Jul 312015

Hostage NegotiatorYou’ve seen it in countless cop films:  the hostage stand-off!  Now play it, in Hostage/Negotiator.  In the game, players uses Conversation Cards to carry out several conversation with the Abductor.  You’ll resolve cards by rolling dice and your success or failure largely depends on yoru ability to control the Abductor’s Threat Level.  In the meantime, you’ll need to acquire more Conversation points so that you can buy more cards.  Above all, you must save the hostages!  After each conversation you’ll resolve a Terror Card My First Bohnanzamaking your objective even more difficult.

With My First Bohnanza, even younger children will be able to learn the popular bean collecting card game in small steps.  We introduce ten new types of beans – just for The Lord of the Rings Escape from Mount Grimkids – and they can begin their bean farmer journey earning gold coins.

Escape from Mount Gram is the newest adventure pack for the Lord of the Rings Living Card Game.  In this Adventure Pack, players will find sixty cards that expand the Angmar Awakened series.  The contents of the pack are designed to augment existing decks and add an entirely new scenario for players.

The DC Deck Building universe expands doubly this weekend with both the Teen Titans and Justice Society of America expansions.DC Deck Building Game Teen Titans

First up, the Teen Titans Go! expansion contains over two hundred new cards as well as a new “ongoing” mechanic.  With this mechanic, players can now save their best cards for when they really need them and when ready, unleash everything they’ve got.  As is standard anymore, this big box expansion also DC Deck Building Game Justice Society of Americacontains a special promo card.

A smaller, cheaper expansion, the JSA Crossover Pack can be added to any previous or future DC Deck Building expansion.  This smaller Crossover Pack only contains additional character cards to be added to the game, including Doctor Fate, Jay Garrick Flash, Alan Scott Green Lantern, Power Girl, Stargirl, Mr. Terrific, and Wildcat!Quantum board game

Quantum is an epic game of strategy and conquest for two to four fleet commanders (players).  Each die is a starship; a six is a swift but fragile scout, while a one is a slow but devastating battlestation.  To win players will need to construct quantum cubes that will evolve your fleet as you go.  Endlessly customizable, players can create their own maps or Litko Game Accessoriesplay on any of the thirty unique ones included in the game.

Not entirely official, yet no less beneficial, Litko Game Accessories has released a set of plastic markers, tokens, and rulers for the Fantasy Flight X-Wing miniature game.  Out this weekend, these accessories include a deluxe gauge set, space shield tokens, focus tokens, target lock tokens, ion tokens, and stress tokens, some in a variety of colors.Star Wars Force Destiny core rulebook

Lastly, but nowhere near least(ly), we’ve got a trio of long overdue Star Wars Roleplaying Game items.

First up, the hardcover core rulebook for the Force and Destiny expansion to the Star Wars RPG.  This complete tabletop RPG dives into the struggle between light and dark sides Star Wars Force Destiny GM Kitof the Force.  Craft a lightsaber, free the oppressed and downtrodden, and duel dreaded agents of the Sith in the conflict to bring balance to the Force.

Supporting that hardcover core rulebook is the Force and Destiny Game Master’s Kit.  Included in this Kit are complete construction rules for building lightsabers, brand new rules concernging Knight-level play, and a deluxe GM’s screen with the most commonly-referencedForce Destiny Star Wars Imperials Rebels Adversary Deck rules.

The final release rounding out the Force and Destiny barrage are the Adversary decks.  Six in total, these card packs include a minimum of twenty cards that represent various NPC characters that can be encounter in-game.  Out this weekend are the Imperials and Rebels, Scum and Villany, and Citizens of the Galaxy decks, as well as the Critical Hit and Injury decks.

Sep 142012

Que the title card:

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

And you can fill in the rest. Fantasy Flight‘s Star Wars Edge of the Empire beta edition is the first release of their revitalized Star Wars RPG line. This first volume introduces players to the new system, one which is uniquely designed, sticking with bounty hunter, smuggler characters. Further releases will flesh out the universe as well as introduce a unique dice set. But don’t think the beta edition has left you out in the cold without bantha entrails, it provides a sheet of stickers which allow you to label your own dice with the markings specialized for this system.

If lightsabers and Millenium Falcon’s aren’t your speed (which is, like, nobody), then maybe the new Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Civil War Event Book will suit you. This hardcover must be played with the base MHR book or the premium event book (which we also have), but when combined four to six players can play through the events of Marvel’s Civil War event. That means you can stop Nitro from blowing up Stamford. Or punch Iron Man in the face as Captain America. Basically, you can be whoever you want as you work through the key events of the storyline and it’s tie-in series. Pick a side and get ta fighting.

Here’s your mission: a Union reconnaissance plane has crashed, you must venture to the crash site an uncover what it was searching for, which lays beneath it. Or so says the operation mandate of Tannhauser: Operation Hinansho. This map supplement comes with two campaigns and nine scenarios along with all the tokens, maps, and rules for running them as well as a new set of tactics for all factions involved.

Samurai Battles brings the tactical strategy of feudal Japanese warfare alive with two play options. The Command and Colors version uses Special Dragon cards and tokens to create the feel of a real battle. The Art of Tactic version of the game has players choosing their movements in secret to recreate the actuality of warfare. Not only are the mechanics easy to learn and easier to play, but the game comes with over a hundred fully detailed samurai miniatures and movement bases for each soldier type.

Jun 172011

May the flash be with you.

Not the creepy flip open the trenchcoat kind, but the flashlight kind.  More specifically, the Star Wars kind.

Yup, we’ve had sonic screwdrivers and phasers, now we will have Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader flashlight lightsabers.  Molded to match the handles of Luke and Vader’s lightsabers, these bad boys fire out a beam of light matching their respected blade color.  If you’re going to be searching in the dark, this is the way to do it.

Are you a fan of alternate realities?  I personally like ones were two sides are at war in a post-apocalyptic setting where death is ever present.  They’re always just so jaunty!  Speaking of, here’s the new Age of X hardcover.  Taking a page from the book of Age of Apocalypse, this alternate reality epic takes place in a world where the X-Men have cordoned themselves off in a Road Warrior-like fortress as humanity sends barrages of soldiers against them.  Costumes are redesigned, powers are used for destructive purposes, and relationships are all reshuffled.  Alternate reality stories are always exciting because anything can happen!

Mmmmmm, hold it together, me.  Okay, this next one has me….OOOOOOOOHHHHHHYEEEESSSSSS!!!!  AVATAR IS AMAZING!!!

Pfff, okay, I’m calm now.  So, Dark Horse has acquired the rights to Avatar, the Last Airbender, right.  And they’ve decided to reprint all of the previously released, but hard to find Avatar comic material that has been published in various places.  This softcover, Avatar, the Last Airbender:  The Lost Adventures, is that collection.  Almost as thick as an air bison, this trade paperback contains 26 stories, some pulled from Nickelodeon Magazine others from the DVD sets while others are brand spanking new.  Best part is, this is leading into a new Avatar ongoing series that will be arriving later this year!

You want to show your love for the new Green Lantern movie, but you don’t know how.  It’s quite a conundrum.  But no worries, a new t-shirt is here to make all your fanboy woes vanish.  The Green Lantern Movie Oath shirt is a creative spin on the classic Lantern symbol emblazoned on the chest.  Instead of the traditional white or green, this shirt has the symbol made out of the Green Lantern oath.  In brightest day and all that.  So, show your love and affection for space cops and pointy mustaches by slapping this sharp shirt on yo’ body.

Mar 182011

Did you miss us?  I know, I know, you’ve been salivating for two weeks because we weren’t able to put up a Comic List Highlights post last week.  Well, drool no more!

As we strike up the band, let’s begin with Jonathon Hickman’s new Fantastic Four continuation, Future Foundation, or FF for short.  Following the death of, well, you should be able to figure it out by the missing member on the cover to the left, the Fantastic Four has re-formatted itself to incorporate Spider-Man and a number of other super-peoples.  Their goal:  solve the world’s ills.  If you’ve been keeping up with Hickman’s run, you know that he’s been bringing the heat (and taking it away, if you catch my meaning).  Steve Epting of Captain America fame will be joining him on this continuation of the series.

He may have taken the wussy way out in Phantom Menace, but there’s no doubting that Darth Maul looks like a hauss.  And, luckily, the importance of this next item is how it looks.  If you’ve purchased or seen any of the Star Wars ARTFX statues up at the store (they’re in the tall black boxes and come with a piece of Darth Vader), then you’ll be excited that Darth Maul starts off a new series.  Not only does this Kotobukiya release have a gnarly sculpt and pose, but his duel-blade lightsaber glows.  I personally know our Austin Taylor, one of our past employees, will be racing back here from Portland to snag this guy, who wants to see if they can beat him?

As we’re on the warpath as far as statues are concerned, let us take a peak at the new Bishoujo Catwoman Statue.  You might remember the Batgirl Statue from the same series that came out a couple months back.  Let me just say, she…went…fast!  Take a look at the picture of the Catwoman Statue on the left and you might be able to figure out why.  Not only does the figure stand at 9 1/10 inches, she also has a detailed gargoyle base with two, tiwny, furwy kitty kawts.  Awww.

If you enjoy the art of Stuart Immonen (Nextwave, New Avengers), but are curious to see him stretch his finger muscles outside of the cape-and-cowl variety, then the Moving Pictures graphic novel is where you need to be.  Written by Stuart’s wife, and Marvel writer, Katherine Immonen (Runaways, Patsy Walker: Hellcat), Moving Pictures is set in Nazi occupied France where it follows the struggle of a female art museum curator who works to hide valuable works from the Nazis.  Personally, I’m excited to see how Immonen’s, usually colorful, artwork looks when depicting real events during such a dark period of time.  The same could be said for Katherine, who’s writing style is most commonly bubbly and zany.

Before there was Shrek Forever After, there, apparently, was Rumpelstiltskin’s revenge.  Yes, this kid-friendly graphic novel takes place before the last Shrek film.  Every magical, fantastical character from the animated films is present and accounted for as they avoid Rumpel’s obnoxious trickery.  As I said, if you’re a parent and looking for a comic to start your children out on, you can’t go too wrong with a movie property book.

And now we come to the end of our little show in a segment I’m going to call, Comic Shirt Corner.

Yes, ladies and gents, Pulp is receiving a veritable closet full of clothes next Wednesday.  Breaking down into categories of classic covers and movie tie-ins, these four shirts will come to you in a range of sizes from medium to XXL.  First up, is a red number with a worn version of the classic poster to Star Wars: A New Hope pasted on it.  Next we move to the military green, Joker Wants You-style cover from Dark Detective #1.  On the movie tie-in side, we get one from Thor and one from Captain America (or Steve Rogers, in this case).  All four are swiggidy-sweet.