Apr 122013

Begin the snapping because it’s about to get all West Side Story up in here!

But you can throw technicolor and musical numbers out the window, because this gang warfare is in the dystopian city of Gatorum.  Two to four players take on the role of futuristic gang leaders attempting to overrun the city in a power play.  Hire up local toughs, collect some heavy artillery, and build up your home turf.  But beware because your rivals will be ready and waiting to nab anything you do build up.  City of Remnants is basically Agricola or Kingsburg but filthier.

Throw dem bones!

Adding a component long missing from the slew of Vegas themed games out there, Las Vegas is a new dice game where players roll to win it all!  With six different casinos littering the Las Vegas landscape, each player must carefully choose which casino they roll in so that they maximize their rewards.  A fast-paced, easy to learn family game of interactive dice play, Las Vegas will bring lady luck to your house tonight!

The band’s getting back together!  That’s right, you’ve got the gargoyle, the ogre, the prince, the warrior, the ghoul, the enchantress, the centaur, and, above all, the dragon maiden.  Each of these eight new characters appears in the first expansion set for Chaosatle, the Melee Expansion.  Each of these characters adds a new ability to the game, including the ability to ride the centaur or the dragon maiden’s power to call to her aid the mighty red dragon.  The expansion also includes a special conversion for a solo version of the game where clips reconnect the board in different ways.

Why travel the world to see each of the seven wonders when you can pick up the 7 Wonders:  Wonder Pack?

This expansion to the base 7 Wonders drafting game packs in four special wonder boards and their matching wonder card along with a rule book on how to use them.  These wonders include the Great Wall of China, Stonehenge, Abu Simbel, and Manneken Pis.  These brand new wonders can be incorporated into the game easily, adding entirely new abilities to the process.

You’ve made it to the surface, you’ve found a raft, you’ve got a broken sword to defend yourself with, but can you Escape from Atlantis?  Survive:  Escape from Atlantis receives a expansion reprinting and a new release this week in the form of The Giant Squid and Dolphins and Dive Dice.  The Giant Squad has been in print before, but it is no less vicious.  Guard your boat carefully, because the five giant squid tokens included within are always ready to attack.  Luckily, if you get the Dolphins and Dive Dice the friendly creatures kept within will help you back to your boat if you fall out.  However, the Dive Dice give a new benefit to the monsters surrounding Atlantis, that of diving below the surface.

Feb 262011

MtG Event Decks

I think we can all agree that a brain sounds rather tasty, every now and then.  Or maybe I just think that because of this strange bite on my arm.

Whatever the case, Give Me the Brain, from Steve Jackson Games, sounds incredibly enjoyable.  Players control a group of zombie hamburger joint employees as they attempt to complete their daily tasks.  Only a handful of those tasks actually require a brain, though.  And, by the by, if you don’t want to remove and use a player’s actual brain, the game comes with one.  This card game has made the rounds for a couple of years, but, as we’ve just gotten it back in stock and have a number of rabid Steve Jackson fans out there, we thought we’d point it out anyway.

Another restock comes from Flying Frog Productions, makers of Last Night on Earth.  The game is Conquest of Planet Earth and, though, it has some traits similar to Last Night, overall it becomes a completely different experience.  Conquest has players choosing to play one of ten alien races invading the planet and then using them to battle humanity.  Each race has different abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.  The contents include four different scenarios of play, as well, so that decimating Earth remains fresh and fun.  Also, another Flying Frog regular, a CD of ambient music is included to set the mood.

The sea is a harsh mistress.  Even more so if you’re in an alternate timeline where Dwarfs, Orcs, and other races battle it out in giant ships of doom…on the high seas.  If you’re unfamiliar with this world but interested, you might want to look into the Uncharted Seas Rulebook.  Within its crisp, well-organized pages are the basic fighting rules, sections on hits, ramming, running repairs, and other topics, as well as pages for tokens and templates.  If what you see within strikes your fancy, Pulp carries a healthy number of the ship and monster miniatures you’ll want to follow the rulebook up with.

The dystopian future is a harsh mistress…eh, doesn’t work as well.  But nonetheless true.  Spartan Games not only produces Uncharted Seas, but Dystopian Wars, too.  So, if you’re flavor is less high seas battle and more global warfare (or both) then the Dystopian Wars Rulebook is worth a peruse.  Once again contained in a glossy tome, the rulebook for Dystopian Wars explains everything players will need to know for running land, sea, or air conflicts.  The rules are also constructed to support speedy muli-player gaming with a hefty number of miniatures.  Advanced Victorian realities (lot of those cropping up recently) are also a hoot, so I’d advice giving Spartan’s a try.

We’ve carried it for awhile now, but never like this.  Hive Carbon drops this weekend and, in the process, gives gamers the fastest, easiest way to own all the Hive gaming essentials.  If you’re not familiar with Hive, though, the game has players attempting to surround each others’ queen bee token using other bugs, each with their own movement rules; think bug chess.  Hive Carbon contains the original base game along with the two expansion, Mosquito and Ladybug, that have been released.  Unlike the original versions, Carbon’s pieces are presented in slick black and white.

Or if you’re interested in the original, color base game or the Ladybug expansion, Pulp has recently received a restock on both of them.

Survive:  Escape from Atlantis proves that Atlantis exists, then swiftly blows it up.  Yes, similar to the Downfall of Pompeii boardgame, Survive is a race to live.  Each player controls a number of Atlantean citizens fleeing from their, soon to be, volcanic homeland either by boat or old-fashioned swimming.  Aw, but the waters around Atlantis are filled with numerous monsters that are exceptionally eager to gnaw on passersby.  This newly re-released version of the game includes new Challenge rules as well as an updated board and game pieces.  For anyone who buys the game and enjoys it, there will be a Squid monster expansion coming in very soon, as well.

And now for the Magic the Gathering minute.  Actually, I don’t have any clue how long it will take you to read this, but minute works alteration-wise.  Wizards released a new form of pre-built deck this week in the Event Deck.  Infect and Defile is a blue/black infect deck and Into the Breach is a red fire/lightening deck.  Both contain a main 60 card deck along with a 15 card sideboard, a deck box, and a life counter.  If you want to brush-up on the exact cards included in the deck, click on this link.