Dec 072013

WWE Ongoing #1

-WWE turns from heel to face by releasing a new ongoing series about the biz!

-The series is set to feature all of the stars of the squared circle you love and love to hate, including CM Punk, John Cena, Undertaker, Kane, Mark Henry, Shamus, and, of course, ole Vince McMahon, himself.

-Fluid artwork depicts all the slobber knockery and car crash-like action of each vicious throwdown.

-And expect the voice of the series to be 100% accurate, as it is written by New York Times best-selling author and wrestling legend, Mick Foley!

Doc Savage (Dynamite) #1

-The Man of Bronze returns from the company who knows pulp!

-Chris Roberson, the writer behind indy hits like iZombie and Memorial, as well as Dynamite events like Masks, takes Doc out for a solo adventure!

-Those unfamiliar with Doc Savage should take notice as the Doc is the granddaddy of all superhero characters, especially Superman!

-Dynamite knows how to tell a pulpy tale the right way, as anyone who’s read The Shadow, Green Hornet, Masks, or King’s Watch, will attest.

Marvel Knights Hulk #1 (of 4)

-Continuing Marvel‘s return to the grit and grime of the Marvel Knights line, this Hulk miniseries follows in the footsteps of MK Spider-Man and X-Men.

-Joe Keatinge, fresh off his take on Morbius, the Living Vampire, weaves this destructive tale of an amnesiac, on-the-run Bruce Banner in Paris.

-Keatinge is joined by rising artist, and master of adult (with a capital A) artwork, Piotr Kowalski (SEX).

-Find out who’s chasing Bruce, how he forgot everything, and why others are turning into Hulks in this short, stylish miniseries.

Dead Body Road #1

-Roaring into stores this Wednesday, Dead Body Road is a pure homage to seventies revenge films, like Death Wish, Point Blank, and The Getaway.

-Justin Jordan made a name for himself off of the grisly superhero deconstruction that was Luthor Strode, but now he branches out to crime fiction. . .but with the same violent tone.

-A revenge story at heart, Dead Body Road follows Orson Gage down American highways as he hunts down those who’ve ruined his life.

-Fans of rough, though comics like The Cape, Preacher, the Parker adaptations, Criminal, and Gearhead need to give a look.

Jun 152013

Extinction Parade #1

1. Coinciding with the release of the film adaptation of Max Brooks’ World War Z, Avatar Press unleashes the first issue in a new miniseries by Brooks himself!

2. Extinction Parade builds off of a Brooks short story from 2010, allowing him to expand the world he created earlier!

3. The story itself focuses on a period of time where the zombie infestation of Earth has dwindled the human population to a point where the vampire community, which has existed in secret since the beginning of time, has begun to worry about their diminishing food supply.

4. In short, that’s vampires vs. zombies vs. humans written by zombie specialist, Max Brooks!

Wild Blue Yonder #1

1. Golden age war comics and modern age post-apocalyptic narratives slam together in IDW‘s Wild Blue Yonder!

2. A young female fighter pilot named Cola battles for survival in an Earth that has become so overpopulated that most of humanity has left the ground for survival.

3. Zack Howard, artist on Joe Hill’s The Cape, created and funded this series through Kickstarter, touting it as a personal passion project, which usually bodes well for the quality of the story.

4. Expect high-octane action sequences, as Cola fights to defend her legendary airship, The Dawn, from air pirates and other baddies.

Edison Rex v.1 TPB

1. Chris Roberson’s (iZombie, Memorial) acclaimed Edison Rex series is now out in trade paperback!

2. After a week where the spotlight has been on Superman, Edison Rex turns it to a Luthor-esque baddie.

3. Following years of evil plans and strategies, Edison Rex has finally defeated Valiant, his arch-rival and protector of Earth.  But what does he do after that?  Who is he when he’s not defined by the good guy he fought for so long?

4. Following in the footsteps of post-modern, self-referential comic works like Watchmen (though this is a smidge lighter in tone) and Top Ten, Edison Rex brims with in-jokes and references to comic history!

100 Bullets: Brother Lono #1

1. You thought they were out, but they’re getting pulled back in!

2. Nearly four years after the legendary Vertigo series ended, Brian Azzarello (Wonder Woman) and Eduardo Risso (Flashpoint: Batman) have returned to add a post-script to their epic crime series.

3. Brother Lono picks up after the violent events of the 100 Bullets conclusion, following Lono (who was last seen getting shot in the chest) as he hides out in Mexico.

4. How many series gain an extra chapter after concluding their story, by the original creative team, and almost a half-decade after the last issue came out?  None, that’s the answer.  Be sure to pick-up this over-sized first issue of this comic event!

Apr 202013

Take two ticks to tinker with the thought of trying the Terrifyingly Tragic Treasury Edition of Joe Hill’s terrific terse tales.

That’s a fair share of Ts, folks.  You’ll notice that one of the above T words is not “terrible”.  I would shudder at the idea of associating that word anywhere near Joe Hill’s work, as he is one of the most gifted writers in comics today.  Having made a name for himself on his masterpiece, Locke & Key, as well as The Cape miniseries, Hill has quickly become a respected name in the industry.  The fact that he’s Stephen King’s son also helps.  If you’ve devoured the five hardcover volumes of Locke & Key and are looking to fill the void in your life until volume six comes out, the TTTE special is a perfect option.  Containing his Kodiak one-shot, The Cape stand alone issue, and his Locke & Key short story “Open the Moon”, all of which are nominated or won industry awards.   

Fantasy adventure comics have been on the rise lately, what with Pathfinder, the Dungeons and Dragons series, Demon Knights, Conan, and, now, Amala’s Blade.  Striking a tone somewhere between humor and action, Amala’s Blade #1 is the first part of a four part miniseries following the titular assassin hero.  Amala is the head assassin in the kingdom of Naamaron, but has fallen out of favor due to her brash, boastful ways.  So, the emperor does the only logic thing:  send her on a mission that will likely result in her death.  Now, Amala’s skills are put to the test, with a failing grade equaling an end most fowl.  Illustrated in a style that bridges sketchy Indy artists like Becky Cloonan and cartoony pop like Avatar the Last Airbender, Amala’s Blade is feisty fantasy.

If you’re daughter’s ever tried to run past the rebel blockade in a giant spaceship shaped like a fist, Vader’s Little Princess might warm your heart.  You might also enjoy it if you and your daughter are huge Star Wars fans.  Jeffery Brown releases his second Star Wars children’s book detailing the awkward difficulties of raising a daughter who is your worst enemy.  Drawn in the same simplistically charming style of Brown’s Incredible Changebots, Cats Are Weird, and Vader and Son, Vader’s Little Princess is made up of vignettes detailing Vader’s struggle with common fatherly duties.  Tea parties, teaching Leia how to fly TIE fighters, and keeping her from leaving the house in only her slave girl bikini are the tasks of the day for Papa Skywalker.  Grab a copy and bond with your daughter over your shared geekiness.

A legacy can be an awful burden.

The legendary duo of Mark Millar and Frank Quietly (The Authority, WE3, New X-Men) reteam for the first time in years to bring you Jupiter’s Legacy.  This soon-to-be-hit series from Image Comics begins in the far future when all of Earth’s heroes have given up and left the world’s protection to their kids.  But being a better superhero  than your parents can be a demanding task.  Trust us when we say that this series will bring the violence, sexuality, and cinematic action unlike anything else out there (except maybe Saga, that book’s pretty raunchy).  Grab the hit comic of this year before it vanishes from the shelves.

Jul 222011


That’s what I like to imagine this new Atrocitus Blackest Night mini-bust is screaming at the top of his lungs.  It could also be COOKIES or, the ever popular, KHAN.

Or it could just be a primal scream over the fact that the Green Lantern movie kinda sucked.

The idea here is, if you make this nifty mini-bust your new shelf buddy, you can imagine him screaming whatever you want.

Oh, and if we’re conversating about Atrocitus, it’s also important to note that the Red Lantern Light-up Prop Lantern and Ring is also coming in this week.  If you’ve been up to the store recently, you’ve probably seen the Green Lantern and Orange Lantern versions of these.  They rock the casbah.

Up, up, and destroy!  If you picked up The Cape one-shot from last year, you probably understand how that paraphrasing of the famous line fits in here.  A devilishly twisted superhero book, the new The Cape four issue mini-series is a must buy thanks to Joe Hill‘s talented penmanship.  Some of you might have heard us Pulp folk spouting off about Hill‘s incredibly brilliant series Locke & Key and that’s because this guy knows how to write a comic.  His grasp of panel usage, character, dialog, and theme prove that a his papa’s (Stephen King) writing talent seeped into his gene pool.  So, The Cape is basically Hill taking that same talent and applying it to the superhero genre the only way he knows how:  gory, dark, and sinister.

Will you open The Vault?  I’d leave it to the professionals, frankly.  Luckily, that’s exactly what The Vault #1 is about.  In the tradition of The Abyss, Sphere, and Alien, The Vault involves a crack team of archaeologists and treasure hunters who travel to the bottom of the ocean in search of a lost item that they believe will bring them fortune and glory.

That’s never the way, is it?  No, the item is a veritable “Pandora’s Box” that will bring about untold destruction and death.  So, it’s for kids.

So, you’ve got David Tennant‘s screwdriver and Matt Smith‘s (which is an actual screwdriver, by the way), but something’s missing.  The future, that’s what!  Next Wednesday the Future Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver travels back to the past and lands on the shelves of Pulp Fiction.  First seen in the “Silence in the Library” episode being wielded by River Song, this screwdriver is a perfect replica of the one seen in the show!  That level of detail includes a break-away panel that reveals a switch that changes the screwdriver’s LED color from blue to red.  Oh, and each color makes different sounds.

Dec 172010

Merry Larfleeze-mas!!!!!  You say you don’t know who Larfleeze is?  Well, you need to pick up the new Christmas Special one-shot that comes out this week.

Over that last couple of years, Geoff Johns has been developing the world of Green Lantern by adding other lantern corps to the universe.  One of those corps is the Orange Lanterns, lead by and comprised by Larfleeze.  He is an alien being who, basically, is the greediest being in the entire universe.

In this issue, specifically, Larfleeze searches 0ut Santa Claus because he, not surprisingly, wants all his presents.  And maybe, just maybe, he’ll learn a lesson or two on the way.

Another fan favorite character, this time from the Mavel-ous competion, gets his very own snazzy action figure.  Yes folks, Deadpool gets the Marvel Select treatment.  He’s completely articulated with ball joints and so forth, which is a good thing because you’re going to want to put him all sorts of poses with his massive amount of weapon accessories.  If you’re a fan of the character and looking for a nice statue-like version of the character, that doesn’t cost as much as an actual statue, then this badboy is what you’re looking for.

Continuing in the action figure category, DC unleashes another set of their popular Blackest Night figures.  Series 6 offers two more of the Lantern Corps replacements (Blue Lantern Flash and Pink Lantern Wonder Woman), Hal Jordan in a spiffy, shiny Green Lantern costume, and Black Lantern Hawkwoman.  Simply put, these figures rock!  If you’ve seen or purchased any of the past series you know the sculpting quality has been impressive and the assortment of characters is pretty much unrivaled by another other current or past figure assortment released by DC.

Today we’ll bookend with another book.  If you’ve been reading Locke & Key, which, tangent, is one of the best written comic series currently being released (seriously, the book is incredible!), then you know Joe Hill is DA MAN!  Being Stephen King’s son has obviously given Hill some sort of natural writing talent because for never having written a comic before Locke & Key the guy is a master of the craft.  If you want to get a sampling of what he can do outside of a horror book, then you should check out this week’s The Cape.  A one-shot that brings to the comic page an adaptation of one of Hill’s short stories.  It does not have anything to do with the new show starting up this spring, by the way.  It has everything to do with kicking booty.