Jul 082016

Smallworld Pocket EncyclopediaWe know everyone is working to flesh out their Pokedex on Pokemon Go, but this weekend Days of Wonder is dropping their own encyclopedia for Small World.  The Small World Pocket Encyclopedia is a must-buy for all of the Small World purists and collectors out there.  A smartly designed, pocket sized  hardcover volume, the Small World Pocket Encyclopedia contains not only a full set of easy-access rules for the game, but also an FAQ, designer notes, and, most importantly, sixty-three individual entries detailing every race and special power from the base game and all of the expansions.The Grizzled At Your Order

Only the truly rough, tough, and resilient survived during the Great War.  The same applies to The Grizzled.  A strategic cooperative card game set during World War I, The Grizzled receives its first expansion set this weekend.  At Your Orders! provides additional special missions for players to complete during gameplay, both in experienced and novice versions to satisfy new and old gamers alike.  Even more exciting, At Your Orders! also provides expanded rulesets for two player or solo play for the original base game.

Stellar ConflictLike an expanded, card game version of Galaga, Stellar Conflict is another card game set in the Among the Stars universe.  Taking place over two tense, speedy rounds, Stellar Conflict plays for ten minutes with two to four players.  In round one, players swiftly select ships from a variety of options, choosing them based off of their abilities and availability.  Once that round is complete, these ships are deployed against an invading fleet of alien cruisers that must be vanquished by the armada you have chosen.  Hopefully you haven’t chosen poorly.Mysterium Hidden Signs

You thought you’d solved the mystery and escaped the Mysterium.  You were wrong.  Mysterium:  Hidden Signs is the first expansion for the popular horror tinged game, Mysterium.  Expanding the options and gameplay, this set includes six suspects, six locations, and six objects to deepen the gameplay.  Forty-two new vision cards are also included in order to provide players with a range of new communication options.  Also, if you manage to grab the first printing of this expansion, you’ll receive three promo cards that can be used in the base game.

Rick and Morty Total RickallCryptozoic capitalizes on the extreme popularity of Adult Swim‘s Rick and Morty series with the first card game based on the show.  Featuring a quick learning curve, Rick and Morty:  Total Rickall plays well with two to five players over the course of twenty to thirty minutes.  Always ready to skewer pop culture, Rick and Morty:  Total Rickall is a play off of The Thing, with Rick and Morty attempting to cleanse their house of shapshifting parasites that have disguised themselves as friends and family.  Work your way through these opponents, but be careful not to eliminate the real versions!Kitty Paw

There is never enough cute cat games in the world.  Proving that fact, Kitty Paw is a new dexterity and reaction game out this weekend.  For audiences young and old, Kitty Paw is a one to four player game that can take anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes to play.  In the game, players rush to draw and play various cat cards in order to match a designated pattern assigned at the beginning of the round.  Of course, that’s too simple.  Players also will be forced to use only one “cat paw” when drawing and playing X-Wing Star Wars Imperial Veteransthese cards as well as pulling from the same draw pile as all other players.

Be ready to get those Tie-Fighter sound effects stuck in your head, because Fantasy Flight has just released another Empire expansion for the X-Wing miniature game.  In Imperial Veterans, players receive two ships, the Crimson Tie and the Tie-Bomber.  The former is all about nimble movement and swift attacking, while the latter hits opponents with a painful barrage of explosives.  This expansion contains all of the materials for players to use either or both ships in their next X-Wing game.

Jan 242015

Small World Royal BonusSmall World is really becoming a misnomer at this point.

Days of Wonder has released two more expansions for the popular Risk-like board game, including Small World:  Royal Bonus and Leaders of Small World.  The former expansion features three new races and powers, including the Behemoth race which are giant Hippos in ties and dresses.  And, yes, they are as awesome as they sound.  The Leaders of Small World expansion adds an entirely new ability to the game where players can opt into a leader token whenever they purchase their race/power combo.

Get ready to have that theme song stuck in your head, because IDW Games released The X-Files: Board Game this The X-Files Board Gameweekend.  Playing similarly to Letters from White Chapel and Last Night on Earth, two to four players control agents solving paranormal cases across America, while another player controls the Cigarette Smoking Man, who throws obstacles in the path of the agents at every turn.  With a possible reboot of the cult favorite series around the corner, now’s the time to sample this new board game.

Fate Reforged Fat Pack Intro DeckLike clockwork, the newest Magic the Gathering set, the first for 2015, is out this weekend.  The second set in the Khans of Tarkir block, Fate Reforged also features tri-color clans as a foundation mechanic for the set.  As usual, this release weekend sees the arrival of not only boxes of Fate Reforged boosters, but the standard Fat Pack and Intro Deck materials, as well.  A newer addition to the launch weekend releases is the Clash Pack, a halfway point between the Event Decks and the Duel Decks.Trieste_Slipcover_v2

Coup, The Resistance, and Avalon have skyrocketed in popularity recently, so every gaming company wants to get in on the deception card game, uh, game.  Victory Point Games is the first company throwing their hat in the ring with Trieste.  Trieste is a three player deception card game, where players select one of three roles (Thief, Merchant, or City Watch) to command.  Each role comes with their own deck of cards and specialty win conditions, as well.  All turns are played simultaneously, with each player not knowing what their opponents will play until it is played.

DiamonstersIDW is diving head first into their gaming division with not only the X-Files game mentioned earlier, but also the new Diamonsters card game.  A good family game, Diamonsters is a set collection game where players start out with the exact same hand, but attempt to collect sets of different cards.  The choices are either three monsters of one kind or five diamonds, but beware some of the monsters will devour your diamonds.  As well, the game is designed and illustrated by the artists behind Machi Koro.Machi Koro Harbor expansion

And speaking of Machi Koro and IDW. . .

Development continues in the quirky, colorful town of Machi Koro with the Harbor expansion.  The first expansion for Machi Koro, Harbor adds thirteen new cards, including seaports and airports.  As well, the win condition for the game is no longer four, but six landmarks.  Grab a copy and get up to five players building up the town.

Sep 202014

Pathfinder Adventure Time Card Game PlaymatThe Pathfinder Adventure Card Game gets organized this weekend, thanks to a new playmat.

Featuring a layout that helps to show new and old players how to arrange the various important cards piles.  As well as being a guide for placement, the mat also helps organize the game (heading off clutter) and keep the cards from shifting about the table.  The layout is made to cover up to six players.Villainy

With the superheroes getting all the love in games like Sentinels of the Multiverse, Legendary, and Heroes Wanted, it’s time for the bad guys to have their day!  Villainy puts players into the role of a supervillain attempting to destroy the hero of the metropolis they call home.  In order to do this players will need to complete three distinct secret plans, made possible by hiring henchmen.  Each game plays Khans of Tarkir Card Sleevesdifferent, as the objectives and story alters.

Many readers out there will know that this weekend was the Magic the Gathering prerelease event for Khans of Tarkir, the start of the newest card block.  Anyone who knows this will also likely know that means the sleeves, binders, and card boxes for the set are also out.  Boosters, fat pack, and intro Talisman Woodlandsdecks will go on sale next Friday.

Over the hill and through the woods to Talisman‘s expansion we go.

Another large sized expansion for the Talisman 4th Edition board game, The Woodland provides an entire new board to place adjacent to the main board, five new characters, and an added fate mechanic that gives you the option of bettering Hour of the Wolf Warhammer 40K Sanctus Reachyour chances or lessening those of an opponent.

The sequel to the recently released Warhammer 40K Red Waaagh! hardcover, The Hour of the Wolf, is out this weekend.  Contained within its glossy, hardcover-bound pages are details on various skirmishes between the Orc and Space Wolf factions, along with formation templates and more.

The major Warhammer release this weekend, however, is a blast from the past.Space Hulk Warhammer 40K

Once again, Games Workshop has re-released the classic 40K universe board game, Space Hulk.  If you remember the last time this game was released, you’ll also remember the incredibly short amount of time it stayed on shelves and the astronomic price hikes that occurred after it vanished.  This new version comes complete with the same miniatures and accessories as the last, but with one important alteration.  The 2014 version includes an entirely new set of tiles, allowing players who own the previous version to combine them and create one, Five Tribes board gameover-sized game board.

Days of Wonder, publisher of Ticket to Ride, Smallworld, and Cargo Noir, has released a new board game designed by Bruno Cathala (Shadows Over Camelot).  Five Tribes is a meeple placement game, but in reverse.  The game begins with a selection of meeple figures, each from one of the five titular tribes, arranged across the board and it is the players’ challenge to rearrange them.  How they are moved and where they are moved is the strategic challenge of Five Tribes, with the best player gaining the most points from their movements.Netrunner First Contact Data Pack

The third Data Pack in the Lunar Cycle of the Android Netrunner LCG has been downloaded to the Pulp Fiction shelves this weekend.  First Contact’s sixty card expansion intensifies the conflict between the runners and the corps on a number of fronts.  A new meat space is introduced along with new regions, Anarch identities, traps, resources, and mythic ice.

Star Wars Force and DestinyFinally, the force is strong with you.

Fantasy Flight expands its roleplaying galaxy far, far away with the Force and Destiny Beta softcover, a third  system to add to the Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion systems.  This long awaited edition incorporates force based abilities into the universe, providing information on character creation and a fully playable adventure.  And because this system is set in the same universe as the two previous systems, they are all fully compatible.Chinatown

Long out-of-print and going for insane money online, Chinatown has been revived by Z-Man Games.  A truly antagonistic experience, Chinatown is based around bidding, bartering, and negotiating with your opponents.  Players attempt to lay business tiles onto the game board, hoping to group as many like tiles together as the can for greater payouts.  But players can also attempt to convince others to sell or trade for tile Monster Manual D&D 5th Edition Next HCand spaces, requiring a sharp skill for salesmanship and strategic dealing.

Eagerly awaited, the second major core hardcover for Dungeons and Dragons 5.0 is out this week!

The Monster Manual for D&D Next follows hot on the heels of the Player’s Handbook, containing beasties and creatures from the long history of the famous fantasy roleplaying game, all illustrated with beautiful new artwork and provided with easy-to-use rules and statistics.  An essential volume for any Dungeon Master.

Jul 122011

The special-ness of these posts is starting to be replaced by regularity.  But, hey, that just means we’ve been getting in a bunch’a new, impressive games.

A new game that is both special and impressive (and anticipated) is Smallworld:  Underground.  A stand-alone/expansion to the original Smallworld game, Underground uses the same play style of land domination by way of races with special abilities while adding some new hotness to the mix.  That new hotness comes in the way of monster battles.  Yes, unlike the original game, certain spaces on the game board (actually, there’s 2 double-sided gameboards) are now occupied by devious creatures that the player must defeat before taking command of the area.  As is to be expected, there are also fifteen new races and special abilities as well as the option of combining this game with any of the bits and pieces from the previous game and its expansions.  Dig it.  Get it, underground…yup…

Oh, also, while supplies last, when you purchase a copy of Smallworld:  Underground you receive a special promo Drow sticker so you can show off your “Haughty but Naughty” side.

Since cool people buy expansions, the new Arkham Horror:  Miskatonic Horror expansion should catch the ears of any and all cool folks out there.  Yes, this hefty compilation of expansion goodies can be played with only the base version of Arkham Horror, but the real excitement comes when you combine it with a number of the Arkham Horror expansions.  The reason being that the 450 new cards included here add or flesh out various elements found in those previous releases.  For instance, The King in Yellow expansion gains a handful of new Blight and Act cards while the Lurker at the Threshold expansion gains new Relationship and Reckoning cards.  And, above all else, Miskatonic introduces a completely new add-on called Institutions, which assist investigators in their sleuthing.

Word to the wise:  the MERCS are not someone you want to have on your tail.  Put they are someone you want to put in your corner.  Luckily, Pulp just received an order of every miniature that has been released thus far for the MERCS game.  These carefully crafted lead-free pewter minis represent the various futuristic factions of the game, including the Yellow Jackets, KemVar, FCC, and USCR.  We’ve also received more copies of the core rulebook for the game.  So, basically, everything you need to start in on the game, including the faction decks, is ready and available for perusal.

Roleplaying gets a boost this week from a heavy restock on materials for various gaming systems.  Might as well start with the basics, like, Basic Roleplaying from Chaosium.  The new hardcover edition of this rules system touches up the previous softcover volume as it also adds elements from a collection of the previous Basic books.  If you’ve played any of the Call of Cthulhu games and enjoyed them, this is the system that they stem from, so you might consider giving it a try.  Speaking of CoC and Chaosium, the very, very, very, very, very **broken record**, limited edition of Masks of Nyarlathotep is now in stock.  Limited to 1000 copies, this is a hardcover binding of the original book ready to slide onto the bookshelves of any CoC or H.P. Lovecraft collector.  Also, a sizable portion of Monograms (fan written adventures that Chaosium publishes; also, as these are printed on a limited basis we’re one of the only stores that carries them) and Lovecraftian fiction (including Arkham Tales and Encyclopedia Cthulhian) are back in stock.

Finally, the popular Pathfinder system adds three books to our shelves.  Evocative City Sites details nine new playable areas and all their glorious details.  Coliseum Morpheuon contains all the information to run an adventure for 16-20th level characters where players compete in a universally-sized Enter the Dragon style tournament.  Peril in Freeport finishes the three out with pirate shenanery as it is an 6th to 8th level adventure set in Green Ronin’s Freeport.

Jul 022011

“Hold the phone,” you’re saying, “how can there be more New Game Stuff after all the epic expanding that took place on Wednesday?”.

Our simple, but slightly parental, answer:  Because there can be.

In fact, there can be always be more gaming, just has the new Family Games:  The 100 Best book proves.  Inside this thick tome are reviews of 100 of the best games ever created by 100 of the best game creators in the biz.  Games like BANG!, Smallworld, Lost Cities, Memoir ’44, and Blokus are discussed in detail inside the book, so it’s a perfect way to get acquainted with a majority of the most popular games out there today.  As you might imagine, it’s also an excellent way to find recommendations on which games to try out next.

Allow me, if you will, to teach you about Tichu.  An majorly popular game in China, Tichu‘s goal is eliminating all the cards from your hand.  As it is a trick taking game that can play anywhere from 2-10 players, Tichu consists of a rotating gameplay style where one player lays a pair of cards down and others have to raise or pass.  Anyone who loves classic card games like Hearts, Rook, or Spades will take to this very quickly.

Next up, some serious restock on all things Killer Bunnies.  Leading the charge is the Killer Bunnies and the Conquest of the Magic Carrot big box.  The base Blue Starter Deck (which we also have back in stock) and Yellow Booster Decks are included, but along with them are a ton of new P-cards, Terrible Misfortunes, and weapons cards.  As this is compatible with the original Killer Bunnies Quest, but also completely stand-alone, the goal of acquiring the magic carrot before a gruesome death is the same.

Along with this, we’ve also received a restock on all colors of the Killer Bunnies booster decks and the mini expansion decks.  As always, you can expect ridiculous dark humor and thousands of pop culture references in every deck.

Finally, the newest supplement to the 40K Dark Heresy RPG, Daemon Hunter.  It’s 141 pages of info on the Ordo Malleus, Calixis Sector, Scholarite at Arms, and Grand Reliquarium.  Along with that healthy helping of background history, there’s also rules, alternate careers, and equipment for playing Acolytes.  Oh, and maps.  Maps are awesome.