Oct 142011

So, here it is Friday again and time for another New Game Stuff post.

Whoa, what?

Fridays are Comic List Highlights, not New Game Stuff!  What’s happening!  My world’s crumbling!  My brain is melting!  Fire is raining from the skies!  MAKE IT STOP!  MAKE IT STOP!

Whew, okay, ready to go.  Yes, you can now expect Fridays to be home to the New Game Stuff posts while Saturdays will become Comic List Highlights.

And for the inaugural gaming item, a new supply to one of our favorite deck building games, Resident Evil.  If you haven’t played it, the Resident Evil Deck Building Game is akin to Dominion and Ascension, featuring a play style centered around selective purchasing and playing of cards.  Anyway, the official playmats for the game are now in stock.  That’s playmats with original game art on them as well as designated spaces for key cards in the game, like the mansion, ammunition cards, combat knife, and handgun.

Oh, ‘ello, chappy.  Are you a discerning Arkham Horror player?  Ah, yes, I can see that.  Well, then you surely have a collection of Litko Game Accessories Arkham Horror compatible accoutrements?  Oh, you don’t!  I wouldn’t spread that around town, if I were you.  It’s okay, though, because we can provide assistance.  In that I mean, Pulp only today received a vast assortment of various markers, tokens, and bases to accompany the game.  These include Iron Gate Markers (able to display in-game iron gate tokens), tentacled Monster Bases (also helpful to display monster tokens), as well as larger, transparent blue Sealed Gate Tokens (improve the small sealed gate tokens that come with the game), among other niceties.  Improve your horror experience, gents and ladies, improve it.

Are you ready for a Blood Bowl!  A Friday night Blood Bowl!  

Ehhhh, too soon?  You don’t have to be Bocephus (actually, you’d probably prefer not to be) to enjoy a the new card game from the makers of Blood Bowl, Team Manger.  Basically the original game in card form, Team Manager runs two to four players through a season of the hard hittingest, blood spillingest, bone crunchingest game ever, as they battle over players, train their team, and via for fans on top of playing each other.  If it hasn’t occurred to you, the fitting pun here is fantasy football as your player options are dwarfs, elves, orcs, and the like.  Lets just say, Hank Williams, Jr.’s recent comments may actually be appreciated in this game.

Summoner Wars enacts their master plan this week by dropping not only a Master Set edition, but two new Reinforcement Decks, Goodwin’s Blade and Hawk’s Strike.  Unlike in the game, you don’t have to use mystical forces to call forth these packs of warrior-y might.  But if you do use the magic of your wallet, you might find some dangerous allies at your finger tips.  For instance, the Hawk’s Strike pack expands upon the Jungle Elves and Cloaks factions while Goodwin’s Blade expands Vanguards and Fallen Kingdoms.  But maybe the most valued of these three is the new Master Set.  Unlike what you might think when you hear that phrase, the Master Set provides six entirely new faction decks!  Not only is this enough to start a prospective player off on the game, but a premium game board is also included, giving players a perfect setting to play their game.

Feb 122011

Do you like reading?  I sure hope so, because tonight’s entry is, like, the novelization of New Game Stuff.  Seriously.  Long.

What are we waiting for?  Let’s get to it.

Yomi is possibly the biggest entry today.  Created by a former fighting video game designer, this card game plays like a Street Fighter or Tekken.  Players hold a number of cards that have actions on both sides.  They choose when to throw them down based only on what they assume the other player is going to play.  You choose a character just like you would at the selection screen of a fighting game.  By all accounts, Yomi has perfectly rendered the fighting video game genre into a board game format.  And all the card decks can be used as playing cards, too!  Giggidy-giggidy.

One for the wild west RPG fans out there:  Devils Gulch.  Made to work in conjunction with the Basic Roleplaying system, this booklet is filled with every option a GM would need to build an actual western scenario, a futuristic west, a post-apocalyptic world, or any other desolate-type setting.  NPCs  are included along with building descriptions, combat, skill, and other characteristics rules.  Load up your horse’s saddlebag with this one before heading out on the trail.

Yaaarrrrr, maties!  Pirate Fluxx ahoy!  Yes, adding to Monty Python, Zombie, Martian, and all the other Fluxxes is now Pirate.  If you’ve played any of the other Fluxx games, you know what you’re getting:  a game where the rules change every turn.  In this one’s case, the theme is just pirated-up a bit.  Cards include, Long Live the Captain, Mutiny, and, the new card addition to the game, Surprise cards that give you a specific benefit for playing them out of turn and a different for during your turn.

Floating along next, another card game, Rowboat.  Like the box says, if you like Spades, you’ll like Rowboat.  The game works off of the dynamic that there are a number of cards in the center of the table (you keep putting them out until you have one of each suit) and then pass the same amount of cards to each player.  Players then bid on how many rounds they will win.

From boat to train.  First Train to Nuremberg is a retooling of the previously released Last Train to Wensleydale.  Like a combination of bidding/selling games with Ticket to Ride, First Train has players build railroad lines and make profit off of them as you transport people and goods.  Eventually, you’re going to want to sell off your lines, but the key is to do it at the perfect time, before the value drops.  A 2 to 4 player game, First Train has a double-sided board that features the new game board and the old one from Wensleydale.

A new expansion to the Eclipse Phase RPG, Gatecrashing, arrives this week.  Based on the D100 system, this sci-fi game plays with the ideas of the Avatar movie, i.e. moving your mind from one body to another, exploring alien worlds, as well as saving one’s consciousnesses to be uploaded later in case of death.  The game is not class based, which allows for ample specialization.  Fans of Avatar, Stargate, and Battlestar Galactica should find some bliss in Eclipse Phase.

If you’re gearing up for our Summoner Wars tournament (Saturday Feb. 19 @ 12:00, quick plug) you’re going to want to check out the two recent deck releases, Grungor’s Charge and Rakar’s Power, along with the Premium game board.  The Grungor pack has cards for Goblins and Dwarfs while the Rakar pack has Orcs and Elves.  The Premium board is a thick cardboard play surface that is designed for easy travel and designed to suit two players.

For more card-based antics, there’s the new The Twilight Beckons Asylum Pack for The Call of Cthulhu card game.  The first pack in the Ritual of the Order cycle, Twilight introduces 20 new cards that include criminals, lunatics, Cthonians, and Ancient Ones.

Since we’re discussing card games, I feel this is the perfect time to talk about the Perfect Fit Sleeves that Pulp carries.  For any cultured gamer out there these bad boys keep your cards safe, sharp, and un-dented.  How you use them (I know, there sleeves, should be easy to figure out) is that you slide them your cards and then insert the card into any other sleeve.  Basically, they keep the cards from sliding out, give them an extra layer of protection, and help to offer more friction for shuffling.

Okay, last one.

If you like the Risk series of games or, especially, the Dust games (since they made this, too), you’re going to dig Magnifico:  Da Vinci’s Art of War.  A conquest, army game, Magnifico has opponents attempting to conquer Europe using not just armies of soldiers but also financial wealth and, most awesomely, Da Vinci’s inventions.  Players use cards and soldier minis to do battle with other players as they move across European countries.  A simplified version of Dust, Magnifico offers conquest game fans a new theme and set of rules to mix up their battling escapades.