Nov 272015

Munchkin Christmas LiteWith the holiday season just beginning in earnest this weekend, it’s time to start thinking about that one important question that everyone raises during the season:  can you play Munchkin?  Okay, maybe not the most important question, but still valid.  Well, Steve Jackson games has made it easier than ever to get into Munchkin with Munchkin Christmas Lite.  An inexpensive deck of Christmas themed cards, Christmas Lite has all of the Munchkin Kittensmaterials for three or four players to learn the basics of Munchkin.

Possibly the greatest Munchkin expansion ever, Munchkin Kittens is on shelves this weekend!  Included in this booster expansion are thirty adorable kitty cards illustrated comic artist Katie Cook that can be incorporated into any of the Munchkin base games.

Bottlecap VikingsBottlecap Vikings may seem like a cross between Fallout and the popular television show (which would be pretty great), but, instead, it is a fun, family friendly resource management game.  In Bottlecap Vikings you will sail, loot, and plunder your way around a bottlecap shaped game board.  Build your village and gain glory until the Valkyries come to claim the fallen across a variable action rondel, two victory conditions, and individual player ability trees.Melee

Styled after 16-byte video games of yore and a pinch of Minecraft, Melee is an army battle game for two to four players.  In the world of Melee, the king has died without an heirs to the throne.  Each player will control one of four different armies (each sitting astride either a parrot, mouse, pig, or dinosaur), fighting from their own castle, to attain the throne.  You will use money and other Operation Faustresources to build your armies and pit them against each other to decide ultimate dominance.

Think Coup or Bang! during WWII and you’ve got Operation F.A.U.S.T., a new deception game from Grey Fox Games.  In this highly social game, players will find themselves in occupied France during WWII, tasked with a mission to recover Europe’s most valuable pieces of art before they are looted by Hitler.  To win the game you must gather intelligence, locate Europe’s most at risk treasures, and recover them before your opponents.  Use your network of spies, double agents, and more to achieve your goals, but take care not to reveal information to others.Bomb Squad

Remaining on the field of battle, but updating it to a modern era, Bomb Squad is a cooperative game with high stakes.  In Bomb Squad players control members of the Retro City Bomb Squad, and their trusty bomb disposal robots in order to defeat dastardly villains that threaten the world.  Help program a robot to navigate buildings, rescue hostages, and defuse bombs in real time.  You cannot see your hand of Command cards, so you’ll have to help your partners figure out which cards to play.  Using a special timer app, the game plays out in real time, with bombs going off every ten minutes unless you defuse them!

TerraCombining a party game experience with factual trivia, Terra pits players against each other in a competition where being close counts.  Faced with world trivia questions like “How long is the Golden Gate Bridge?” or “How many sculptures are on Easter Island?” players will attempt to make educated guesses, marking them with cubes on a slider.  If you don’t know the answer, use your opponents knowledge against them by guessing just a little bit less or more than what they do.  It can’t hurt, as being closer is the goal.

Aperture Science welcomes players to a board-based cake acquisition enrichment activity, Portal the board game.  Yes, Cryptozoic and Valve have adapted the popular Portal video game series into a board gaming experience.  Players control test subjects who are attempting Portal board gameto traverse the testing lab, represented by a modular board, using high tech portal guns.  Tiles will fall off the board over the course of the game, causing players to leap forward as fast as they can in hopes of not getting caught in a disappearing tile.  And at the end:  cake!  Of course, the cake is a lie, so Cryptozoic has given you an exclusive Steam redemption Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Gamecode for Portal 2 instead.

Fantasy Flight does what the company is best at by remaking and relaunching the classic Warhammer Quest the Adventure Card Game.  This card game is a cooperative game of heroic dungeon adventures for one to four players.  Players assume the roles of some of the Old World’s most iconic heroes, then venture into the shadows to battle goblins, trolls, orcs, ghouls, ratmen, and other creatures.  Can you survive their relentless onslaught?  There are only two ways for your quest to end – in death or in glory!

Jan 222011

Would you like to buy the world a Coke?  And keep it company?

Pretty sure you can’t do the whole Coke thing in Terra, the first game we’re looking at today, but you are certainly in charge of taking care of ‘ole Mother Earth.

A semi-collaborative game, Terra has players working together with other players to solve global crises (like weather disasters, food shortages, military skirmishes, etc.) by playing cards from their hand.  At the same time that you are attempting to better global conditions, though, you are also attempting to hold onto key resources for yourself.  Bruno Faidutti, creator of Citadels (another fine card game), brigs a similar feel to this simple to learn, but strategy-centric group card game.

If you’re planning on attending the Federation Commander event on February 5th or if you’re just interested in Star Trek or ship-to-ship battle games, then you might want to check out our restock on all of the Federation Commander product.  As this post is being written, we have one copy of every item currently published (minus the ship miniatures).  If you’re just getting into the game then you’re going to want to look at either the Klingon or Romulan Border sets and the Core Rulebook.  These are the base sets for the game which include the maps and stats you’re going to need to get started.  Along with those, we have the Attack kits (which correspond with the Border kits) as well as the packs that descend from those.

Code 777 got restocked this week, as well.  This reprint of the 25-year-old original game has had its production values updated with plastic number stands and number tiles.  Those are important additions because the game is played by placing random numbered tiles on a stand in front of you, facing out toward the other players.  Mechanically the game is a strategic guessing game.  Players read question cards that, by answering them, will give them information about what tiles are in front of them.  Eventually, players want to try and make an educated guess about what tiles they have in front of them.  Takes only a little brain power to learn, but a lot to succeed at.