2015)

One of the most popular video game experiences of the last ten years comes to the world of board gaming.  Bioshock Infinite:  The Siege of Columbia has recently been released by Plaid Hat Games.  A miniature based battle game, players take on the roles of the Vox Populi and the Founders, controlling each faction with [...]