Aug 182012

Dun dun dundundun, dunna na na nana na na na NA!

Say it with me!

I am Iron Man!

If you’ve rocked out to the Black Sabbath tune, devoured the Robert Downey, Jr. films, and/or been reading about the alcoholic, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist for years, then you will want to snag these first time items quicker than a repulsor ray can blow away the Hulk.

First up, the Iron Man Neon Sign. Matching the Captain America Neon Sign from earlier this year, this one comes complete with a dual-purpose stand which can be used as an up right base or a wall mount. Also, as the preverbial cherry on top, the sign comes with a special edition Iron Man comic. And, yes, we are open to doing layaway.

Second, the fantastic looking Avengers Iron Man Statue from Kotobukiya. Pulling the design directly from the box office behemoth that was The Avengers, this glossy, detailed statue will decimate all other Iron Man memorabilia you have in your house through sheer awesomeness. Which means you may want to pick up the neon sign after you’ve already got the statue home and behind plate glass.

And since we’re in a statuey mood, let’s all just admire this fantastic new Black Widow Covert Ops variant statue from Bishoujo for a moment, yes?



Okay. Done.

Unlike the original version of the statue, this edition features Natasha in an alternate grey suit and wielding a stealthy knife instead of a massive sniper rifle. And, as you can tell, those are just the first of the statues, *cough*, ample features.

Before Avengers vs. X-Men there was Fear Itself. Marvel‘s previous universe spanning event incorporated both Iron Man and Black Widow as well as practically every other prominent hero to face off against a ransacking bunch of ancient Norse gods. Each of these gods manifested themselves within hammers, similar to our boy Thor‘s, which, when wielded, would infect the carrier with the god’s being. And who picked these hammers up, you might ask? Oh, just lightweights like The Thing, Hulk, and Juggernaut. So, as you might imagine, much world-shaking fisticuffs ensued. Written by former local boy, Matt Fraction, Fear Itself is an excellent jump-on point for curious Marvel readers, as well as an all around epic tale.

With epic in mind, there’s no other book coming out currently that’s better suited to the word than Prophet. Written (and occasionally illustrated) by Brandon Graham (King City), this reworking of Rob Liefeld’s original character is simply the strangest, most beautiful, unusual, brilliant comic you will read in many years. Set thousands of decades into the future, Prophet takes place all across the galaxy, following John Prophet, the last human, as he treks across Earth and other planets in search of his mission’s end. Graham has accomplished world-building on scale with Star Wars and Avatar with this book, filling his pages with dense wildlife, cultures, and equipment beyond general human imagination. Bridging sci-fi space adventure with Manga sensibilities, Prophet is a unique comic experience you won’t soon forget.

Nov 052011

As numbers go, .1 is pretty tiny, but Marvel is determined to get their value out of it.

Shipping this Wednesday, Point One is Marvel‘s gateway one-shot into the new stories and characters of the next year.  The issue will be comprised of short intro stories to new books releasing in 2012, such as The Defenders, the new Nova series, as well as other stories from Brian Bendis, Ed Brubaker, Chris Yost, and David Lapham.  Complementing these top-tier writers are a slew of Marvel’s finest artists in Ed McGuinness, Brian Hitch, Terry Dodson, and Javier Pulido.  On top of all that foreshadowing content will also be a huge cliffhanger that previews the big event for 2012!  Hint, hint, it looks like Phoenix will be involved.

Fans of the poplar House of Night book series take note:  the P.C. Cast penned series is receiving a comic adaptation.  Falling in with book to comic adaptations like The Stand, The Dark Tower, Dresdan Files, and Wizard of Oz, House of Night #1 will begin the first miniseries in an extended succession of minis that will cover the novels’ arch.  If you’re not familiar with the books, imagine a combination of Harry Potter and Twilight (I know that just sent some of you running for the hills), but with a dark adult twist.  The story is set in a world where vampires exist, but occur through biological means.  Around puberty, the lead character, Zoey Redbird, realizes she has vamp running through her veins and as such is sent off to the House of Night boarding school to learn copping methods for her new abilities.  Like any of the other book to comic adaptations, the pleasure comes from seeing beloved characters visualized on the page.  And with beautiful cover artwork by Jenny Frison, on the front of the book, as well.

Mon ami, you tell Gambit what you want en a statue, an’ he deliver, no?

Love him or hate him, it’s hard to deny that ragin’ Cajun X-Man, Gambit, doesn’t have the cool thing down.  A lot of that has to do with two of his key pieces of imagery:  the overcoat and the playing cards.  Both are displayed in the newest Danger Room Session statue from Kotobukiya.

As always, these statues are full of detail as the chosen character, here being Gambit, is positioned on a pile of light-up Danger Room wreckage.

‘Eh, petit, you know you can’t resist.

Finally, some swanky little trinkets that I know everyone will be beating down our door to get a hold of.  Both keychains.  Both pewter.  Both weapons of popular Marvel characters.

These would be Thor‘s hammer Mjolnir and Captain America‘s shield.

Yes and yes.

Jul 152011

Before we get into tonight’s proceedings, allow me, if you would, to give a much deserved shout out to a Pulp Fiction Alumni, Dennis Hopeless.  If you haven’t heard, Dennis has two big books coming out very soon.  In fact, if you haven’t heard, go here and read about them.  We’ll wait…

Okay, so now you’re up to date about the fact that he has a new graphic novel called Lovestruck shipping in September and his first book from Marvel (about the Legion of Monsters) shipping in October.  Good.  Now you have to buy them.

So, to get into the product for next week, there’s no better way to begin than with Adam West.  In fact, the new Mis-Adventures of Adam West comic is all up in the business of Adam West.  If you know him from Batman or Family Guy or Robinson Crusoe on Mars (doubtful), then you’ll be happy to know that he’s saved the universe!  Yes, in this book from Bluewater, Adam uses a magical amulet to venture through all sorts of space and time to save everything!  Everyone Batusi!

Next up a bit of the ‘ole spooky, spooky.  Haunted City #0 is a joint venture between Aspen comics and McG, the director of Charlie’s Angels.  But it’s not all jumpy, jiggly girls.  No, in fact, it’s more paranormal activity and creepy magic.  Seen from the perspective of a New York cop who’s been through it all, this book chronicles the mystic underbelly of the city that never sleeps.  The zero issue specifically details the entire unseen history of New York, giving you a rundown of all the magical forces present throughout the city’s existence.

Alright, statue time!  Break it down!

**Hammer dances across the room**

Speaking of breaking it down, Colossus is doing plenty of that in his new Danger Room Sessions statue.  The newest in this highly detailed, exceptional sculpted line of statues, Colossus is doing as the previous statues, and basically all X-Men do, destroying the danger room.  Kotobukiya is known for producing statues posed dynamically and painted beautifully and this one’s no different.

To finish things off tonight, we bring you two more statues, this time from Bishoujo.  These two new ladies fall into the recent Women of DC and Marvel line that Bishoujo has been releasing.  One from each here, with Supergirl from DC and the Invisible Woman from Marvel.  Both come on appropriate bases and are sculpted in the shapely cheesecake manner fanboys have come to expect.  Best part, though:  Streaky the Supercat on Supergirl’s base.

Mar 182011

Did you miss us?  I know, I know, you’ve been salivating for two weeks because we weren’t able to put up a Comic List Highlights post last week.  Well, drool no more!

As we strike up the band, let’s begin with Jonathon Hickman’s new Fantastic Four continuation, Future Foundation, or FF for short.  Following the death of, well, you should be able to figure it out by the missing member on the cover to the left, the Fantastic Four has re-formatted itself to incorporate Spider-Man and a number of other super-peoples.  Their goal:  solve the world’s ills.  If you’ve been keeping up with Hickman’s run, you know that he’s been bringing the heat (and taking it away, if you catch my meaning).  Steve Epting of Captain America fame will be joining him on this continuation of the series.

He may have taken the wussy way out in Phantom Menace, but there’s no doubting that Darth Maul looks like a hauss.  And, luckily, the importance of this next item is how it looks.  If you’ve purchased or seen any of the Star Wars ARTFX statues up at the store (they’re in the tall black boxes and come with a piece of Darth Vader), then you’ll be excited that Darth Maul starts off a new series.  Not only does this Kotobukiya release have a gnarly sculpt and pose, but his duel-blade lightsaber glows.  I personally know our Austin Taylor, one of our past employees, will be racing back here from Portland to snag this guy, who wants to see if they can beat him?

As we’re on the warpath as far as statues are concerned, let us take a peak at the new Bishoujo Catwoman Statue.  You might remember the Batgirl Statue from the same series that came out a couple months back.  Let me just say, she…went…fast!  Take a look at the picture of the Catwoman Statue on the left and you might be able to figure out why.  Not only does the figure stand at 9 1/10 inches, she also has a detailed gargoyle base with two, tiwny, furwy kitty kawts.  Awww.

If you enjoy the art of Stuart Immonen (Nextwave, New Avengers), but are curious to see him stretch his finger muscles outside of the cape-and-cowl variety, then the Moving Pictures graphic novel is where you need to be.  Written by Stuart’s wife, and Marvel writer, Katherine Immonen (Runaways, Patsy Walker: Hellcat), Moving Pictures is set in Nazi occupied France where it follows the struggle of a female art museum curator who works to hide valuable works from the Nazis.  Personally, I’m excited to see how Immonen’s, usually colorful, artwork looks when depicting real events during such a dark period of time.  The same could be said for Katherine, who’s writing style is most commonly bubbly and zany.

Before there was Shrek Forever After, there, apparently, was Rumpelstiltskin’s revenge.  Yes, this kid-friendly graphic novel takes place before the last Shrek film.  Every magical, fantastical character from the animated films is present and accounted for as they avoid Rumpel’s obnoxious trickery.  As I said, if you’re a parent and looking for a comic to start your children out on, you can’t go too wrong with a movie property book.

And now we come to the end of our little show in a segment I’m going to call, Comic Shirt Corner.

Yes, ladies and gents, Pulp is receiving a veritable closet full of clothes next Wednesday.  Breaking down into categories of classic covers and movie tie-ins, these four shirts will come to you in a range of sizes from medium to XXL.  First up, is a red number with a worn version of the classic poster to Star Wars: A New Hope pasted on it.  Next we move to the military green, Joker Wants You-style cover from Dark Detective #1.  On the movie tie-in side, we get one from Thor and one from Captain America (or Steve Rogers, in this case).  All four are swiggidy-sweet.

Feb 112011

Are you ready for some heavy hitting comic deliciousness to rain down upon you?  If not, grab an umbrella made of adamantium, because it’s happening either way.

We’ve been putting some major talk behind this book since it hit shelves last year, but with good reason.  Morning Glories, written by the young whipper-snapper know as Nick Spencer (who also writes the superb Thunder Agents), combines all the mystery of LOST with the plucky high school drama of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  The slick, bright art and colors of Joe Eisma and Alex Sollazzo, respectively, helps the story go down smooth while the deep mystery keeps your brain working at overdrive.  Set in a prestigious private school, the students we meet in the first issue soon come to realize that things are worse than they appear and they appear pretty darn bad.  If you’re looking for a series in line with Y the Last Man, Locke & Key, or Walking Dead (as in, not superhero but still supernatural), then the first collection of Morning Glories will sooth what ales you.  And, hey, it’s six issues for only $9.99, so it’s cheap to dip your toe in the pool.

If you’ve stared longingly at the Danger Room Deadpool statue that came in a couple of weeks ago, you have found two new friends.  From the same Danger Room series comes Wolverine and Psylocke.  Both are based off of their 90′s Jim Lee costumes (classic!) and have illuminated bases.  Too boot, Wolverine’s head can pop off and be replaced with a mask-less version.  These Kotobukiya statues are quality all the way.  If you’ve looking to purchase a statue that you’re going to be proud to display on your shelf and you love, love, love X-Men, these two are where it is at!

Since there’s not enough vampire media out there (saaaarrrcasm), we present to you the True Blood vol. 1 Hardcover.  Written by the creators of the show, this hardcover collection contains the first six issues of the current ongoing series.  The story involves the main characters being stuck in Merlotte’s by a nasty spirit.  Each character, in an effort to keep busy and ward off the demon, tells stories from their past.  So, if you can’t get enough of the True Blood cast o’ characters, here’s how you get your fix.

Last, but certainly the bloodiest, is the new Uncanny X-Force minimate set.  If you’ve been keeping up with this book (which if you’re not, I hear Wolverine will come to your house and SNIKT you) you know that the team just got some swanky, dark costume upgrades.  This four pack of minimates depicts four members of the team in the new costumes and includes Wolverine, Psylocke, Deadpool, and Angel (in Archangel mode).  Of the minimates four packs that have been released so far, this is easily one of my favorites.  Cool characters, cool costumes, cool collection.