Feb 282015
New Game Stuff (2/28/2015)

Your regularly scheduled Magic the Gathering Duel Deck launch has arrived. Following the release of Fate Reforged, Wizards of the Coast unleashes its newest Duel Deck pairing in Elspeth vs. Kiora.  Each of the decks included in this boxed set come ready-to-play, specifically against each other.  Anyone looking to get into Magic will find these [...]

Feb 272015
Comic List Highlights: 4x4 (3/4/2015)

Descender #1 -Popular comic creator, Jeff Lemire, of Sweet Tooth, Trillium, Animal Man, and Green Arrow fame, launches a new creator-owned series at Image Comics! -Lemire’s words will be brought to life by artist extraordinaire Dustin Nguyen (Lil Gotham, Detective Comics, Batman)!  Nguyen’s water-color aesthetic will bring this Sci-Fi odyssey to life! -Descender follows in [...]

Feb 212015
New Game Stuff (2/21/2015)

Tragedy comes to the Doomtown mayorial election with the third saddlebag expansion for the popular card game.  Doomtown Election Day Slaughter contains four copies of twenty-one different cards for all four outfits.  This expansion’s story follows Sloan as her gang attempts to outrun the law as they chase her out of town. Fans of Tolkien [...]

Feb 212015
February 40K Tournament

  The February Warhammer 40K Tournament will be on Saturday, February 28th. To celebrate the wild weather of February, this event will be played with Death World rules! The board itself will be hazardous to your army’s health – be prepared! 1500 Point army size. Battle-Forged armies only, with a max of one Combined Arms [...]

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