Jul 032015

Star Trek Green LanternStar Trek / Green Lantern #1 (of 6)

-Star Trek has had a busy couple of years, meeting the Transformers, the Legion of Superheroes, Doctor Who, and now the Green Lantern CORPS!

-Written by Star Trek ongoing writer, Mike Johnson, this miniseries will see the two franchises interacting with each other.

-The J.J. Abrams versions of the original crew come across a buried artifact that sets off a mission that will bring them into contact with Hal Jordan, Jon Stewart, and the Green Lantern villains.

-Of course, if the good guys are teaming-up, that also means villains like the Klingons and Sinestro will join forces, as well!

Secret Wars Week 1 JulyCivil War

-Slightly delay, all the Secret Wars heavy hitters readers have been waiting for are finally here!

-Leading the way is the Civil War miniseries, featuring a world where Captain America leads one half of the country while Iron Man gets the other half.

-Age of Apocalypse is also dropping this Wednesday, depositing readers back into a world where the despotic mutant rules the world!

-Also releasing are 1872, the Western interpretation of the Marvel Universe, and Spider-Island, where all of New York possesses Spider-Man-like powers!

ArchieArchie #1

-Running consistently for over 600 issues, Archie comics is finally getting a reboot!

-Updating the characters and series for the modern age, Archie comics is appropriating a vibrant, adult art style!

-That new, youthful look is provided by Saga artist extraordinaire, Fionna Staples!

-On writing duties is veteran comic creator Mark Waid (Shield, Daredevil, Kingdom Come)!

Invader Zim #1Invader Zim

-Nickelodeon‘s darkly humored alien invader returns in comic form!

-The entire series will be written and overseen by creator Jhonen Vasquez!

-After Zim has been in hiding for years, he’s rearing his oversized green head to cause trouble for Dib once again!

-Issue #1 will feature a variant cover illustrated by Jhonen Vasquez!

Jan 072012

Planning a trip to New York?

Before you book tickets on a plane or bus, maybe you should consider another method on how to get there. Web line.

Or at least that’d work if you lived in the world of Spider-Island. Of course then you’d also have to contend with giant spider people who want to gnaw your soft bits. However, you don’t have to content with that kind of terror to pick up a copy of the new Spider-Island HC. The big Spider-Man event of the year, Spider-Island follows the webslinger and New York’s other resident superheroes as they battle off a spider plague infecting the city which is slowly giving the city’s residents spider powers. Then they start growing extra legs and pincers. Yeah, not good. With hyper expressive artwork from industry legend Humberto Ramos and brilliant story construction from Spidey veteran, Dan Slott, this is a must read for Marvel fans.

Considering it spins (Ha, spins! Get it? Web? Spins?) out of Spider-Island, now might be a good time to mention the new Scarlet Spider seris starting up this week. I won’t explain exactly how the Scarlet Spider crawls out of Spider-Island, but it’s certainly interesting. Where this new series begins, though, is with Kaine (one of the numerous Peter Parker clones) having left New York to atone for his countless wrong doings, he’s now wandering across the country solving crimes where they arise. And not in the gentle handed way the original Peter Parker would.

Speaking of characters who are coming to terms with their misdeeds, this next indie series from one of the popular Luna brothers has that kind of conflict in spades. Whispers is the first solo series from Joshua Luna, who is part of the creative team behind cult favorites such as Girls and Sword. In it, he ventures into the suspense and horror genres by weaving a tale of terror and romance focusing on a young man, afflicted with OCD, who discovers an ability to turn himself into a ghost. As he’s recently been broken up with by his girlfriend he attempts to use this power to gain her back. Or will he decided, simply, to get even?

Finally, a personal plea from your author.

Pick up the trade paperback for Mystic.

This series, one of the titles from Marvel‘s Cross Gen imprint, is a joyful read, full of vibrant artwork depicting a vivid alternate reality adventure that feels like a Disney feature release more than a traditional comic offering. Beginning with two orphaned girls (where so many Disney features start) the story follows them as they break free of the prison-like orphanage they reside in only to end up wandering two divergent paths: an Aether Magician (this worlds energy resource) and a revolutionary. Each girl must come to terms with the two vastly separate social classes dividing the city and eventually come face-to-face with each other after having be altered irrevocibly. Written by one of the few female creators in the industry, G. Willow Wilson (Air), Mystic delivers a light, bouncy narrative that most superhero books can’t match. So, please, give it a try.

Aug 052011

You’re looking to take a trip, ya say?  Wantin’ to get away from it all?  Ain’t nowhere’s betta than Spider-Island.  That’s right, Spider-Island, where everyone swings and slings all day long.  Red and blue your favorite colors?  You’ll fit right in!  Yes, indeedy, nowhere’s betta.

That rambling textual impersonation of a New Yorker was both offensive and informative as it created a perfect set-up for next week’s premiere of the Amazing Spider-Man event of the year, Spider-Island.  The proverbial feather in the cap of current Spidey scribe, Dan Slott, this event involves a mass outbreak of spider powers across New York City.  Everyone’s got them and Spider-Man is trying to reverse the whole while maintaining order.  Obviously, a bunch of Spidey’s buddies attempt to lend a hand, as is the case with the Cloak & Dagger tie-in series.  Written by hot new writer Nick Spencer (Morning Glories, Iron Man 2.0, Thunder Agents, I don’t know, probably the Bible, too) and drawn by equally hot artist Emma Rios.  Combining Spider-Man with Spencer and Rios creates a comic sandwich I want to sink my teeth into.

With weather like we’ve been having lately, a nice cool glass of ice water hits the spot. But something about normal cubes of ice just isn’t sitting right with me.  Something’s missing.  Oh, that’s it, they’re not in the shape of famous Star Wars characters!  But no worries, Pulp’s got you covered with the new Han Solo in Carbonite and R2-D2 Silicon Ice Cube Trays.  Yup, enjoy a cool glass of H2O or tea or that weird soupy stuff Jabba the Hutt drinks even more with Han Solo or R2 shaped cubes bobbing around in the glass.  May the drink be with you.

It’s hard describing statues.  I mean, really, all you have to do is look at a picture of any statue to figure out if you think it’s cool or not.  So, what more could I say to make you interested?  I could say that this new Jean Grey Bishoujo statue is the newest edition in a line of swanky female Bishoujo statues.  I could say that she stands over 8 inches tall.  I could say that her base has a rockin’ Blackbird firing a rocket mold going on.  But you can all see that by looking at the picture to the right.  Wow, why am I getting paid for this?

And now what you’ve all been waiting for, the Doctor Who portion of the post.  Because, lets be serious, it’s becoming a regular segment on these things.  Tonight we switch up the formula a bit by tossing out two new timelordy items.  The first could work in conjunction with the Star Wars Trays from above if you pleased, because it’s a Tardis Ice Bucket.  Keeps all your drinks that are bigger on the inside nice and cool.  Or transport them to the 17th century.

If you’re going to drink in style like that, though, you need to have a drinking buddy.  Sure, you could call your real friends, but who wants to talk to those guys?  Inside, pick up the 10th Doctor and Dalek Standups and never be lonely again.  Trust me, these guys have some good stories to tell…if they could actually talk, that is.