Feb 052016

Mafia VendettaFantasy Flight is getting in deep with the family.  A spin on the classic Mafia card game, Mafia:  Vendetta is a deception game in the vein of Bang! and Ultimate Werewolf.  However, in Mafia:  Vendetta, players are attempting to weed out the mobbed up individuals within the group.  Over the rounds, players will pose accusations in an effort to uncover the covert culprits, but players will also be eliminated, slowly parring down the number of players.A Game of Thrones Road to Winterfell chapter pack

Adding cards twenty-one to forty of the Westeros cycle, The Road to Winterfell is a chapter pack of sixty new cards for the A Game of Thrones LCG.  These cards are meant to augment existing decks and add variety to the base game and expansions from the series.

Pixel Tactics DeluxeMuch like Smash Up’s Big Geeky Box, Pixel Tactics Deluxe simultaneously acts as an expansion, a base game, and a container for your cards.  In addition to a complete set of never-before seen heroes, Pixel Tactics Deluxe gives you a large storage box to keep your whole collection in one, a bonus minipak expansion, and a big rulebook that introduces new play modes, including Large-Group League Play.  Deluxe is also fully playable on its own, but combining multiple Pixel Tactics games together gives you a ton of new ways to play.The End of the World Alien Invasion

Another in the popular The End of the World RPG series, Alien Invasion drops this weekend.  Like the other apocalypse scenarios, Alien Invasion has players actually playing themselves in the campaign, with the stats to reflect their own (so you might want to start training now).  Outside of the instructions for the rule system, this hardcover volume also includes character creation rules and five different scenarios that homage various alien invasion plots (such as giant Villains Sentintels of the Multiverseinsects, alien infiltration, and the class flying saucers).

Everyone knows that the bad guys have all the fun in comic books, so Sentinels of the Multiverse is giving players a chance to experience what it’s like to be villainous.  Villains of the Multiverse is a mega expansion for the game, using the villain team gameplay mechanics introduced in Sentinels of the Multiverse:  Vengeance to group villains together as a team fighting against a hero team.  Ten new villains are included, which can be faced in any configuration, as well as four new environments.Pokemon Breakpoint booster

Much like Magic the Gathering, a new Pokemon set is always a moment for celebration if you’re an avid CCG player.  Pokemon Breakpoint is the newest set, including 120 cards that expand on the storyline regarding the rift between worlds.  In addition to the regular booster pack release, there is also a Elite Training Box for the set that includes eight booster packs, card sleeves, dice, tokens, and a card box with King's Forgedividers.

Somewhere between Quarriors and a resource management game, King’s Forge is a fantasy-based dice game for two to four players.  In the game, players will collect and utilize various different dice to build items or trade for better dice.  In order to do this, players will traverse nineteen realms, each with their own dice opportunities, and decide whether to keep their dice or construct one of thirty-two different creations.  And if that sounds slightly disorganized, don’t worry, because this edition also comes with a game board to help organize everything.Cat Tower

Cats are big business in the gaming world right now, so IDW has jumped on the bandwagon with Cat Tower.  This dexterity game is not only extremely cute, but also an excellent party game.  For two to six players, Cat Tower involves the stacking of foldable cat cards, much like a furry Jenga.  The order and position of the cats is decided by the roll of a die, but do be careful rolling that die, because each fallen cat goes directly into the guilty player’s deck.  The more you have, the less points you gain.

May 252012

Many of this week’s new game stuff has been displayed on the Face of Books throughout the week, so I’m just going to be lazy here and show off some pictures. Truthfully, most of these items are so cool that’s all you need to know.

First off, the newest Munchkin booster pack expansion gets a shot of Felicia Day as it focuses on the popular web series, The Guild.

Also Munchkin related, the new Munchkin Cthulhu Kill-o-Meter joins the previously released meters of death. As usual, the accessory comes with two exclusive promo cards, one for Munchkin Cthulhu and one for Munchkin Quest.

The final mention of the lightning round is the Pathfinder Buff Deck, a quick reference solution to keeping track of character’s bonuses. Easy to stack cards help to keep rulebook referencing down to a minimum.

Okay, into the actual listings. In case you haven’t been up to the store recently, we’ve started to carry so many sleeves that, at this point, we’ve got to be pulling them in from an inter-dimensional gateway or something. The newest acquisition in our quest to rule the world of card sleeves are a wide selection of Legion sleeves. These include such inventive designs as “Mmmm…Bacon”, “RTFC”, “Pure Jank”, the V for Vendetta mask, and sleeves with the Ascension logo on them. Basically, there’s a sleeve for every day of the year.

Not exactly new stuff, but we got a massive, massive, gigantic restock on Pathfinder materials. I’m just going to list a bunch of them because there’s too many to go into any detail. Council Thieves item cards, Weapons Locker item cards, Skull Shakles item cards, Crimson Throne item cards, Winter Witch, Master of Devils, The Final Wish, The Sixfold Trial, What Lies in Dust, Infernal Syndrome, Mother of Flies, Cities of Golarion, Adventurer’s Armory, Humans of Golarion, Twice-Damned Prince, Vaults of Madness, and a whole heck of a lot more. Come check it all out.

With Avacyn Restored Game Day on the horizon (tomorrow night’s horizon, in fact), player’s may be searching for strong constructed decks to wield. Well, as usual, Wizards has an answer: Event Decks. The two newest decks dropped today, one being a black deck (Death’s Encroach) and the other being a blue/white (Humanity’s Vengeance). Both, also as usual, contain some decent rares, including Glacial Fortress, Moorland Haunt, Mirran Crusader, Geralf’s Messenger, and Gravecrawler.

Possibly the #1 statement I hear from customers is, “This store is so much like The Big Bang Theory!” After this weekend we relate even further to the popular nerd-loving show, because we now carry The Big Bang Theory Party Game. Mechanically set-up like Apples to Apples, players submit cards attempting to match the keyword phrase card in the center of the table. But there’s an added spin, certain cards can alter the keyword in the middle of the turn. Bazinga!