May 292015

Nations the Dice GameAsmodee has whittled down the massive, strategy heavy Nations board game into a manageable, quick-to-play dice game!  Nations the Dice Game is a game for one to four players that takes ten to fifteen minutes per player and shares many concepts with the civilization-building game Nations while still offering its own challenges.Welcome to the Dungeon

Someone call Axel Rose, because it’s time for Welcome to the Dungeon!  A low difficulty, family and new gamer friendly card game, Welcome to the Dungeon is essentially “chicken” with monsters.  To see who has the guts to enter the dungeon, players take turns setting aside equipment or adding monsters to the dungeon pile.  Players have to make strategic choices about when to venture into the dungeon from there.

Star Realms deck boxEvery great card game needs and equally awesome deck box!  Legion Supplies has joined with White Wizard Games to produce high quality flip-top deck boxes for the popular deck building game, Star Realms.  Not only will these boxes hold an entire base set with sleeves on it, the box also contains dividers and a unique promo card that can only be attain by purchasing the deck box.Warhammer Relic Halls of Terra expansion

The future of the Antian Sector is at stake in the newest expansion in the Warhammer 40K Relic card game series.  Halls of Terra features a new side board depicting Holy Terra and the red planet Mars and three game changing scenario sheets.  Dozens of Threat, Mission, and Corruption cards bring these treacherous Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Wrath of the Righteousworlds and their ruthless politics to life.  In addition to the new board and cards, the expansion also contains four highly detailed plastic player pieces.

The newest base set for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Wrath of the Righteous is out this weekend.  Wrath of the Righteous supplies cooperative gaming for one to four players against all the regular fantasy creatures and baddies, adapting the roleplaying system to a card game mechanic.  Included in this edition are more than 500 cards, all of which contribute to the beginning of an entirely new adventure path.  Also out this weekend is the matching character expansion pack and its exclusive promo card!

Apr 132013

The mind can be a prison.

That’s the premise of Marvel NOW‘s X-Men Legacy series.  Written by the psychedelic pen of Si Spurrier (Gutsville, X-Club), X-Men Legacy follows in the footsteps of other C-List character-centric books like Immortal Iron Fist, Hawkeye, and Fearless Defenders by focusing on Charles Xavier’s son, Legion.  Formerly a schizophrenic super-villain, Legion has now found his inner peace by entrapping his numerous vile personalities in a brain prison.  Yes, brain prison.  This out-of-the-ordinary series is one of the most unusual, pleasing reads at Marvel right now, primarily because Spurrier is unafraid to venture into the weird realms of the X-Men universe.  The volume one trade paperback features the first six issues as well as a mound of mental distress.

Science = bad.

That’s the prime equation for Jonathan Hickman’s Manhattan Projects.  If you picked up the first collection of this psychotic series, you’re well aware of Hickman’s brilliance and the utter depravity of the scientists involved therein.  If you didn’t, the basic premise is that the Manhattan Project was a mere cover for what was actually occurring, i.e. time travel, alien encounters, robots, cybernetics, and vast A.I. computer systems.  From there Hickman throws in a slew of mentally unstable geniuses like Einstein, Oppenheimer, and Fenyman, each of which are hiding a dark secret, and you’ve got the madhouse pot boiler that is this series.  Now, volume two is being unleashed upon the unsuspecting public, this time with more alien disemboweling, evil FDR, and Russian cosmonaut dogs with machine guns.  Science = bad, Manhattan Projects = good.

Think bigger.

That’s Jonathan Hickman’s mandate for his recent relaunch of The Avengers.  Not has crazy as Manhattan Projects, Hickman’s Avengers has been all about expansion.  Spinning out of the Marvel NOW relaunch, this first volume of Avengers collects issues one through six, wherein Captain America puts out the call for new members in order to fight back a godly force on Mars.  All of this is building up to figuring out the original recipe for the universe.  This version of the Avengers moves far, far away from the Bendis era, with grand, epic adventures and huge comic book imagery!  Given that Jerome Opena (Uncanny X-Force) lends his fluid pencils to the affair, this is THE Avengers book to read if you loved the movie!

While the Avengers are fighting baddies on Mars, they are not, in fact, fighting the aliens from Mars Attacks!  However, nearly everyone else is!

IDW continues its annual tradition of crossover miniseries where some evil force ventures into the various property universes the company owns.  Previously, its been zombies and Cthulhu fighting the likes of GI Joe, Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the Transformers (Infestion v.1-2; check’em out!), but this time around it’s the Mars Attacks! martians versus the IDW universe!  Mars Attacks IDW includes each of the one-shot volumes released, featuring KISS, Transformers, Ghostbusters, Zombies vs. Robots, and, the best of the bunch, Popeye!  Each issue is drawn and written in a style appropriate to the character so, for instance, the Popeye issue looks like a 40s era golden age book being invaded by twisted, murderous aliens.  And the only thing standing in their way is a can of spinach and one pissed off sailor!  If you never thought you’d see such insane crossovers, your mind will melt when you lay eyes on this trade paperback volume!

May 252012

Many of this week’s new game stuff has been displayed on the Face of Books throughout the week, so I’m just going to be lazy here and show off some pictures. Truthfully, most of these items are so cool that’s all you need to know.

First off, the newest Munchkin booster pack expansion gets a shot of Felicia Day as it focuses on the popular web series, The Guild.

Also Munchkin related, the new Munchkin Cthulhu Kill-o-Meter joins the previously released meters of death. As usual, the accessory comes with two exclusive promo cards, one for Munchkin Cthulhu and one for Munchkin Quest.

The final mention of the lightning round is the Pathfinder Buff Deck, a quick reference solution to keeping track of character’s bonuses. Easy to stack cards help to keep rulebook referencing down to a minimum.

Okay, into the actual listings. In case you haven’t been up to the store recently, we’ve started to carry so many sleeves that, at this point, we’ve got to be pulling them in from an inter-dimensional gateway or something. The newest acquisition in our quest to rule the world of card sleeves are a wide selection of Legion sleeves. These include such inventive designs as “Mmmm…Bacon”, “RTFC”, “Pure Jank”, the V for Vendetta mask, and sleeves with the Ascension logo on them. Basically, there’s a sleeve for every day of the year.

Not exactly new stuff, but we got a massive, massive, gigantic restock on Pathfinder materials. I’m just going to list a bunch of them because there’s too many to go into any detail. Council Thieves item cards, Weapons Locker item cards, Skull Shakles item cards, Crimson Throne item cards, Winter Witch, Master of Devils, The Final Wish, The Sixfold Trial, What Lies in Dust, Infernal Syndrome, Mother of Flies, Cities of Golarion, Adventurer’s Armory, Humans of Golarion, Twice-Damned Prince, Vaults of Madness, and a whole heck of a lot more. Come check it all out.

With Avacyn Restored Game Day on the horizon (tomorrow night’s horizon, in fact), player’s may be searching for strong constructed decks to wield. Well, as usual, Wizards has an answer: Event Decks. The two newest decks dropped today, one being a black deck (Death’s Encroach) and the other being a blue/white (Humanity’s Vengeance). Both, also as usual, contain some decent rares, including Glacial Fortress, Moorland Haunt, Mirran Crusader, Geralf’s Messenger, and Gravecrawler.

Possibly the #1 statement I hear from customers is, “This store is so much like The Big Bang Theory!” After this weekend we relate even further to the popular nerd-loving show, because we now carry The Big Bang Theory Party Game. Mechanically set-up like Apples to Apples, players submit cards attempting to match the keyword phrase card in the center of the table. But there’s an added spin, certain cards can alter the keyword in the middle of the turn. Bazinga!