May 092014

Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #1Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #1 (of 4)

-The Avengers‘ resident Kung Fu master goes solo!

-A plot ripped right out of a Bruce Lee movie, Shang-Chi must travel to England to pay his respects at the funeral of an ex-lover.  And when he finds out who killed her, vengeance will be swift.

-Newcomer Mike Benson helms this short and sweet four issue All New Marvel NOW miniseries!

-Tan Eng Huat, fresh off his acclaimed stint on X-Men Legacy, brings his frenetic style to this martial arts tale of revenge!

Manifest Destiny v.1 tpbManifest Destiny v.1 tpb

-One of the most sought after new Image Comics series to be released last year comes to trade paperback!

-Lewis and Clark explore the American West in the 1800s, but find a landscape unlike anything in the history books.

-Colonial zombie, vampire, werewolf, and monster smashing action!

-The first six issues for $9.99!

The United States of Murder #1United States of Murder, Inc. #1

-From the creators of Powers, Brian Michael Bendis (All New X-Men, Uncanny X-Men) and Michael Avon Oeming.

-A new crime fiction story for adult readers!

-Takes place in an alternate world where the mafia’s hold on the country has lead to national dominance.

-The star of the book is about to rise up in the ranks, but a hitwoman may stand in his way.

Bee and Puppycat #1Bee and Puppycat #1

-You took too long.  Now yo candy’s gone.  Dat’s what happin.  PAKOW!

-Natasha Allegri brings her hugely popular animated short to the world of comics!

-Unbearably cute.  Absurdly hilarious.  Charmingly illustrated.  Bee and Puppycat is like the adorable sister of Adventure Time!

-Allegri, herself, writes and draws this series, filling that void in your soul that’s been waiting for new episodes!

May 052012

It may come out four days after Free Comic Book Day and it may not be free, but Higher Earth #1 is only a $1 and demands to be read. Written by rising comic genius Sam Humpries, Higher Earth is a triple threat sci-fi/alternate reality/future comic book. Much like the recent popular series Saga, Higher Earth focuses on a young redheaded girl and an ex-soldier must race across a legion of alternate Earths while being threatened by the one Earth that rules them all: Higher Earth. Sam Humpries, as I mentioned, is on the rise after penning books like Our Love is Real and Fanboys vs. Zombies, so I’m sure this is his next great series. And for a $1 how can you pass it up?

Many parents may not realize that there is an abundance of great reading material for children that is not related to any property from Marvel or DC. Brian Michael Bendis, the current writer of The Avengers, recently, in fact, published a graphic novel called Takio about a superteam of sisters designed for younger readers. Because of the book’s success, he is now shifting the story into a new ongoing series. Taki and Olivia, the masked sisters, may squabble and argue, but they eventually have to work together to take down Kelly Sue, their newest enemy and ex-friend, who gained special abilities around the same time the girls did. With poppy, cartoony artwork from frequent Bendis collaborator, Michael Avon Oeming, this series will be a great introduction to comics for any young reader.

Can’t say I regularly get the urge to hug the TARDIS. But this little beauty may change that.

Yes, following after the talking plush Dalek from last year (a blue version comes out this Wednesday), the TARDIS is getting in on the cuteness trend.

The new squeezable, huggable, noise-making TARDIS plush comes out Wednesday and will likely be gone the same day…and not because it will vanish into the time vortex, if you get my meaning.

Feb 252011


You don’t read Japanese?  Well, neither do I so we’ll continue in English from here on out.

What’s the reason for the Kanji translation?  BOOM!

5 Ronin (the above only shows 4 of the 5) is a five issue mini-series coming out from Marvel during the month of March.  Focusing on five modern characters (Deadpool, Hulk, Wolverine, Punisher, and Psylocke) being placed into the role of wondering samurai.  Each issue is written and drawn by a different writer/artist team, but all of them follow their featured character on a revenge quest against a chosen, mysterious enemy.  Sounds like just the kind of high concept mini that surprises everyone with its mega-levels of enjoyment.

Usually I’d try to explain the next item in vivid detail so that I paint you a mind picture, but just look at the picture.  IT’S AWESOME!

If you read the Blackest Night event from DC last year, you’re going to be well acquainted with The Black Hand (avatar for the Black Lantern CORPS).  Dude is one of Green Lantern’s oldest baddies, complete with death motif.  During the Blackest Night storyline, Black Hand raised a bunch of deceased heroes and villains from the grave, including Batman.  If you’ll notice, this mini-bust is cradling the flaming skull of the Dark Knight.  Like I said, AWESOME.

To pose a couple of questions:  Do you like hot women?  Do you like alternate realities?  Do you like guns of various shapes and sizes?

If you answered in the affirmative to all or some of those questions, Carbon Grey from Image Comics should be on your purchase list.  Set in an alternate reality (visually similar to Russia and Germany during WWII, but with Steampunk elements), the story follows two royal sisters who have been accused of murder and go on the lamb to escape arrest.  The art appears to be a blending of Ladron (Elephantmen) and Joe Madera (Battle Chasers, Ultimates vol. 3).  In a word, gorgeous.

Another new one from Image Comics is The Intrepids mini-series.  With a similar slant towards wacky idea books like Umbrella Academy, The Intrepids is about mad scientists and madder scientists.  One mad scientist, the good guy one, raises a group of orphans to be his super-powered fighting force against an endless wave of evil mad scientists.  The poppy, cartoony art style of Scott Kowalchuck rocks the casbah; when you’ve got robot monsters and cyborg bears residing in your comic’s pages, this is the style of art you want.  Wild idea books like this are always safe and entertaining bets.

Speaking of killer, cartoony art, there’s no better than Michael Avon Oeming.  And, what a coincidence, him and Brian Michael Bendis happen to have a new graphic novel called Takio releasing next week.  Not only is it a big deal that these two are working together again (if you’ve read Powers you understand why that’s a potent combination), but also this is their first all ages book.  Bendis’ story (and masterful dialog) is about a pair of adopted sisters who gain superpowers and have to get over their sibling rivalry to fight crime.  Any comic fans with young daughters, pay attention to this book.  Actually, if you have young kids, in general, and you’re looking for the next story to read to them at bedtime, Takio won’t steer you wrong.