Apr 292017

Have you ever wanted to get into miniature wargaming but were too daunted by how in-depth the hobby looks? Have no fear, Fantasy Flight Games is here! From the publisher who brought you the X-wing miniatures game and Imperial Assault, comes a new fantasy-based game based on the realm of Terrinoth. In Runewars: The Miniatures Game, two players will play head-to-head in giant battles involving various factions. In this game, you and your opponent will gather armies of miniatures and lead them into fierce battle against one-another!

runewars starter_1

By the way, it wouldn’t be a miniature game without miniatures, and this game has a SLEW of them! Forty-eight easily assembled, wonderfully sculpted, unpainted figures, that can be organized in trays to better customize your army and lead it into battle! Can’t say more, because I have some painting to do…

Dec 022011

It is, right now, as I start this, 9:38 pm.  Can I get this posted before 10:30?  We shall see.

Okay, fast and loose!

Sid Meier’s Civilization is not only a highly popular computer game, but a successful board game, as well.  For that reason, most will be rolling across the floors in fits and spells because of the new Civilization: Fame and Fortune expansion.  As usual the question becomes “What does it add?”.  How about new Great Person cards (like Hannibal and Joan of Arc) which can come to your assistance during the game?  How about culture event cards, tech cards, map tiles, and investment deck cards, all brand new?  How about the ability to add a fifth player?  Yup, it’s got all that!

Going boldly where few board game expansions have gone before, Space Alert: The New Frontier includes five separate expansion pieces that can be incorporated simultaneously or independently into the base game.  New foes pose new threats.  New red threat cards introduce intimidating obstacles for you to defeat.  New CD with new missions.  And much, much more.  Space rockets are in flight people, latch on!

The first chapter of the Lord of the Rings LCG comes to a close with the newest Adventure Pack, Return to Mirkwood.

As is the usual case, this booster includes sixty new cards to be added to the base game, continuing, and in this case finishing, the story.

A new edition to the respected line war games in the Fog of War series, Strike of the Eagle revolves around the Polish-Soviet War of 1920 between Lenin and Trotsky.  If you are looking for a strategic battle game that actually doesn’t take forever and a day to learn, the Fog of War series delivers.  Players face off in a game of deception where each opponent lays down their moves and actions secretly until they finally cross paths with their adversary.  The great part is a new player can learn the game in around ten minutes.  What war game do you know that can claim that?

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