Jun 242016

S Petersen's Field Guide to Lovecraftian Horrors Call of CthulhuWhether you’re a fan of H.P. Lovecraft’s horror mythos or just a roleplayer who is looking for a chilling, supernatural setting to run your players through, the seventh edition of the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying system will supply everything you need.  In the Call of Cthulhu Keeper’s Rulebook, players will find all the rules they need to begin a game in the setting.  You will control detectives exploring the dangerous, cult-ridden, eerie realms that others dare not enter.  Complement your core rulebook with S. Petersen’s Field Guide to Lovecraftain Horrors, a dense volume of creatures, stats, and habitats that will flesh out your gaming experience in the most skin-crawling ways.Kill Doctor Lucky new print

Having been reprinted countless times, Kill Doctor Lucky is back in its newest version!  Over nearly twenty years, this reverse murder mystery board game has attracted first-time players with each reprinting and this time is no different.  For two to eight players, Kill Doctor Lucky is, essentially, reverse Clue.  Various guests attempt to isolate the roaming Doctor Lucky in a secluded room in order to off him and inherent his vast fortune.  Excellent for larger groups of friends with a Naruto Shippuden board gamedarkly tinged humorous streak.

Fans of Naruto now have a new way to experience the cult favorite anime series.  Naruto Shippuden The Board Game drops players into the world of the series, letting them use detailed miniatures to control characters from the show as they track down the Akatsuki organization as they lay waste to the countryside.  Travel the world and use your ninja skills to thwart the evildoers in each town.Star Trek Panic

You might have heard that there is a new Star Trek movie coming out.  Or that it’s the fiftieth anniversary of the beloved sci-fi series.  Capitalizing on those facts, Fireside Games has released Star Trek Panic, another version of the popular Castle Panic.  In this version of the game, players will control crew members of the USS Enterprise, including Kirk, Spock, and “Bones,” as the ship is assaulted by Romulans, Klingons, and other alien races.  Your challenge is to coordinate as a crew to keep your shields up and dispatch your enemies.

Dominion EmpiresCan you believe Dominion has made it to ten expansions?  With Dominion: Empires, the world of the popular deck building game expands far beyond its previous realms.  In this three hundred card expansion, players receive a range of new and exciting cards, including ones that players buy during one round, but pay for in the next, dual cards, and landmarks that exponentially increase your scoring power.  As well, VP tokens and Events from previous versions of the game gain additional materials.  Combine Empires with either base Dominion game or any of the other nine expansions to alter gameplay and enhance your experience!

Jun 072014

Gorkanaut Morkanaut Warhammer 40KNanoo, nanoo!

Yes, the 40K Orks gain the Gorkanaut/Morkanaut beast of a tank this weekend.  This transport accounts for up to five unites and can be built as either the Gorkanaut, which equips a gatling gun, or the Morkanaut, which equips a burna.  The figure can also optionally be painted pink for a Mindynaut.

Voluspa receives an expansion this weekend with Order of the Gods.Voluspa Order of the Gods

Adding twenty-five new tiles for four new characters (including the Raven, Niohogger, Freya, and Dwarf) that can be played together or mixed with the tiles from the base game.  Each of the four adds its own unique ability to the game, for example how the Dwarf taps the power of neighboring gods.

Sail to India card game AEGA three to four player, hour-long resource management game, Sail to India is a cheap, quick complex game.  Players control noble’s who are in charge of managing ship routes to the Indian coast.  Turns only offer players two actions to use in order manage various resources and become the most successful explorer on the board.  Get Lucky card game

Dr. Lucky just won’t stay dead.  Cheapass Games returns to the reverse murder mystery game that made them famous with Get Lucky, a Kill Doctor Lucky card game.  In this variation of the base game (which played like reverse Clue), each player controls two different characters who are met by Dr. Lucky in turn order.  When meeting with Lucky, players have a number of options (including attempted murder) that they can perform.

Jan 082011


I hope there’s no rule about yelling “murder” on a crowded blog post like there is shouting “fire” in a crowded movie theater.

What’s the reason for doing it in the first place?  Well, the new edition of Kill Doctor Lucky, of course.  This newest version of the game includes the previously released “…And His Little Dog, Too!” expansion.  Three new rules variants are also included, focusing on the Doctor’s pooch.  Along with all that, this version of the game does away with the generic colored player pieces by replacing them with character standees so that you may choose which potential murder you wish to control.

If you’ve never played any version of the Dr. Lucky games, they are basically a reverse version of Clue.  Players attempt to catch Dr. Lucky unaware in a room and kill him with a deadly weapon.  As his name hints at, though, the good doctor is rather elusive.

If you already own the game, you might think about checking out the new release Save Doctor Lucky.  A reverse scenario from the original game, this prequel has players on a sinking cruise ship attempting to save Dr. Lucky’s life in front of other passengers.

Who doesn’t love monsters, eh?  Pathfinder:  Bestiary 2 adds over 300 new creatures, creeps, and crawlies to their already expansive horde.  With the base addition of monsters, the book also offers extra templates to be used in game.  If you’re a fan of D&D 3.5 and haven’t tried Pathfinder yet, you might want to give it a try as it offers some of the same mechanics that 4.0 does not.

The tastiest version of Killer Bunnies has to be the new chocolate booster.  This box adds 55 new cards including Psi, Omega, Arrow Kite, and Nu cards.  Cards like the Indiana Clones card help to improve your weapons while Through the Looking Glass will up your water and cabbage.  As with any of the Killer Bunnies releases this booster is off the wall goofy and full of knowing pop culture shout-outs.

A couple of important restock items to mention this week, as well.  We got stocked up on many of the Z-Man Games favorites, including Chaos, Pocket Battles, Mountain of Inferno, and Fairy Tale.  The Pocket Battles games, if you’ve never heard of them are, basically, a tile war game in a box.  The two versions of them we currently have are the Orcs vs. Elves box and the Celts vs. Romans box.  Mountain of Inferno is also a game of note.  Based off an ancient Chinese fable, the game has players carefully laying character cards (each with special abilities) so that they eventually succeeded at getting a complete set in a row, either horizontally or vertically.  Colorful anime-esque artwork adds to the total package.

For those who’ve been chomping at the bit, we also were able to get a new copy of Descent’s base game back in this week.  As some of you might be aware, this game has been hard to come by as of recently, so if you’ve been looking to get a hold of it, do it while you can.

And so we end with the Elder Gods.  Call of Cthulhu the Card Game adds another expansion to its repertoire.  This time around it’s The Order of the Silver Twilight.  The Order is the 8th faction to show up in the game and, as is often the case with H.P. Lovecraft, is secretive, shadowy, and subservient to the dark ones.  40 of the 55 new cards are centric to the Order, but all the other previous 7 factions are represented, as well.