Oct 022015

Why FirstBecause of irony, Why First? seems like the ideal game to discuss at the outset of New Game Stuff.  Resembling the now out-of-print Magical Athlete racing game, Why First? favors those who come in second.  Players will lay down movement cards to propel them around the track, but will have to strategically attempt to lag behind other players in hopes of coming in second.Munchkin Nightmare Before Christmas

Put on your black eye shadow and run an electric current through your hair to get your Tim Burton on!  The Nightmare Before Christmas edition of Munchkin is here!  In a ghoulish twist on the classic game, players will arm themselves with a vampire teddy, the Mayor’s badge, and bat hat, and charge into battle on Santa’s sleigh.  Become a citizen of Halloween Town, Christmas Town, Thanksgiving Town, or Easter Town.  Try to banish foes The Village Cronesuch as Oogie Boogie, Doctor Finkelstein, and Lock, Shock, and Barrel!

You may want to stay away from pyres, but outside of that The Village Crone from Fireside Games (Castle Panic) can be a rewarding experience.  Ever wanted to put a curse on an annoying acquaintance?  Ever wanted to get ahead in life through magical means?  Well, The Village Crone satisfies those urges.  A worker placement and resource management game at its core, one to six players will attempt to met certain win conditions by mixing potions and cursing townsfolk.Paladin Class Deck Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game expands its characters options this weekend with two new character decks.  First up, is the Paladin Class Deck, which includes a new version of Seelah and two brand new Paladin characters.  Second, we have the Monk Class Deck which also includes a new version of Sajan plus two other Monk characters.  Finally, the fifth Dungeon of FortuneAdventure Deck for the Wrath of the Righteous adventure path, which is the penultimate deck.

TMG had a hit with the dungeon crawl dice game, Dungeon Roll, and now they’ve taken that formula and applied it to a push-your-luck format.  For two to six players, Dungeon of Fortune approximates a descent into a traditional dungeon, full of loot.  Players will compete Firefly Kalidasa expansionwith each other to collect great shares of gold and coins, that will increase the deeper you go.

Arguably the most shiny expansion for the Firefly board game yet, Kalidasa is the second rim space expansion set to be released.  In this expansion, players will receive a new section of gameboard that physically extends the game’s play area.  As well, a new ship model called The Operative’s Corvette is included alongside two new contacts (Magistrate Higgins and Fanty and Mingo).

Jun 282014

High Command Invasion of SulA new expansion for the Warmachine Deck Building Game, High Command, Invasion of Sul includes nearly 100 new cards to be incorporated into the base game.  The 100 cards included in the set allow players to participate in and shape the outcome of the war of Sul, possibly changing the face of the Iron Kingdoms forever!Pathfinder Rise of Runelords Spires of Xin Shalast

Announcing the end of the Rise of the Runelords adventure for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, the Spires of Xin-Shalast is out this weekend.  Including 110 cards that comprise the entirety of five additional scenarios as well as locations, loot, and monsters.  And while supplies last, Pulp has special promo cards that come with each purchase.

Pack of Heroes card gameInspired by Sentinels of the Multiverse and playing like comic book version of Magical Athlete, Pack of Heroes is a fast playing, two player superhero card game.  Divided into two phases, Pack of Heroes first has players compete in a drafting game.  Thirty heroes are represented by trading card-esque cards with stats and powers.  After drafting has finished, players battle with their hero decks in order to decide Ork Mek Warhammer 40Kthe greatest superhero of all!

Since the Orks are Warhammer‘s favorite child at the moment, two more brand new Ork miniatures are out this weekend.  First up is the heavily armed Ork Big Mek, Star Wars Joins Us or Die Force Packdisplayed to the right.  The second figure this weekend is the Ork Painboy.

Join Us or Die is the fourth Force Pack release for the Echoes of the Force cycle in the Star Wars Living Card Game from Fantasy Flight.  As per the usual, this expansion contains around sixty additional cards, including two fate cards as well as ten objective sets.Star Wars X-Wing Wave 4 Ships

Remaining in a Fantasy Flight galaxy far, far away, the X-Wing miniature battle game finally receives its fourth wave of ships.  This fourth wave provides two new ships for both the rebel and empire factions, including the E-Wing and Z-95 for the rebels and the Tie Phantom and Tie Defender for the empire.

Ticket to Ride 10th Anniversary EditionThough it feels like only yesterday, Ticket to Ride is turning ten years old this weekend!  To commemorate the game’s lengthy existence and dominance as one of the top family board games ever, Days of Wonder has released a special 10th Anniversary Edition of the base game.  A complete collector’s item, this edition of the game comes with the United States game board that is double the size of the original with completely new illustrations.  As well, the identical plastic trains of the original game have been replaced by unique, painted plastic train miniatures, each representing a different train car and era.

Oct 152010

To start with, I’ll get the non-pretty picture stuff out of the way.  Most of these are restock goodies, but figured we’d throw’em up for those of you our there who have been wringing your hands in anticipation of their return.

-Jaipur card game:  A 2-player trading game

-Call of Cthulhu,  Screams from Within the Asylum:  An expansion pack for the CoC card game.

-Warhammer Invasion LCG, March of the Damned:  Expansion for the Warhammer card game.

-Black Stories:  A murder mystery game that can be played alone or with others.  You use the clues to figure out what happened.

-Hex Hex XL:  A self-declared “best of” version of the game that combines cards from the original game and Hex Hex Next.  It also introduces two new variations called Vexed and Stix.

Now onto the shiny stuff.

First up, for any Cthulhu followers out there, the Cthulhu Domain Statue.  It’s to be used in

OH NOOOO, I'M GOING CRAZY...for Call of Cthulu.

conjunction with the Call of Cthulhu card game or, considering it’s a nicely sculpted statue, any shelf, desk, or sitting surface you may want to display it from.

Magical Athlete is the next game up.  Falling in the racing game category, this one involves players drafting teams of mystical

Run, centaur, run.

creatures (trolls, witches, centaurs, etc.), all with their own abilities, then racing them around the track.  Kinda got a quirky anime vibe for those into that kind of thing.

Munchkin hits hard this week with a plethora of items.  There is the Marked for Death expansion booster pack which adds 19 new cards to the game.  There are the boxes of holding, one for doors, one for treasures, and each containing a unique game card.  And finally, there is a bag of six D6s for the game.  Yes, Munchkin is plentiful this week.

Oh, and there is this little expansion for a game, kind flew under the radar, called Dominion.

It's not like you've been waiting for it or anything.

Ha ha ha, sarcasm.  Yes, the Dominion Prosperity expansion is finally out.  If you’ve played any of the other Dominion games or expansions (and if you haven’t I would recommend crawling out from the rock you’re under and doing so) you know what to expect.  Props to one of our friendly customers, Mr. Eric J. Carter, for having a card in this set.  If you want to see which one go check out his website at http://www.ericjcarter.com.