Nov 212012

It’s time for the annual singing of the nine announcements of Pulp Fiction Black Friday. Feel free to hum along if you don’t know the words:

On the first announcement of Black Friday, my true store set the tone: Discounts and specials don’t combine; they work alone.

On the second announcement of Black Friday, my true store helped build my brain: A selection of half-priced board games.

On the third announcement of Black Friday, my true store dropped some names: Half-price on Flames of War and Spartan Games.

On the fourth announcement of Black Friday, my true store made some noise: Half off on t-shirts and plush toys.

On the fifth announcement of Black Friday, my true store helped my picks: Half-off on all Superhero HeroClix (Marvel/DC).

On the sixth announcement of Black Friday, my true store said to me: Comic back issues buy-one-get-one-free.

On the seventh announcement of Black Friday, my true store changed its tack: A large selection of half-price comic hard backs.

On the eigth announcement of Black Friday, my true store’s rhymes got lame: Other specials too specific to name.

On the ninth announcement of Black Friday, my true store offered: buy-one-full-price-get-one-half-price most of the rest of the store*

*Half-price applies to the lower priced item. This offer does not include current comic issues and some other items.

Nov 222011

Join us here and on Facebook all through this week for updates on Black Friday Specials! Oh, and don’t forget we open at 10:00 AM on Friday!


-Doorbuster: 40% off superhero and anime action figures

as well as Superhero Heroclix until noon.

-15% off Statues.

-15% off Wargaming Miniaturess and accessories.

-Clothing: buy 1 get 1 at 1/2 off

General Disclaimers:
*Discounts do not combine.
*Certain items from the above categories may not be discounted, ask an employee for details.
Jun 242011

Wonder Woman‘s newest costume catches a lot of flack (personally, I don’t know why), but there is no way you can look at this first item and doubt its impressiveness.

Settle your eyes to the right and soak her in, gentlemen and ladies.  Soak.  Her.  In.

Done soaking?  Okay, now is that a cool looking statue or what?  This porcelain dandy is based off of Jim Lee’s recent redesigned of the costume and stands 9.75 inches high.  I don’t need a lasso of truth wrapped around me to say this is a sweet statue.

Speaking of redesign, DC complements its new #1 relaunch/simplifying by releasing a line of DC Universe t-shirts that are simple and sheik.  Basically parring the design down to the hero’s symbol and a striking action for the hero themselves makes these shirts look  sharp.

There’s the Batman one (modeled after the Batman, Inc. logo).  

The Superman one.

And, the man of the hour, Green Lantern.

Two new DC Eaglemoss magazine figures drop next week, as well.

The first is the next figure in the set of Blackest Night series.  White Lantern Sinestro floats off his base by a white strand of light.  As always, he ships with magazine detailing the history of the character.  If you’ve been keeping up with the series thus far, this is easily one of the most well designed figures of the bunch.  Gander to the left and check him out.

The second DC Eaglemoss statue is another edition to the JSA:  Dr. Midnight.  Oh, and his trusty owl.  Can’t forget the owl, guys.

Make some bangers and mash, check Big Ben for the time, and make sure the tea is on because the Knight and Squire trade paperback is here.  This was a seriously under appreciated mini-series when it was on the shelves and we’re trying to give it some love here.  Written by Paul Cornell (who penned the equally amazing, but equally unrecognized Captain Britain series), this book is loaded with inside-comics references and wry British humor.  If you’re a fan of Monty Python or, you know, fun comics like Nextwave, this book is chock full of the ridiculous.  For instance, a British superhero called the Milkman and a nude female hero called Birthday Girl.  For anyone out there looking for a quick, light, original read, this is your bread and butter.  Just remember British Joker = Jarvis Poker.

Mar 182011

Did you miss us?  I know, I know, you’ve been salivating for two weeks because we weren’t able to put up a Comic List Highlights post last week.  Well, drool no more!

As we strike up the band, let’s begin with Jonathon Hickman’s new Fantastic Four continuation, Future Foundation, or FF for short.  Following the death of, well, you should be able to figure it out by the missing member on the cover to the left, the Fantastic Four has re-formatted itself to incorporate Spider-Man and a number of other super-peoples.  Their goal:  solve the world’s ills.  If you’ve been keeping up with Hickman’s run, you know that he’s been bringing the heat (and taking it away, if you catch my meaning).  Steve Epting of Captain America fame will be joining him on this continuation of the series.

He may have taken the wussy way out in Phantom Menace, but there’s no doubting that Darth Maul looks like a hauss.  And, luckily, the importance of this next item is how it looks.  If you’ve purchased or seen any of the Star Wars ARTFX statues up at the store (they’re in the tall black boxes and come with a piece of Darth Vader), then you’ll be excited that Darth Maul starts off a new series.  Not only does this Kotobukiya release have a gnarly sculpt and pose, but his duel-blade lightsaber glows.  I personally know our Austin Taylor, one of our past employees, will be racing back here from Portland to snag this guy, who wants to see if they can beat him?

As we’re on the warpath as far as statues are concerned, let us take a peak at the new Bishoujo Catwoman Statue.  You might remember the Batgirl Statue from the same series that came out a couple months back.  Let me just say, she…went…fast!  Take a look at the picture of the Catwoman Statue on the left and you might be able to figure out why.  Not only does the figure stand at 9 1/10 inches, she also has a detailed gargoyle base with two, tiwny, furwy kitty kawts.  Awww.

If you enjoy the art of Stuart Immonen (Nextwave, New Avengers), but are curious to see him stretch his finger muscles outside of the cape-and-cowl variety, then the Moving Pictures graphic novel is where you need to be.  Written by Stuart’s wife, and Marvel writer, Katherine Immonen (Runaways, Patsy Walker: Hellcat), Moving Pictures is set in Nazi occupied France where it follows the struggle of a female art museum curator who works to hide valuable works from the Nazis.  Personally, I’m excited to see how Immonen’s, usually colorful, artwork looks when depicting real events during such a dark period of time.  The same could be said for Katherine, who’s writing style is most commonly bubbly and zany.

Before there was Shrek Forever After, there, apparently, was Rumpelstiltskin’s revenge.  Yes, this kid-friendly graphic novel takes place before the last Shrek film.  Every magical, fantastical character from the animated films is present and accounted for as they avoid Rumpel’s obnoxious trickery.  As I said, if you’re a parent and looking for a comic to start your children out on, you can’t go too wrong with a movie property book.

And now we come to the end of our little show in a segment I’m going to call, Comic Shirt Corner.

Yes, ladies and gents, Pulp is receiving a veritable closet full of clothes next Wednesday.  Breaking down into categories of classic covers and movie tie-ins, these four shirts will come to you in a range of sizes from medium to XXL.  First up, is a red number with a worn version of the classic poster to Star Wars: A New Hope pasted on it.  Next we move to the military green, Joker Wants You-style cover from Dark Detective #1.  On the movie tie-in side, we get one from Thor and one from Captain America (or Steve Rogers, in this case).  All four are swiggidy-sweet.