Feb 022013

Andy Diggle and Jock, the superstar creative team behind Green Arrow Year One and The Losers (which is a thousand times better than the film, by the way), lend their talents to a new creator owned series from Image Comics this Wednesday.  Blending political thrillers, Clerks, and gritty noir storytelling, Snapshot is a four issue miniseries bound to thrill you more than once.  When an lifelong nerd employee of a comic store (this is sounding familiar…) finds a cellphone full of grisly images of someone’s murder, he has no other option than to run as fast and as far as he can.  But it’s never that easy is it?  If you’ve been enjoying the sketchy, moody artwork of Jock in the Batman back-up stories or in Scott Snyder’s previous Detective Comics run, The Black Mirror, then Snapshot is your cup of tea.

Sorcery receives a modern update in Top Cow‘s Son of Merlin miniseries.

Building off of the classic Arthurian figures of myth, Son of Merlin picks up when a respected professor of science finds out he’s actually the descendant of the famous wizard, Merlin.  And, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but science and magic don’t exactly see eye-to-eye.  However, before the good doctor can think through his new predicament, he’s being hounded by the immortal Morgan le Fay.  But there’s a whole secret underground society of ancient magic users that might just be willing to come to his aid.  Drawn in the gorgeous, expressive tradition of the famous Top Cow books to come before it like Fathom, Charismagic, and Witchblade, Son of Merlin will cast its spell over you.

I say, my dear Watson, the zombie is a foot!

Though not strictly a Sherlock Holmes versus zombies story, The New Deadwardians is about the closest to it you’ll ever get.  Written by cult favorite author and comic legend Dan Abnett, this post-Victorian England horror/mystery yarn takes places in an alternate reality where, after a zombie infection spread throughout the population, the majority of the remaining English citizens had to submit to becoming vampires in order to fight them off.  Now, it’s the vampires who’ve becoming the upper-class aristocracy while the zombie population are cordoned off on the outskirts of town.  Chief Inspector Suttle, a forever young himself, is tasked with solving a grisly crime, the first in nearly a decade, during a growing zombie uprising.  It’s all elementary from there.

Love is in air for the DC Universe this Wednesday.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day a week early, DC releases its most romantic anthology yet, the Young Romance DC New 52 Special.  Containing six unique stories of famous DC couples like Aquaman and Mera, Midnighter and Apollo, and Catwoman and Batman spending their special day together in the only way superpowered crime fighters can, as well as stories of Wonder Woman, Dick Grayson, and others coming to terms with the relationships they’ve entered into.  Each of the stories is written and drawn by a talented creator, like Andy Diggle, Gene Ha, Ann Nocenti, Kyle Higgins, Becky Cloonan, and Peter Milligan.  And for those old school romantics, the issue comes with usable Valentine’s Day cards.  Oh, amore!

Feb 112012

Image Comics has been turning out bold, inventive series after bold, inventive series this last year and it shows no sign of stopping. However, when you have that many great series coming out at one time, some get lost in the shuffle. Pigs is one of those series.

An espionage book at its core, Pigs revolves around a sleeper cell of Cuban assassins who were assigned to positions in America during the Cold War. None of them have received word from their supervisors…until now. A mysterious notice awakens each member of the team, but for what nefarious purpose? Lovers of The Losers or Sleeper should definitely take a stab at this intriguing thriller.

What’s with all this Avengers merchandise lately? It’s like there’s a movie or something. But that’d be crazy, no one could ever make an Avengers…what? They’re what? Ohhhhhhh.

Well, in that case, gear up for the Avengers movie by reading the first thirty issues of the original series, created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. These thirty issues contain some of the most important, classic moments in Avengers history. Can you say, thawed Captain America? There is no better way to collect these key issues, in color, in hardcover, than in the first volume of the Avengers Omnibus. ASSEMBLE!!!!

Speaking of the Sentinel of Liberty, there’s no better way to light your Avengers Omnibus as you read it than with the new Captain America Neon Sign.

Glowing hot with justice and freedom, this sign, shaped as Cap’s classic shield, can be hung from a wall or placed, upright on a special dispaly stand that comes with the sign. Lighten up your man cave with this symbol of truth, justice, and nerdom.

You’ve read The Stand. You’ve read The Shinning. You’ve read Locke & Key. You’ve loved them. You’ve craved more.

Now, read the mind meld of these two horror geniuses. Yes, folks, father and son, Stephen King and Joe Hill, have combined talents for a new comic series based off a short story the two co-wrote. This comic is called Road Rage and it is made of awesome. A group of rough and tumble bikers are taken to their limit by a crazy truck driver leads them on a made chase across the open road. Sound a little familiar to Duel? That’s probably becasue Richard Matheson’s short story was an inspiration for this tale, oh, and the fact that Matheson himself is working on the title too. This powerhouse of writing talent must be read to be believed!

Jan 142011

I’d say a 500th birthday is kind of a big thing, wouldn’t you?

Well, this coming week, ole Tony Stark hits the big #500.  As Marvel is apt to do, the numbering on the Invincible Iron Man book has reverted to its original count with this issue; basically, if you were to count up every issue of the main Iron Man series to every be published it would reach 500.

Understandably not everyone has been with the book that long or even since Matt Fraction has been writing it.  But I’m here to tell you that this is the perfect jumping on point for a number of reasons.  One, Matt Fraction.  The guy has been writing his heart out on this book, bringing Tony back to prominence then tearing him down and doing it again.  Great, inventive stuff.  Two, the book just finished a big arc and, with this issue, will be starting a new one, which is always a good place to start.  And three, you get to see Tony die.  Whaaaaattt?

From an 500th issue to a zero issue.  Stemming off of the new Cartoon Network series Young Justice (I don’t care if you’re an adult or a child, if you like DC comics you gotta check this show out!) comes Young Justice #0.  Set in a slightly different version of the regular DC universe, this book focuses on the newly formed Young Justice team of Robin (Dick Grayson), Kid Flash (Wally West), Aqualad (the Brightest Day version), and Superboy.  Having been treated like kids by their adult counterparts in the Justice League, these “sidekicks” join forces to take down evil on their own terms and prove themselves to the League.  The creators of the show write the book and Mike Norton of the Crankcast and Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam fame draws the pictures.

Sticking with DC, but moving far, far away from the kid-friendly fare is Vertigo Crime’s newest release, Rat Catcher.  If you got some mob snitches or underworld double dealers, you call a rat catcher to euthanize them.  This graphic novel follows one such individual as he attempts to allude a embittered FBI agent who wants him brought in.  A mystery-laden cat-and-rat chase, this book, written by the talented Andy Diggle of The Losers fame, should be one of the best offerings from the Vertigo Crime line so far.  If you’re looking for a tense, complete story wrapped in a professional hardcover package, Rat Catcher or, frankly, any of the other Crime releases are what you want.

Okay, for the next book I should just have to say the two words that make up its title.

Time.  Lincoln.

Oh, yeah.

This sequel to the original issue of Time Lincoln from a couple of months back has the time traveling president fighting Void Stalin’s evil forces in the 1920′s.  He’s not fighting them alone, though, no sir, Amelia Earhart and Lucky Lindy lend a hand.  Or is it a fist?  Come on folks, it’s a book Abraham Lincoln using H.G. Wells’ time machine to fight evil.  And its subtitle is Apocalypse Mao.  What more could you want?

If anyone ever tried to convince me there is a thing as too much Batman, I would slap them across the face.  It’s just an impossibility.  To prove my point, the new Batman Dark Crusader mini-statue arrives next Wednesday.  Based on Alex Ross’ Justice artwork, this miniaturization of the previously released larger sculpt just packs all the awesomeness of the original into a smaller, cheaper package.  If you’ve been searching for that statue that is the most perfect rendition of Batman, then Alex Ross brings it to you.