May 082015

InjectionInjection #1

-Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey, the team that brought you Moon Knight, reteam for this new Image Comics series!

-Bridging horror, sci-fi, techno thrillers, and other genres, Injection is going to be all over the map!

-If the solicits for the comic are to be believed, the five lead characters are complete lunatics!

-Shalvey is one of the most inventive artists working today, so Injection promises to be visually stunning!

Lantern City #1 (of 12)Lantern City

-Steampunk is hot right now and Boom! Studios is taking advantage of that popularity.

-A twelve issue epic, Lantern City takes places in a mechanized city inspired by the works of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne!

-Paul Jenkins, a veteran writer of Marvel and DC comics, helms the miniseries!

-One lower class citizen of the Lantern City strikes out against the wealthy elite by going undercover and striking from within.

MythicMythic #1

-Forget everything you learned in biology class! Science is a lie!

-Local author and artist, Phil Hester, launches a new ongoing series at Image!

-Like X-Files for magic and mythology, Mythic #1 follows a team of magic experts investigating the secret underbelly of mysticism!

-The first issue is only $1.99!  It must be magic!

Harrow County #1Harrow County

-Sci-Fi series have been flooding the market lately, but there’s little in the way of horror comics.

-Missouri native, Cullen Bunn, relies on his talent for horror in this new Gothic series!

-Lead character, Emmy, discovers a deep, dark history about the forest beside her house.  Will she survive the discovery?

-A pulpy, Gothic horror series for fans of spooky, terrifying comics!

Aug 102013

Halo Initiation #1 (of 3)

-Dark Horse Comics releases their first stab at the Halo video game series!

-Brian Reed, who used to write the Marvel Halo miniseries, has followed the property over to Dark Horse!

-This three issue miniseries focuses on Sarah Palmer, prior to her initiation (get it?) into the Spartan IV program.

-A darker take on the property, Halo Initiation will tell solo stories of Palmer venturing into alien territory to pay her dues ODST division.

It Came #1

-Titan Comics continues to release inventive, exciting series to establish its name!

-Ignore the slightly innuendo-esque title (or don’t, as the series features a similar type of humor), It Came is an homage to classic B cinema Sci-Fi films of the fifties.

-Light, bubbly artwork and humorous dialog weave the tale of a giant, mysterious robot roaming the countryside, with only one hope of stopping him:  the quintessential random scientist.

-Fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 need to purchase a ticket!

Thunder Agents #1

-Spies and superheroes collide in THUNDER Agents #1!

-A revival of the classic series, this version, unlike DC‘s recent relaunch from Nick Spencer, continues the continuity of the original while giving new readers a fresh starting point.

-As always, the powers of the Thunder Agents are eventually lethal, however that may not matter here as they’re presumed dead from the start.  Only Dynamo can wield the Thunder belt to save them!

-Local author Phil Hester (artist on Green Arrow, writer of Godzilla and Wonder Woman) takes the reins of these classic characters to infuse them with a modern tone.

Infinity #1

-Thanos has returned!

-Jonathon Hickman applies his talent for weaving complicated story threads and characters together for a rewarding payoff to his first event book!

-With The Avengers off-planet, fighting intergalactic baddies, Thanos takes the opportunity to attack Earth.  Only a hand-full of street-level heroes are left to ward him off.  Will The Avengers make it back in time?

-Join us Wednesday for the Infinity launch party, complete with free buttons, posters, numerous variant covers (including the Skottie Young one to the left), and more!  As usual, supplies are limited, so show up early if you want to grab some swag!

May 202011

You’re slumbering in your bed, dreaming of mechanized sheep rocket boosting over a laser-wire fence (what you don’t dream of that?), when a mystical portal materializes in your bedroom.  Do you wake up?  No.  Why?  Because you’re a…

Deep Sleeper is the first book we’re going to look at today (see what happened there?).  Written by Kansas City native, Phil Hester, Deep Sleeper comes close to being about the intro sentence (doubting the robot sheep are in it, though), following a man by the name of Cole Gibson into a nightmare reality via a portal in his bedroom.  Cole is dropped headlong into an epic war between factions of this second reality’s beings.  And they all want control of him!  Phil may be an exceptional artist, but he’s an even better writer, so the story will be top notch.  Plus, with a wild topic like this, the artist of the book, Mike Huddleston’s (Butcher Baker) psychedelic art should shine.

Last week it was cute, cuddly Iron Mans and Spider-Mans, this week it’s cute Captain Americas.  Gear up for the movie releasing this summer by grabbing a Plush Captain America figure to take to the midnight release.  Seven inches of pure lovable, hug-able, snug-able superhero sweetness.  I mean, come on, look at that picture to the left and just tell me you don’t want to fight Nazis with that guy?

I vant to suuuuuck yur blooooood…and if you could give my name to your agent, I’d appreciate it.  In Screamland, from local (and KC Star staff) artist Hector Casanova, the famous Universal Studios monsters of yesteryear are out of work and desperate to make it back to the big time.  Collecting all five issues of the popular series, this new Screamland collected edition stars Dracula, the Mummy, Frankenstein’s monster, and the Werewolf as out of work, aging monsters.  It’s fun.  It’s from local talent.  And the concept is strong.  Give it a look see.

Finally, one for the kiddies.  Or adults that act like kids, but, seriously, where are you going to find one of those in a comic store?  Batman, Brave and the Bold:  Emerald Knight is the most recent collection for the series based off of the popular (and awesome) television show.  If you’re not familiar with either, the premise is simple:  Batman teams up with other famous superheroes to face off against evil.  Each issue is a stand-alone story, so even though you get six in this collection, you can read them in any order you want and not be lost.  They’re lighthearted, fast, traditionally campy comic fun and loaded with big guns like Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Green Arrow.  Pick it up and give the kids something to keep busy with for a couple hours.