Nov 032012

This week is Marvel‘s week.  Beezees.  Word up.

Marvel NOW! is in full effect, as two of the cornerstone titles hit shelves this Wednesday.

First up, Deadpool #1.  Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan, two thinking man’s comedians, are writing the book (their first comic endeavor ever…that rhymed) while the legend himself, Tony Moore (Walking Dead), lends his beautifully twisted pencils to the Merc with the Mouth.  The premise for the first arc of this series is so unbelievable, I hesitate to tell you about it.

Okay, you’ve convinced me.  All the country’s deceased presidents are coming back to undead life and there’s only one man who’s jerk enough to re-kill them.  I think you know who it is.

That Tony Stark needs to learn how to hold onto his inventions.  Iron Man #1 by Kieron Gillen and Greg Land re-introduce Tony Stark to a whole new range of readers with this Marvel NOW! starting point issue, where Tony gets his Extremis technology stolen and must develop an entirely new suit of armor to get it back.  Gillen has been killing on the Uncanny X-Men AvX tie-ins, bringing the pathos and the action while Greg Land is just a beautiful, painterly artist who will make Tony’s armor look so polished you’ll think you can eat off it.  Anyone who loves the Iron Man films but has never read one of his comics NEEDS to check this series out.

If you missed this year’s epic Marvel brawl to end it all, Avengers vs. X-Men, all hope is not lost.  Coming out this Wednesday is the complete epic all in one hefty volume.  That’s twelve issues for the main series, folks, plus six issues of AvX: Versus, the all fights all the time miniseries that accompanied the main series, and (if that wasn’t enough) three AvX: Infinite issues, which have never been in print before.  The entire volume is a treasure trove of the greatest writers and artists working in comics today, featuring names like Jonathon Hickman, Brian Michael Bendis, Jason Aaron, Matt Fraction, Jeph Loeb, Kieron Gillen, Ed Brubaker, Andy Kubert, Oliver Coipel, John Romita, Jr., and many, many, many more.  And this thing’s so thick after you get done reading it, you can use it as a coffee table.

You’ve read the novel.  You’ve seen the Swedish movie.  You’ve seen the American movie.  But have you read the graphic novel?

No, obviously not, it’s not out until this Wednesday.  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo makes its way to comic shelves this week with a Vertigo graphic novel adaptation by novelist Denise Mina and artists Leonard Manco and Andrea Mutti.  If you nabbed the free sample comic from a couple months back, you know that this version of the story plays with silence and ambiance in way the previous incarnations have not.  And, if you’ve lived under a rock for the last eight years or so, then you should check the book out anyway as it is one of the best mystery, suspense stories of the decade.

Apr 222011

By Thor’s hammer!  Actually, in this case, buy Thor’s hammer.

Matt Fraction, who’s been driving the Thor bus for a number of months now, is moving to a new book called The Mighty Thor #1.  As the Thor film is releasing in a couple weeks, Marvel is creating this title as a simple way for people to jump into the Thor mythos without having to learn decades of history.  Heck, Fraction has even said the godly, ye old Thor-speak will be going away to be replaced by an easier to digest, lofty dialog.  Also, the genius artist from J. Michael Straczynski‘s famous run on the book, Oliver Coipel, is returning.  With Fraction writing the Asgardian-heavy mega-event Fear Itself as well as having gone around the block in the main Thor book a couple times, this should be an excellent read.

For all those that worship at the steampunk alter (I’m sure it would be made of strange gears and vacuum pumps), there is now a tome to gather around:  The Steampunk Bible.  Brought to you by Jeff VanderMeer, this hefty edition catalogs the history of the steampunk movement, following it all the way up to current day.  But, hey, it ain’t all words in this fella, there is some gorgeous pictures to go along with it.  If you dig the steampunk, you will want to strap on your jetpack and goggles to come pick this book up.

The Joker may be a psychotic nutjob, but there’s no doubt that the dude is stylish.  Nothing sh0ws that more than the new Lee Bermejo designed Joker Black and White Statue.  Following in the series of Batman B&W statues, this release is based off of the Brian Azzarelo/Lee Bermejo Joker graphic novel from a couple years back.  The story was creepy-as-hell, the art was mind-blowing, and, based on the Joker’s appearance and some story elements, it can be read as a sequel to The Dark Knight movie.  Even if you haven’t read the story (DO IT!) you can still enjoy the incredible design of this statue.

Made to compliment the previously released Eaglemoss statue binder, the new Blackest Night Binder is created to hold the magazines that come with any of the Blackest Night line of Eaglemoss statues.  If you’ve picked up a lot of these b-e-a-utiful mini statues, then you’ve probably got a stack of magazines piled up with nowhere to go.  For that reason, this binder can come in handy.  Even if you’ve got your magazines ordered on a bookshelf, this hardcover binder can keep them protected and safe from bending.

Started with Thor and now we’ll end with him, too.  This time around, it’s two new action figures for the Thor movie.  Obviously, they’re going to start with the heavy hitters, Loki and Thor.  Coming from Marvel Select, these two figures share in the consistent quality of the line.  Each come with their respected accessories, Mjollnir and a sharp pointy stick.  Here’s hoping the movie looks as good as these two figures.

Dec 312010

The first week of January is officially dubbed the ONSLAUGHT OF STATUES!!!  Imagine some epic music accompanying that, if you would.

First things first, continuing the restock from last week, we are getting a hefty number of the Eaglemoss magazine mini-statues back in.  This week sees a restock from Marvel on Wolverine, Captain America, War Machine, Union Jack, Phoenix Jean Grey, Daredevil, Human Torch, Ghost Rider, Cyclops, and She-Hulk.  Joker and Hawkman return from DC.

Now to the big daddy statues.  Bishoujo drops two new femme fatale statues, one from each company.  Marvel offers up a curvaceous Emma Frost White Queen statue, while DC shines the bat-statue-signal on Batgirl.  Personally, I like the choice of metallic paint on Batgirl’s cape, boots, and belt; it really makes her uniform pop visually.

On the mini cute statue front, DC continues to catch up with Marvel’s Mighty Mugg statues by releasing its second set of Pop Heroes.  These stubby guys are vinyl figures molded as cartoony versions of the heroes they are portraying.  This set features Wonder Woman, Superman, Flash, and Green Lantern.

Since DC seems to be the topic of discussion, lets continue with the new DC Online Statues.  Heralding the release of the DC Online game (finally!), the first two releases in the set are easily some of the best examples of Jim Lee’s artistic prowess.  Those examples would be Batman and Catwoman.  If you loved the Hush storyline or All-Star Batman and Robin, these statues are the perfect summation of Lee’s work in those series.

Bit of a side note, we are also going to be getting a restock on the DC Dynamic Green Lantern statue.  If you can’t remember which one that is, it was displayed in the case at the front of the store and has the sweet translucent green base.

Batman continues to be popular this week with one more statue-esque release.  This figure is actually more of an action figure, but to define it more exactly it is a fully articulated, 1:6 figure with cloth cape and costume.  The design is based off of Alex Ross’ Justice mini-series.

After all the DC offerings I feel the need for a Marvel selection.  Luckily, they oblige with a two freakin’ sweet Thor mini-busts.  One comes in his classic costume and one in his newer Oliver Coipel-designed costume.

To end on a different note, Adam Hughes gets the royalty treatment this coming week with coffee table-sized hardcover book that focuses on his cover work for DC.  If you enjoy slick, realistic artwork, similar to Alex Ross or Greg Horn, then Adam Hughes’ work is going to float your boat.