Mar 162012

If the idea of boxing seems attractive to you, outside of the getting your face punched in thing, then Jab: Realtime Boxing might just be your speed. And speaking of speed, it’s a rather important element in how you play the game. As the game has no strict turn structure, play is based off how fast and how strategically you play your cards/fists. You can either KO you opponent with haymaker punches or wow the officials with your skill. For a quick two-player fighting experience, this is the champ!

Maaaaaaaps! They don’t love me like I love you! Maaaaaaps!

They do however love Steam like Steam loves you. Or so I’m guessing; they’re all inanimate objects. Anyway, insanity aside, the newest Steam Map Expansion Pack has arrived. This time around the pack comes with three new maps, China (2-4 expansion), California 2090 (3 player expansion), and Great Britain (3-4 expansion). Get to shoveling that coal, folks!

Just like the Jimmy Johns of interstellar delivery, the Rocket Jockey makes his supply run in a flash. Unless those pesky aliens get in their way. That’s the premise of the fast to learn, easy to play card game known as Rocket Jockey. With artwork from legendary comic artist Cliff Chiang, Rocket Jockey is a racing game which pits currier against currier for the fastest delivery time. Have you got the nerve?

Using our summoner powers we’ve summoned a hefty restock on Summoner Wars…summon…summoning…sum…um…yeah. So, not only do we have the Summoner Wars Master Set back in stock, but also the rereleases of the Dwarves/Cave Goblins and Phoenix Elves/Tundra Orcs expansion packs. Along with all this, the new Taliya’s Spirit and Piclo’s Magic Reinforcement Packs are in stock.

Team work is put to the test in Mayfair GamesWhitewater. Players control two rowers in two different rafts of four rowers each (try to say that three times fast). So, it becomes a careful decision of how much energy to exert and in which raft, all while trying to avoid obstacles in your path. Quite the family outing.

Pergamemnon travels far, far back in time to a point when the Carthagians, Romans, Hellenes, Egyptians, and Persians ruled the world. They also didn’t get along very well. A card based battle game where players square off, nation to nation, with soldiers, war machines, and creatures of legend. Containing 110 cards and all the rules you’ll ever need, Pergamemnon give you all you’ll need to rule the world.

Another P card game from Iron Games, who made the above Pergamemnon, Pax takes place during the Spartacus uprisings. More on the card management side of things alonside tactical decisiveness. If you’re a fan of 7 Wonders, you should give it a look see.

Apr 022011

Auffüllen auf Deutsch.

Yeah, that’s right.  We’re doing it German style up in here.  Translate it if you like.

Tannhäuser, Sauger!  Specifically, a restock on two of Tannhäuser’s troop packs, Union and Reich.  What do they nab you if you nab them?  Both come with extra figures (an Alpha and Delta in Union and a Schocktruppen and Stosstruppen in Reich), characters sheets, game tokens (24 of ‘em, to be exact), a rulebook that shows you how to use theseguys, and an brand spankin’ new scenario.  Holen Sie sich Ihre Krieg!

Since we’re talking expansion packs, how about we hit up some new Summoner Wars Faction Decks.  Jungle Elves and Cloaks, if you’re into that whole name thing.  Both come with 35 new cards.  Abua Shi leads jungle elf cards, like, Shikwa, Lioness, and Makeinda Ru, while Vlox summons cards like Dagger, Scam, and Gunners.  Kaufen Sie diese Fraktion Decks und kick butt!

Why stop at two, lets go for the trifecta of expansion packs!  Warhammer Invasion, the Card Game adds Chaos Moon to the Morrslieb Cycle of Battle Packs.  This here deck comes jam packed with 60 cards, specially tailored to support your Invasion deck.  20 of those cards are completely, 100% new to the game, by the way.  Sie sollten total Chaos überall diese Mond.

Do you ever find yourself involved in an epic army to army battle across the bridges of two floating sky cities and having no clue how to solve this problem?  Well, if this is occurring in a GURPS-built world, the new Mass Combat booklet can help you solve this problem.  Made specifically to handle the rules and logistics of gigantic battles, Mass Combat contains all the examples, tables, stats (for weaponry, strength, and mobility), and other valuable information to help players and game masters complete and create the epic blood-spilling conflict they desire.  Kann mir jemand bekommen diese Axt aus meinem Rücken?

Yaaaaaaarrrrrrr, maties!  That’s not German, by the way.  That’s pirate.

Blackbeard, The Golden Age of Piracy is a reworking of the old boardgame, Blackbeard.  This version has been altered to a sizable extent, but in a good way.  Gameplay is faster and more involved for every player.  And what is gameplay?  Well, after players choose which famous pirate they want to control, they cruise around the board looting and pillaging to raise their wealth and notoriety, all while avoiding the law and traps that other players leave for them.  Basically, like Merchants and Marauders, this game is made to let players live the life of a pirate.

And now for more book-type things!

Dark Heresy:  The Black Sepulchre is the newest addition to the Warhammer 40K RPG line.  The beginning of a trilogy of adventures in the Dark Heresy world, it revolves around a the discovery of an mysterious artifact, which leads to and investigation by the Inquisition.  Whoo, you know that won’t end well.  Suitable for all player levels and ranks, The Black Sepulchre questions of you:  Can you solve the mysteries of the Haematite Cathedral?  Nun, man kann?

Why Munchkin has taken this long to release a game based around zombies is conundrum to me.  But it doesn’t matter anymore, because Munchkin Zombies is here.  Turning the usual Munchkin fare on its head, this edition has players controlling the undead.  You’re still battling “monsters” here, but, obviously, from a zombie’s perspective that means humans.  Weapons can still be collected to add in your quest, but, as zombies aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, they may not be used in the most logical manner.  For instance, don’t be shocked if you find yourself swinging a mousetrap covered foot at a some unsuspecting human.  Mmm, Gehirne.

A new world horrors comes alive in the most recent addition to the Trial of Cthulhu mythos of RPGs, Bookhounds of London.  In this volume, a fresh, and by fresh I mean dark, dangerous, and gruesome, campaign setting is laid bare for players.  Detail abounds in Bookhounds with maps, appendices, and timelines all feeding into the dark mysteries of East London and the Whitechapel Black-Letter adventure.  Cthulhu fatagn r’lyeh!  Again, not German.