Unravel the Mystery

Unravel the Mystery

Murder rocks Ravnica as seemingly random citizens are inexplicably targeting key figures in a city still struggling to rebuild after the devastation of the Phyrexian invasion. The renown Planeswalker and ghost hunter Kaya has returned to a chilly reception after her absence during the invasion, only to be confronted with the murder of a friend. Who will be the next to die? Can the brilliant sleuth, Alquist Proft, along with the help of Kaya, the accused killer Etrata, and planar migrant Kellan unravel the mystery before the city is plunged back into chaos?




Agent's Alquist Proft, Kaya, and Kellan are on the job! Together, they're an eccentric team navigating both the paranormal and perplexing mysteries of the Karlov mansion with an irresistible blend of curiosity, logic, and charm. Return with them to the fan-favorite plane for Magic’s unique take on the classic murder mystery genre and help uncover the nefarious plot!
A Planeswalker originally from the plane of Tolvada, Kaya is a ghost hunter and former guildmaster of the Orzhov Syndicate. While initially uninterested in getting involved in further Ravnican affairs, she finds herself becoming involved when an ongoing murder investigation takes a turn for the personal.
A brilliant detective with unparalleled deductive skills, Alquist Proft has a driving hunger to find the truth—a trait that often puts him at odds with the law. Originally an Azorius lawmage, he left the guild to join the Ravnican Agency of Magicological Investigations (also known as R.A.M.I.) where his methods often found him running afoul of the very laws the guild was meant to uphold. He's not-so-fondly remembered for having once broken a fellow lawmage's bindings to allow a high-profile criminal to escape simply to point out the inconsistencies in the other lawmage's arrest warrants—a move that's still known among the Azorius to this day as "pulling a Proft."
Since House Dimir's seeming destruction and loss of leadership during the Phyrexian invasion, the master assassin Etrata has been at loose ends. For a while she acted as a free agent, driven by her hunger to be the best spy in existence to sell her services to anyone who could afford them, but soon grew irritated and dissatisfied with the lack of challenge these presented her.
A half-fae, half-human native of Eldraine, Kellan has been on a quest to find his father, a journey that's seen him wandering the Multiverse via Omenpaths. Most recently, he found his way to Ravnica, where he joined the R.A.M.I. in the hopes of discovering more information on his father. He's assigned to partner with Kaya in her investigations.
An officer of the League of Wojek in the Boros Legion, Agrus Kos was considered one of the Boros's top investigators when alive, a distinction that has continued in death.
Rakdos is the demonic head of the Rakdos Cult. Since the glorious carnage and destruction of the invasion, none of the usual amusements staged by his followers have managed to rouse his interest. Plagued with boredom, he allowed himself to fall into a deep slumber, where he relives the chaos of the invasion while he waits for something new to pique his interest.
Tolsimir is the head of the Ledev Guardians and a devout evangelist of the Selesnya Conclave. Ever since Trostani sequestered herself in the heart of Vitu-Ghazi, Tolsimir has been one of the few who've been allowed in her presence. Fiercely protective and loyal, he personally screens all who wish to see her.
An infamous Rakdos contract killer who leaves a trail of terror and murder wherever she goes, Massacre Girl became a minor celebrity amongst the Rakdos during the War of the Spark. During the Phyrexian invasion, she gained a small but dedicated fanbase that seeks to mimic her gleeful killing sprees—something that annoys her to no end, as she hates people imitating her style. Attempts to dissuade her followers by murdering a few of them have only backfired and instead led to increased popularity.
A member of the Zhur-Taa Clan and a druid of the Old Ways, Yarus witnessed the awakening of Ilharg, the Raze-Boar, a moment that filled him with awe and has stayed with him. Since then, he's been attempting to summon the rest of the ancient Gruul gods into existence. So far most of his attempts have failed, but after months of trial and error, he finally succeeded in summoning one other member of the Utmungr: Anzrag, the Quake-Mole.
Vannifar is the current prime speaker of the Simic Combine. With the support of the other guilds, she's managed to maintain her position, though she's aware of how precariously her continued leadership depends on the favor of outsiders. To maintain favorable relationships with the rest of Ravnica's guilds, she now finds herself forced to hand off her usual duties to trusted underlings and spend her time socializing instead. Her detractors within the guild have been quick to claim that she's neglecting her true duties to her guild, but so far no one has openly challenged her leadership.
The guildmaster of the Orzhov Syndicate and the wealthiest individual on Ravnica by far, Teysa usurped the position of guildmaster from Kaya, using an archaic law that charged Kaya with dereliction of duty in the guild's time of need. In recent months, she's retreated from the day-to-day functions of the Orzhov to enjoy her massive accumulation of wealth.
Stern, humorless, and uncompromising, Ezrim is the archon who leads the Ravnican Agency for Magicological Investigations. He was previously aligned with the Azorius but found the paperwork far too tedious and the other Azorius-aligned archons insufferable. Initially, he founded a minor truth-cult dedicated to his twin ideals of truth and clarity, which slowly grew until it became the R.A.M.I. as it exists today. He keeps an eye on the Azorius, however, and isn't shy about luring promising candidates away from the guild to join his own agency.
A prominent member of the Golgari Swarm, Izoni was the first to denounce Vraska as guildmaster, leading the rest of the of the guild's factions to follow her. Despite how the Golgari are shunned by the rest of Ravnica, she refuses to renounce her own guild, confident that they will one day reclaim their spot among the rest of Ravnica's guilds—with her as guildmaster, naturally. For the time being though, she's biding her time, sending her spiders to gather information for her as she waits for the opportune moment to make her move.
The head of the Selesnya Conclave and keeper of the Museum of Ravnica, Trostani is actually a fusion of three dryads who can connect directly with Mat'Selesnya, the Worldsoul of Ravnica. In the aftermath of the Phyrexian invasion, she withdrew from the rest of Ravnica, including her own guild, as she tried to adjust to a new sense of equilibrium and heal from the damages of the war. Only a select few are permitted into her presence, though visitors to the Museum of Ravnica can sometimes hear her murmurs through the walls of Vitu-Ghazi, voices blending into a steady susurrus that sometimes soothes and sometimes unnerves.
An independent goblin mercenary who's living large off the riches amassed during the chaos of the invasion. Now that he's sitting comfortably on a foundation of wealth with his criminal enterprise fully rebuilt, he has set his sights on his next goal: joining the ranks of Ravnica's monied elites. He's become a notorious fixture of upper-crust parties, where he determinedly networks with Ravnica's aristocracy. His eventual goal is to one day elevate the rest of his gang of goblins, creating a new strata of goblin aristocracy that no one will ever be able to push around again.
Aurelia feels extreme guilt for much of the loss of life during the Phyrexian invasion and blames herself for not being able to save more people. As the Boros Legion guildmaster, however, she believes she doesn't have the luxury to indulge in self-recrimination—at least not when so many people are looking to her for guidance. So, for the time being, she buries her guilt, presenting a stern, unyielding face to the rest of the world as she does her best to rebuild her guild.
The current top performer of the Cult of Rakdos and the owner of the nightclub Hellbender, Judith is openly ambitious about wanting to take Rakdos's seat as the head of the Rakdos, hoping to convert it instead into a cult revolving around her own performance and personality. Thanks to her ruthless ambitions, she's made enemies of more than a few of her own guild members, to the point that she has to avoid certain parts of Rakdos territory or risk her own life.
The head of the Dimir hasn't been seen in months. Rumors abound that he died during the invasion, and there are numerous reliable eyewitnesses who swear they saw the Dimir guildmaster get torn in half by a compleated Golgari troll. They even found scraps of shapeshifter corpse dressed in the Dimir guildmaster's clothing amongst the ruins afterwards, so surely, he must have been killed …?
Kylox is one of the Izzet's most brilliant inventors—a fact widely acknowledged by his fellow scientists, given how frequently they stole his ideas. To protect his inventions, he set up his own private lab, complete with secret doors and traps for extra security. He frequently collaborates with the R.A.M.I. and is best known for inventing the projektors that the agency's detectives use to help visualize their investigations.
At a glance, Delney seems like just another street urchin, but in reality, they're the head of a ragtag gang of fellow urchins who know everything that goes on in the streets of the Tenth District. Streetwise and canny, Delney is happy to lend their eyes and ears to whomever needs them—for a price. Their undeniable skills at information-gathering and espionage have earned them lots of attention from the Dimir, but Delney has turned down all offers of recruitment, preferring a life on the streets over abandoning those whom they see as family.
Much of the Simic Combine succumbed to compleation during the Phyrexian invasion—not just those who researched the mutagen, but their experiments as well. After New Phyrexia's defeat, the remaining Simic discovered that, out of all the creatures they experimented on, only a few had survived untainted by compleation. One of those creatures was a hybrid entity of crocodile, elk, and turtle, who had managed to avoid being tainted by glistening oil by using its antlers to hurl debris at the invaders and crushing them before they ever touched it. It has since been claimed by the Hull Clade as their unofficial mascot and now goes by the name of "Bitsy," which its caretakers affectionately granted it for the way it prefers to tears its food to bits before eating.
Niv-Mizzet is the current embodiment of the Living Guildpact and the most intelligent being on Ravnica. Vain and officious, he's not shy about making sure everyone knows he's in charge—a fact pointedly illustrated by the fact that he insisted that his official chair be the first thing repaired in the Chamber of the Guildpact. Currently, it's also the only part of the chamber that's been fully restored, as further repairs have languished due to a lack of funds and support.
A primal harvest god of planting and growth, Anzrag is one of the Utmungr, the gods of the deep earth. According to the Gruul, Anzrag is the one who will tear the roots out of civilization from below and sow the world with life anew. Recently, giant and newly dug mole tunnels have been discovered below even the lowest layer of the undercity. Some Gruul are convinced that the tunnels are being dug in a deliberate pattern, but no one has been able to do a proper investigation into what exactly that pattern is.






Feel like a sleuth at the table with returning mechanics like Investigate! Claim the win with new mechanics Disguise and Collect Evidence!




You're on the case! Cryptic riddles of light will guide you as you uncover Invisible Ink Dossier Cards in traditional foil treatments!


Have a mind for intrigue and a penchant for decoding? Discover the truth behind the cards with story moments from the Murders at Karlov Manor!


Imbued with the power of the guild leaders, these Ravnica City cards will help you solve the case. Serialized versions are available in Collector Boosters, with each version limited to only 250 copies.


Tear into the battlefield with Special Guest cards like Crashing Footfalls, now available within MKM Play Boosters. Play Boosters combine the play experience of Draft Boosters with the fun of opening Set Boosters!






It’s not just who did it, where, and with what—it’s a battle of wits! The whodunit game Clue, also known as Cluedo in some parts of the world, joins Magic in an exciting murder mystery set on the plane of Ravnica


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  • 1. Investigate the suspects.
  • 2. Find the weapon.
  • 3. Navigate a web of intrigue and suspense!


No board required! Use Magic cards featuring Clue-inspired characters to solve the mystery!


As a reward for solving the case, unveil one of the ten possible shock land Box Toppers to add a touch of Clue-like mystery to your Magic collection.




The Set Booster and Draft Booster are being combined into a new type of booster called the Play Booster.


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