Jan 222016

Cry HavocCry Havoc #1

-A war comic unlike any you’ve read before!

-Modern warfare blends with folklore in Cry Havoc, as a female soldier embarks on a mission overseas.  Oh, and did I mention she’s a lesbian werewolf?

-Cult favorite British writer, Si Spurrier (X-Club, Doctor Who 11th Doctor, X-Force, X-Men Legacy) brings his surreal vision to this new Image Comics series.

-Indy artist darling, Ryan Kelly (Survivor’s Club, Northlanders, Letter 44) handles art duties on the series.

Faith #1 (of 4)Faith #1

-As with all of Valiant‘s miniseries, Faith #1 acts as a perfect opportunity for new readers to dive into the universe.

-Spinning out of Harbinger, everywoman superhero Faith Herbert has struck out on her own.  After discovering an alien conspiracy, will she wish she hadn’t?

-Up-and-coming writer, Jody Houser, joins the Valiant stable with this miniseries after handling writing duties on Orphan Black, The Calvary Shield one-shot, and stories in Womanthology.

-Two veteran DC artists, Francis Portela (Green Lantern) and Marguerite Sauvage (DC Comics Bombshells), combine powers to provide Faith with gorgeous interiors.

Suicide Squad Most Wanted Deadshot KatanaSuicide Squad Most Wanted: Deadshot and Katana #1 (of 6)

-You’ve seen the awesome, new trailer for the Suicide Squad movie, now find out about the characters starring in the film!

-Get two stories for the price of one in this oversized issue!

-Each issue of the Most Wanted miniseries will have a one story about Deadshot and one about Katana, each by a different creative team.

-In Deadshot‘s story, he’s assigned to assassinate Lex Luthor.  In Katana‘s, she has to delve into the history of her sword, Soultaker, before it overtakes her mind.

Old Man Logan #1Old Man Logan

-Spins out of the Secret Wars Old Man Logan miniseries!

-Brian Michael Bendis has passed writing duties on to Jeff Lemire (Green Arrow, Extraordinary X-Men, All New Hawkeye, Animal Man).

-While Bendis is gone, Andrea Sorrentino has stuck around after his run on the Secret Wars miniseries.

-In Old Man Logan’s future, he’s killed nearly all the other superheroes and had his wife murdered by The Hulk.  Now stuck on the Marvel Prime Earth, Logan is on a mission to wipe out the possibility of that future ever occurring, which means killing some heroes.

Nov 172012

Why does Otto Octavius want to see Peter Parker?

Actually, how does he even know to ask for Peter Parker?

This Wednesday’s Amazing Spider-Man #698 answers both of those questions as well as creating a whole bunch more.  Dan Slott, who’s been writing the Web-Slinger for around the last eight years, has been claiming for the last couple of months that this issue of ASM is going to change EVERYTHING.  Now, usually, that’s a whole lot of baloney, but there’s some strong indication in this case that he’s telling the truth.  For one, Doctor Octopus has been in a bad way, even near-death, over the last couple of storylines, which means he might be on the chopping block.  Certainly a character who’s been around as long as Doc Ock biting it would be a big event in the Spider-Man universe.  Or maybe Peter bites it?  Or maybe both?  Who knows?  All I can say is that every should pick up a copy of this issue, because what comes after is going to be unlike any Spider-Man story that’s come before.

Marvel NOW! rolls on this week with Captain America #1 and Indestructible Hulk #1, as well.

Rick Remender, writer of Uncanny X-Force, Venom, and Uncanny Avengers, is going to be taking Captain America to places he’s never been too before.  Utilizing the immense range of artistic talent that lies within John Romita, Jr.’s hands, Remender sends Captain America and a young girl far across the known universe to Dimension Z.  It’ll be a fight for survival, as Cap has to fend off disgruntled denizens, dangerous terrain, and unusual weather, he proves exactly why he’s a living legend and the best soldier in the, apparently, entire universe.

The Hulk may not appear to be the most complex or emotive character around, but if anyone can find the humanity within the monster, it’s Mark Waid.  Waid has been around the block a time or two, having written some of the best stories in comic book (Kingdom Come, The Flash, and “Tower of Babel“), plus he’s currently writing one of the best Marvel series being published, Daredevil.  Dropping The Hulk into the middle of Marvel‘s top espionage agency, S.H.I.E.LD., and not to destroy them but work for them.  Such an unusual situation is sure to bring about some of the most unique Hulk stories to be written.  Just imagine the conversations around the water cooler at the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier the day after the Hulk “accidentally” smashes an agent.  

You remember that Arnold Schwarzenegger movie where there were two of him ’cause somebody decided it would be a good idea to have to inaudible main characters in a single film?  No, I don’t either.  But I can promise you that Image Comic‘s Clone ongoing series will be nothing like it.  Produced by Robert Kirkman’s Skybound imprint, Clone lives up to its name as a horde of identical versions of Dr. Luke Taylor begin to descend upon his life, attempting to murder his wife and child.  As you might imagine, this doesn’t go well.  Juan Jose Ryp (Wolverine: Best There Is) brings every bit of dirty, blood, sweat, and grit to life with his hyper-detailed art style, so not only will this book be unlike any Arnold Schwarzenegger movie you’ve ever seen, it’ll look a damn sight better, too.

May 272011

This first mini-bust comes from an alternate universe where the Hulk apparently starred in the film Gladiator.

Or, more likely, this is from the Planet Hulk run of the Hulk series.

Either way, this is a sweet bust to have displayed on your desk.  Or, if you’re from the previously mentioned alternate reality, whatever passes for a desk there.

Decked out in all his gladiatorial gear, this Hulk strikes a menacing figure.

Hopefully, you’ve read the first issue of DC’s Flashpoint event by now.  I say this because this Wednesday, the Flashpoint buttons and mini-series begin dropping.  And you want to be there to catch them.

Barry Allen has woken up in a strange world where he no longer is The Flash, Aquaman and Wonder Woman are despots, and Wayne Casinos run rampant.  As one might expect, the changes do not stop there.  Find out about more of them this week in Batman:  Dark Knight of Vengeance, Secret Seven, Abin Sur, the Green Lantern, and World of Flashpoint.  Some of these books will even come with a special button which you get FOR FREE by purchasing the book.  Oh, and Flashpoint #2 comes out, as well.  Hmm.

Frank Cho launches a new mini-series called 50 Girls 50 next week.  It’s babes in space.  With pretty art.  Have you bought it yet?  No, probably only because it hasn’t come out yet.

Cho writes while Axel Medellin paints a beautiful picture.  But what’s it about?  The future.  And in the future, if you’re going to pass through a wormhole you need three X chromosomes, which means you’re going to be a lady.  Fifty of these XXX females get shot through said wormhole and end up stuck on a crazy planet adventure.  Sexy.  Comic.  Action.  In space.

A couple weeks ago we got in (and promptly sold out of) the 11th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver.  If you want read about it go here.  Well, not only are we getting more of those in this week, but the 10th Doctor (David Tennant) and the 3rd Doctor‘s screwdrivers in, too.  Look at the glory that is the 10th Doctor‘s screwdriver below.

Feb 252011


You don’t read Japanese?  Well, neither do I so we’ll continue in English from here on out.

What’s the reason for the Kanji translation?  BOOM!

5 Ronin (the above only shows 4 of the 5) is a five issue mini-series coming out from Marvel during the month of March.  Focusing on five modern characters (Deadpool, Hulk, Wolverine, Punisher, and Psylocke) being placed into the role of wondering samurai.  Each issue is written and drawn by a different writer/artist team, but all of them follow their featured character on a revenge quest against a chosen, mysterious enemy.  Sounds like just the kind of high concept mini that surprises everyone with its mega-levels of enjoyment.

Usually I’d try to explain the next item in vivid detail so that I paint you a mind picture, but just look at the picture.  IT’S AWESOME!

If you read the Blackest Night event from DC last year, you’re going to be well acquainted with The Black Hand (avatar for the Black Lantern CORPS).  Dude is one of Green Lantern’s oldest baddies, complete with death motif.  During the Blackest Night storyline, Black Hand raised a bunch of deceased heroes and villains from the grave, including Batman.  If you’ll notice, this mini-bust is cradling the flaming skull of the Dark Knight.  Like I said, AWESOME.

To pose a couple of questions:  Do you like hot women?  Do you like alternate realities?  Do you like guns of various shapes and sizes?

If you answered in the affirmative to all or some of those questions, Carbon Grey from Image Comics should be on your purchase list.  Set in an alternate reality (visually similar to Russia and Germany during WWII, but with Steampunk elements), the story follows two royal sisters who have been accused of murder and go on the lamb to escape arrest.  The art appears to be a blending of Ladron (Elephantmen) and Joe Madera (Battle Chasers, Ultimates vol. 3).  In a word, gorgeous.

Another new one from Image Comics is The Intrepids mini-series.  With a similar slant towards wacky idea books like Umbrella Academy, The Intrepids is about mad scientists and madder scientists.  One mad scientist, the good guy one, raises a group of orphans to be his super-powered fighting force against an endless wave of evil mad scientists.  The poppy, cartoony art style of Scott Kowalchuck rocks the casbah; when you’ve got robot monsters and cyborg bears residing in your comic’s pages, this is the style of art you want.  Wild idea books like this are always safe and entertaining bets.

Speaking of killer, cartoony art, there’s no better than Michael Avon Oeming.  And, what a coincidence, him and Brian Michael Bendis happen to have a new graphic novel called Takio releasing next week.  Not only is it a big deal that these two are working together again (if you’ve read Powers you understand why that’s a potent combination), but also this is their first all ages book.  Bendis’ story (and masterful dialog) is about a pair of adopted sisters who gain superpowers and have to get over their sibling rivalry to fight crime.  Any comic fans with young daughters, pay attention to this book.  Actually, if you have young kids, in general, and you’re looking for the next story to read to them at bedtime, Takio won’t steer you wrong.