Jan 152016

Race for the Galaxy Xeno InvasionBuilding an empire is a hard day’s work all on its own, but try doing it with an evil alien race attacking you!  The most recent expansion set for Race for the Galaxy challenges you to do just that.  Xeno Invasion is two games in one box, including both new start world cards that can be added to the base game to expand play options along with the Invasion Game scenario that can be incorporated to up the difficulty.Secret Santa card game

Yes, we all know Christmas was nearly a month ago, but game distributors are a little less certain.  Hence, Secret Santa, a festive card game of competitive gift giving.  Underneath all of the holiday cheer, everyone really is just giving away presents to feel that rush of approval when the receiver joyfully exclaims “This is the best present ever!  You know me so well!”  Secret Santa is all about that moment, as players compete to give away all of their present cards.  Alter the game a little by adding in Santa’s Elves, where players have to give away their gold rings and avoid being stuck with the dreaded fruitcake.

Pathfinder Battles Iconic Heroes Set 4Officially intended for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, the Iconic Heroes sets are more commonly used for the traditional Pathfinder roleplaying game.  Icon Heroes Set 4 contains miniatures for the Human Bloodrager, Half-Elf gunslinger, Dwarf Shaman, Stone Spirit Animal, Human Skald, and Half-Elf Swashbuckler.  Each one of the miniatures is fully painted and ready for use in-game.  For those who are actually using these in conjunction with the Adventure Card Game, the set also includes six exclusive cards to be incorporated into the game.Escape Zombie City

Though Escape:  Zombie City has been out on the shelves for nearly a month, we some how never mentioned it in a New Game Stuff post.  Tonight that is rectified.  A spin-off of Queen Games‘ popular Escape series, Zombie City deposits players into a zombie apocalypse and demands that they outrun the hordes of undead clamoring to eat them.  The catch?  You only have fifteen minutes to get out of town!  With everyone working together, players start a fifteen minute counter included with the Bang Duelgame, then rapidly attempt to flee the confines of the city.

Bang!, the popular, Western deception card game, puts a couple more bullets into its six-gun this weekend.  First up are two expansion decks, High Noon and The Valley of Shadows .  High Noon includes a new character card, the Judge, and a few new event cards, like Ghost Town and Gold Rush.  The Valley of Shadows is a dangerous place, full of snake and tornadoes (and possibly snake-nados), all represented by twenty-four additonal cards.  Finally, the biggest draw of the three is Bang! the Duel, a two player only version of the game.  Each player controls two different gunslingers, one in front, one in back, then uses their abilities to compete against one Fluxx Diceanother.

As if the fluctuating party card game, Fluxx, was not already a heap of shenanigans, Looney Labs has found a way to increase the randomness.  Meet Fluxx Dice.  This expansion set can be incorporated into any version of Fluxx (base, Batman, Zombie, Monty Python, etc.), as it includes five new cards and two dice that complicate card draws and win conditions even further.

Jul 062011

Hear ye, hear ye, come one, come all!  Today beith the New Game Stuff Special!  And, boy, is it new, special, and stuffy.

You sunk my space battleship!

Just getting that out of the way, because, at some point, it was going to need to be said for the new Battleship Galaxies from Hasbro.  Initially, you might think this is just a re-themed version of the original Battleship, but you would be wrong.  With a careful rearrangement of the bingo style number/letter grid battle format, Hasbro has created an exciting new game that the ever knowledgeable THEY have claimed may replace Heroscape.  Here’s how it works:  2-4 players select sides and a scenario to play through, then players utilize energy to perform actions, movements, and the like for their spaceships.  What’s creative is that combat is solved by rolling two dice (one letters, one numbers) and dealing out damage based on the matching combination listed on the ship’s info card.  Not only does this behemoth of a box contain the multiple gameboards, miniatures, cards, pegs, tokens, and rules, but also a 48-page graphic novel that details the backstory of the factions.  You’re granpappy’s Battleship didn’t have that, did it?

From ship to ship, this time being a pirate ship.  But not your traditional wooden vessel, no, instead one made of coins.  K’wha?  Yes, Pieces of Eight is a creative little game based around using a set of metal coins to represent your pirate ship.  Those who you’re playing against will also have a coin ship and both of you are using the coins’ abilities to fight and, eventually, destroy the other ship(s).  Players have complete control over which coins they use to build their ship and in what order they place them (similar to the construction of a fighter in Cookie Fu).  And don’t worry about the $19.95 MSRP on this buried treasure, because Pulp is selling them at $9.99; that’s, basically, a dollar a coin.  The two versions (different coins) of the game, The Cursed Blade and The Maiden’s Vengeance, are in stock currently.

Pathfinder finds itself with a new Player Companion called Faiths of Balance this week.  This book is all about straddling the fence post as it details all the neutral religions and faiths in the Pathfinder setting.  Basically, if you want to find religion in Pathfinder, this is the “good book”.  There’s an overview of Green Faith, feats for holy warriors, god-specific spells, information on religious organizations and military orders, and faith-based character elements.  So, here, the good word is “Pathfinder“.

Our already extended Fluxx family (not to be confused with Family Fluxx) got a little bit larger today as we restocked on a number of the Fluxx promo cards and materials.  That includes the Christian and Jewish expansions (each with 7 new cards), the Monty Python Castle expansion (also 7 new cards, include a the Second Taunting action and We Already Got One rule), and the Zombie Fluxx Flame-Thrower expansion (which includes the titled flame-thrower and six zombie creepers).  The Fluxx Blanxx (one blank version of each of the five card types in the game) has also returned.  And lastly, the sweet Zombie Fluxx wooden box & Promo Card are in.  As you can see to the left, this expansion consists of a nice wooden box to hold your Zombie Fluxx game in and a promo card called Zombie Boss.

Jun 242011

Wonder Woman‘s newest costume catches a lot of flack (personally, I don’t know why), but there is no way you can look at this first item and doubt its impressiveness.

Settle your eyes to the right and soak her in, gentlemen and ladies.  Soak.  Her.  In.

Done soaking?  Okay, now is that a cool looking statue or what?  This porcelain dandy is based off of Jim Lee’s recent redesigned of the costume and stands 9.75 inches high.  I don’t need a lasso of truth wrapped around me to say this is a sweet statue.

Speaking of redesign, DC complements its new #1 relaunch/simplifying by releasing a line of DC Universe t-shirts that are simple and sheik.  Basically parring the design down to the hero’s symbol and a striking action for the hero themselves makes these shirts look  sharp.

There’s the Batman one (modeled after the Batman, Inc. logo).  

The Superman one.

And, the man of the hour, Green Lantern.

Two new DC Eaglemoss magazine figures drop next week, as well.

The first is the next figure in the set of Blackest Night series.  White Lantern Sinestro floats off his base by a white strand of light.  As always, he ships with magazine detailing the history of the character.  If you’ve been keeping up with the series thus far, this is easily one of the most well designed figures of the bunch.  Gander to the left and check him out.

The second DC Eaglemoss statue is another edition to the JSA:  Dr. Midnight.  Oh, and his trusty owl.  Can’t forget the owl, guys.

Make some bangers and mash, check Big Ben for the time, and make sure the tea is on because the Knight and Squire trade paperback is here.  This was a seriously under appreciated mini-series when it was on the shelves and we’re trying to give it some love here.  Written by Paul Cornell (who penned the equally amazing, but equally unrecognized Captain Britain series), this book is loaded with inside-comics references and wry British humor.  If you’re a fan of Monty Python or, you know, fun comics like Nextwave, this book is chock full of the ridiculous.  For instance, a British superhero called the Milkman and a nude female hero called Birthday Girl.  For anyone out there looking for a quick, light, original read, this is your bread and butter.  Just remember British Joker = Jarvis Poker.