Jul 312015

Hostage NegotiatorYou’ve seen it in countless cop films:  the hostage stand-off!  Now play it, in Hostage/Negotiator.  In the game, players uses Conversation Cards to carry out several conversation with the Abductor.  You’ll resolve cards by rolling dice and your success or failure largely depends on yoru ability to control the Abductor’s Threat Level.  In the meantime, you’ll need to acquire more Conversation points so that you can buy more cards.  Above all, you must save the hostages!  After each conversation you’ll resolve a Terror Card My First Bohnanzamaking your objective even more difficult.

With My First Bohnanza, even younger children will be able to learn the popular bean collecting card game in small steps.  We introduce ten new types of beans – just for The Lord of the Rings Escape from Mount Grimkids – and they can begin their bean farmer journey earning gold coins.

Escape from Mount Gram is the newest adventure pack for the Lord of the Rings Living Card Game.  In this Adventure Pack, players will find sixty cards that expand the Angmar Awakened series.  The contents of the pack are designed to augment existing decks and add an entirely new scenario for players.

The DC Deck Building universe expands doubly this weekend with both the Teen Titans and Justice Society of America expansions.DC Deck Building Game Teen Titans

First up, the Teen Titans Go! expansion contains over two hundred new cards as well as a new “ongoing” mechanic.  With this mechanic, players can now save their best cards for when they really need them and when ready, unleash everything they’ve got.  As is standard anymore, this big box expansion also DC Deck Building Game Justice Society of Americacontains a special promo card.

A smaller, cheaper expansion, the JSA Crossover Pack can be added to any previous or future DC Deck Building expansion.  This smaller Crossover Pack only contains additional character cards to be added to the game, including Doctor Fate, Jay Garrick Flash, Alan Scott Green Lantern, Power Girl, Stargirl, Mr. Terrific, and Wildcat!Quantum board game

Quantum is an epic game of strategy and conquest for two to four fleet commanders (players).  Each die is a starship; a six is a swift but fragile scout, while a one is a slow but devastating battlestation.  To win players will need to construct quantum cubes that will evolve your fleet as you go.  Endlessly customizable, players can create their own maps or Litko Game Accessoriesplay on any of the thirty unique ones included in the game.

Not entirely official, yet no less beneficial, Litko Game Accessories has released a set of plastic markers, tokens, and rulers for the Fantasy Flight X-Wing miniature game.  Out this weekend, these accessories include a deluxe gauge set, space shield tokens, focus tokens, target lock tokens, ion tokens, and stress tokens, some in a variety of colors.Star Wars Force Destiny core rulebook

Lastly, but nowhere near least(ly), we’ve got a trio of long overdue Star Wars Roleplaying Game items.

First up, the hardcover core rulebook for the Force and Destiny expansion to the Star Wars RPG.  This complete tabletop RPG dives into the struggle between light and dark sides Star Wars Force Destiny GM Kitof the Force.  Craft a lightsaber, free the oppressed and downtrodden, and duel dreaded agents of the Sith in the conflict to bring balance to the Force.

Supporting that hardcover core rulebook is the Force and Destiny Game Master’s Kit.  Included in this Kit are complete construction rules for building lightsabers, brand new rules concernging Knight-level play, and a deluxe GM’s screen with the most commonly-referencedForce Destiny Star Wars Imperials Rebels Adversary Deck rules.

The final release rounding out the Force and Destiny barrage are the Adversary decks.  Six in total, these card packs include a minimum of twenty cards that represent various NPC characters that can be encounter in-game.  Out this weekend are the Imperials and Rebels, Scum and Villany, and Citizens of the Galaxy decks, as well as the Critical Hit and Injury decks.

Jan 212011

Anybody hear something about someone dieing this week?  Hmm, was it Spider-Man?  No, that’s later this year.  Iron Man maybe?  No, that was kinda, sorta last week (his future self if anyone’s wondering).

I don’t know, something to do with “Clobberin’ time”….Oh, wait, Howard the Duck!

Just kidding.  Yes, one of the Fantastic Four (or if some rumors are true, three of them) will be biting the big one this week.  Which one will it be?  You’ll have to pick up the issue and find out.  If you want a better chance at nabbing FF #587, then I recommend stopping by Tuesday night because this special issue will actually be on sale one day early!

Once again this week brings a restock on some of the key Eaglemoss lead statues.  The majority this week are from the Marvel selection.  They include (drum roll, please) the Scarlet Spider (actually a new fig), Wolverine, Gambit, Venom, and the Hulk.  Also, we’ll be getting in another Wildcat figurine from the DC side of things since we sold out of all the ones we got last Wednesday.  What can we say, boxing geriatric superheroes are all the rage.

Little bit of a different book up next.  We talk a lot about superhero stuff on here and a good portion of our customers love the cape and cowl books, but every once and awhile it’s nice to try something a bit different.  New York Five is a perfect chance to do just that.  Written by Brian Wood (DMZ, Local, Northlanders) and drawn by Ryan Kelly (Local, Lucifer), this book is a romantic drama about a group of girls living, dating, and mating in New York.  It is a sequel to New York Four, which was written and drawn by the same team, but, don’t fret, it can be read as a stand alone.  If you’re into books like Strangers in Paradise, Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, or Wood’s previous coming-of-age epic Local, its fair to say this and its predecessor will be in good company with those books.

If you’ve been reading any Marvel books during the past couple of months you’ve probably noticed all the promos for Age of X.  You can check it out in detail below.  What we know about the book is that it is set in an alternate future where mutantkind is nearly extinct and the handful of remaining mutants have to band together to fight off the hordes that want them dead.  Relationships are different than in current continuity.  Who’s living is different.  If you’ve ever read Age of Apocalypse, Marvel is certainly not hiding the fact that this will be similar.  Frankly, I’m just a fan of future stories; I always love the twists and turns as well as seeing characters in completely different situations from what they’re normally in.  If any of that sounds interesting to you, then I’d recommend you try this bad boy out.