Oct 022015
New Game Stuff (10/2/2015)

Because of irony, Why First? seems like the ideal game to discuss at the outset of New Game Stuff.  Resembling the now out-of-print Magical Athlete racing game, Why First? favors those who come in second.  Players will lay down movement cards to propel them around the track, but will have to strategically attempt to lag [...]

Oct 022015
Comic List Highlights: 4x4 (10/7/2015)

Avengers #0 & All New All Different Point One #1 -The All New All Different era of Marvel Comics begins this Wednesday! -Two one-shot anthologies lead the way into this era, featuring original short stories that set-up ongoing series. -Avengers #0 contains shorts for all the major Avengers related series that will be launching over [...]

Sep 252015
New Game Stuff (9/25/2015)

Survival of the fittest takes to the air in the newest expansion for the popular card game Evolution.  In the game players develop animal species, evolving them with various cards in order to out-hunt and out-evade other animals.  The Evolution Flight expansion introduces avian species into the ecosystem.  Now your species can swoop on unsuspecting [...]