Jan 242014

Dystopias can be so depressing when you aren’t the one in charge.

Luckily, in Euphoria you are in charge of supplying all of the dystopia you can handle!  A worker placement game, in Euphoria players place dice (i.e. workers), whose awareness levels are determined by numbers on each die, in order to expand your empire and acquire the materials to do so.

The path grows ever longer thanks to the Tokaido:  Crossroads expansion.

A first expansion for the game, Crossroads adds additional way-points along your journey, such as gambling establishments, bathhouses, cherry trees, as well as beautiful calligraphy, artifacts, and charms.

Small World ain’t so small any more, as this weekend sees the arrival of the Six Player Board Expansion.

This double-sized board kicks up both base Small World and Small World:  Underground up to six players, turning the games into a team event where three teams of two compete against each other.  The Underground board also adds special places and relics that enhance team play, as well.

Fast and easy to travel, Treehouse is another Looney Pyramids release that plays perfectly with families and kids.  A simple to learn game, players each have stacks of pyramid pieces which they can move, rotate, jump, and rearrange in particular ways in an attempt to match the example in the middle of the game board.


Jul 272012

If it ain’t broke, reprint it.

Or, at least, that seems to be Wizards of the Coast’s motto. Two weeks ago, all three of the original Advanced Dungeons & Dragons books were reprinted in beautiful remastered hardcover packaging. The DM’s Guide, Player’s Handbook, and Monster Manual are untouched rules-wise while also reprinting all the original artwork. Plus, each purchase puts part of the funds toward furthering the Gygax Memorial Fund.

Crossing the street for a visit to Paizo, the new Pathfinder Player Character Folio. Coming with sixteen pages that will help you to organize and track your character’s progression and abilities. Broken into boxes and sections for listing feats, class features, familiars, cohorts, and items, as well as quick reference charts and folder flaps, this folio is all you’ll ever need to stay on top of all your character’s developments.

Chasing dragons is usually not advised as they are regularly unfriendly when caught, however the new Game of Thrones LCG Chapter Pack of the same name actually advises it. As with the other Chapter Packs, the Chasing Dragons pack comes with 60 new cards for the Beyond the Narrow Sea cycle. If you haven’t played any of the LCG games before, each chapter pack is designed to advance the story and alter the gameplay, so, in short, keep the game fresh and interesting.

Agricola is easily one of the best resource management games ever created, but it is a long game and it is intented for multiple players. But don’t worry, Z-Man is on top of it. The new Agricola two player game has parred the playstyle down, adapting Agricola for a quick head-to-head, stand-alone experience. Players compete by working to fence in the most animals over the period of eight turns.

It is, in fact, not a small world after all.

Days of Wonder releases a new addition to their popular Risk-style board (featured on Will Wheaton’s Tabletop) this week, Small World Realms. This edition to the game is a collection of map pieces, tokens, and original rules scenarios, allowing players to create their own board for use by races and powers from either the original Small World or Small World Underground. So, maybe the real answer to whether it’s a small world after all is: it’s up to you.

Two millennia after the dawn of space travel, the galaxy hums with prosperity and peace. But as mankind and its neighbors colonized the stars, the burgeoning need for resources becomes apparent. As a plucky entrepreneur you must explore the edges of space searching for precious minerals. Will you buy the fastest ship in the sector? Can you afford to hire the best pilot in the galaxy? Shall you choose to purchase the latest state-of-the-art gadgets, invest in planetary refineries or pay off your rising debt? The cargo you haul could be worth fortune, so grab your helmet and suit up! So are the stakes in Starship Merchants!

You can’t teach an old war new tricks. But you can update them.

Axis & Allies releases two updated and altered versions of its classic wargame structure today with Axis & Allies 1942 Second Edition and Axis & Allies 1941. The 1942 edition is an updated, heftier version of the previous edition, complete with new units. 1941, however, is an entirely new Axis & Allies release featuring the same popular mechanics in a different theater of war.

Nov 252011

Black Friday is not a day for words, but for action.  In that spirit, here is the least wordy edition of New Game Stuff you will ever run across.

Game Mastery has deposited in our laps two new wonderful accessory products.  First being the Magic Academy Map Pack.  It’s maps for the Magic Academy, nothing more to say.

Second is the Warehouse Flipmat.  Again, self explanatory.

Also on the quick mention list is the new Small World: Tunnels mini-expansion.  This allows you to combine the boards for Small World and Small World Underground.  But you will have had to purchase a copy of either game at the store to get it.

Super Dungeon Explore is happy good time fun!  Amendment to that last part: especially if you’re an avid fan of 8-bit games and dungeon crawling.

Combining the two, Super Dungeon Explore has players selecting a party (like from a video game select screen) then exploring a multi-roomed dungeon collecting treasures and bashing monsters.  Coming with some absolutely snazzy looking cartoony miniatures, if you’ve got two or more players, this game will supply a good time.

Thinking about getting into Warmachine?  Well, much in line with the Assault on Black Reach box for Warhammer or the Beginner Box for Pathfinder, the new Two-Player Battle Box has everything you’ll need for two folks to get into the game.  That “everything” includes a rules primer, dice, ruler, and 17 miniatures between the Khador and Protectorate of Menoth factions, along with their stat cards.

Put your elves, dwarfs, and gnomes to work in the worker placement game known as Belfort.  This quaint fantasy burg needs some reconstruction, which luckily each of the previously mentioned creatures are uniquely able to provide.  Gnomes can run the city, dwarfs can supply wood, while combinations of these guys can result in other point-earning activities.  From Tasty Minstrel Games (makers of Martian Dice), who have been producing some addictive games of late, Belfort could be considered a Carcassonne on crack.

Heading back to the world of Warmachine, the new Hordes: Domination rulebook brings the new freshness.  Including new rules and information on warlocks, the Hordes saga, and new Theme Forces.  Keep pace with the cool kids and pick up a book!

Speaking of books containing dark, deadly, bleakness, here’s the new Deathwatch: First Foundry hardcover.  This book contains a lot of nines.  Nine Space Marine Loyalist chapters.  Nine Traitor Legions as well.  There’s also four chapters left out of the previous Deathwatch editions.  Futuristic pessimism has never looked so good.

Finally, we end on the first expansion for the popular Quarriors! dice/deck building game.  Rise of the Demons introduces 20 new dice and the corruption mechanic (think curse cards in Dominion) where players attempt to clog up their opponents dice bags with a bunch of useless corruption dice.  It’s on now, peoples!

Jul 122011

The special-ness of these posts is starting to be replaced by regularity.  But, hey, that just means we’ve been getting in a bunch’a new, impressive games.

A new game that is both special and impressive (and anticipated) is Smallworld:  Underground.  A stand-alone/expansion to the original Smallworld game, Underground uses the same play style of land domination by way of races with special abilities while adding some new hotness to the mix.  That new hotness comes in the way of monster battles.  Yes, unlike the original game, certain spaces on the game board (actually, there’s 2 double-sided gameboards) are now occupied by devious creatures that the player must defeat before taking command of the area.  As is to be expected, there are also fifteen new races and special abilities as well as the option of combining this game with any of the bits and pieces from the previous game and its expansions.  Dig it.  Get it, underground…yup…

Oh, also, while supplies last, when you purchase a copy of Smallworld:  Underground you receive a special promo Drow sticker so you can show off your “Haughty but Naughty” side.

Since cool people buy expansions, the new Arkham Horror:  Miskatonic Horror expansion should catch the ears of any and all cool folks out there.  Yes, this hefty compilation of expansion goodies can be played with only the base version of Arkham Horror, but the real excitement comes when you combine it with a number of the Arkham Horror expansions.  The reason being that the 450 new cards included here add or flesh out various elements found in those previous releases.  For instance, The King in Yellow expansion gains a handful of new Blight and Act cards while the Lurker at the Threshold expansion gains new Relationship and Reckoning cards.  And, above all else, Miskatonic introduces a completely new add-on called Institutions, which assist investigators in their sleuthing.

Word to the wise:  the MERCS are not someone you want to have on your tail.  Put they are someone you want to put in your corner.  Luckily, Pulp just received an order of every miniature that has been released thus far for the MERCS game.  These carefully crafted lead-free pewter minis represent the various futuristic factions of the game, including the Yellow Jackets, KemVar, FCC, and USCR.  We’ve also received more copies of the core rulebook for the game.  So, basically, everything you need to start in on the game, including the faction decks, is ready and available for perusal.

Roleplaying gets a boost this week from a heavy restock on materials for various gaming systems.  Might as well start with the basics, like, Basic Roleplaying from Chaosium.  The new hardcover edition of this rules system touches up the previous softcover volume as it also adds elements from a collection of the previous Basic books.  If you’ve played any of the Call of Cthulhu games and enjoyed them, this is the system that they stem from, so you might consider giving it a try.  Speaking of CoC and Chaosium, the very, very, very, very, very **broken record**, limited edition of Masks of Nyarlathotep is now in stock.  Limited to 1000 copies, this is a hardcover binding of the original book ready to slide onto the bookshelves of any CoC or H.P. Lovecraft collector.  Also, a sizable portion of Monograms (fan written adventures that Chaosium publishes; also, as these are printed on a limited basis we’re one of the only stores that carries them) and Lovecraftian fiction (including Arkham Tales and Encyclopedia Cthulhian) are back in stock.

Finally, the popular Pathfinder system adds three books to our shelves.  Evocative City Sites details nine new playable areas and all their glorious details.  Coliseum Morpheuon contains all the information to run an adventure for 16-20th level characters where players compete in a universally-sized Enter the Dragon style tournament.  Peril in Freeport finishes the three out with pirate shenanery as it is an 6th to 8th level adventure set in Green Ronin’s Freeport.