Sep 202014
New Game Stuff (9/20/2014)

The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game gets organized this weekend, thanks to a new playmat. Featuring a layout that helps to show new and old players how to arrange the various important cards piles.  As well as being a guide for placement, the mat also helps organize the game (heading off clutter) and keep the cards [...]

Sep 192014
Comic List Highlights: 4x4 (9/24/2014)

Aliens Fire and Stone #1  -The second miniseries in an Alien/Predator/Prometheus crossover event! -Chris Roberson, creator of iZombie (the upcoming CW TV series) and Memorial, helms this miniseries event! -This first issue also features a chilling, but striking alternate cover by Saga artist, Fionna Staples. -Emulating plot points from Alien and Aliens, this series sees [...]

Sep 132014
New Game Stuff (9/13/2014)

Pin a piece of celery to your lapel, because the Fifth Doctor Sourcebook has materialized. Continuing last year’s 50th Anniversary celebration, Cubicle 7 is still working through releasing individual source books for each of the twelve Doctors.  The Fifth Doctor hardcover contains character stats for this version of the Doctor, all of his companions, his [...]

Sep 122014
Comic List Highlights: 4x4 (9/17/2014)

Future’s End Week 3 -DC’s 5 Year Later theme month continues into its third week! -The 3D covers have been vanishing quickly, so remember to get in early! -Out this week are:  Batman & Robin, Batman/Superman, Batwoman, Green Lantern New Guardians, Justice League… -…Red Hood and the Outlaws, Supergirl, Superman/Wonder Woman, New Teen Titans, Pandora, [...]