Jul 202012

The Dark Knight is not the only thing rising this weekend, as Pathfinder has released their Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition.

Collecting all six chapters of the original adventure path, this hardcover also contains newly updated creatures in a bestiary section, updated spells, magic items, and point tracking details, along with expanded articles on key locations of the setting. In addition, you’ve got to realize that the individual chapters are becoming harder and harder to locate as they fade out of print. So, if you’re going to take part in one rising this week, make it Rise of the Runelords.

Thought the title Sky Traders may sound like the game’s dealings are on the up and up, the reality is you will get your hands quite dirty. Taking control of various sky ships, players will battle their way to the captain position while dodging pirates (or becoming them), effecting the commodities exchange, and, ultimately, become stupid, stinkin’ rich. Detailed ship boards, character tokens, and game pieces live up to the high standard set by previous Fantasy Flight games, so you know your in for an ARRRRRRRsome time.

Descent receives a new coat of paint this week with it’s Journeys in the Dark Second Edition version. Completely retooling the combat system as well as constructing a new campaign system in which the heroes build their abilities over the course of the crawl as they move closer to a final overlord boss. For a dungeon crawling experience suitable for two to five players, Descent: Journeys in the Dark is the classic returned from the dead.

Jun 152012

Before we get deep into the mass of new games for this week, we want to give a brief shout out to tomorrow’s Free RPG Day.

Pulp will be hosting a number of games throughout the day featuring various systems, including Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons, and Shadowrun. If you’re curious about the schedule, here it is…

10am Shadowrun (Blade Runner meets Lord of the Rings)
11am Pathfinder
1pm Pathfinder
2pm D&D (4e)
And there may be a few pick up games throughout the day.

Of course, as the title suggests, there will also be some free materials for various game systems being handed out along with sales on RPG related merchandise.

Okay, now to the real reason we’ve called you all together. We’re putting together a job, see, and we need the right, specialized people to pull it off.

Infiltration, the new stand-alone card game based off Fantasy Flight‘s Android board game, takes that famous heist movie premise and transports it to the far, far future. Two to six players control futuristic noir thieves attempting to steal valuable secrets from a corporate entity. But, as is the case with these situations, the further you descend into the heist, the more difficult it becomes to escape.

Taking a different kind of journey down the rabbit hole is the newest expansion for Dixit, Dixit Journey. Offering a wide variety of new illustrative cards (by a new artist, none the less), Journey can be played as either a stand alone game or a companion expansion to the base game.

Fortress America has received a make over thanks to Fantasy Flight. The new edition of the classic game involves the same storyline and mechanics (two to six players controlling America or invading countries in a vicious struggle for control of the continent), but with a grimy, gritty redux accompanied by 300 detailed miniatures and a revised rulebook.

One for the kids now. Donkey, It’s a Kick is a mad cap family friendly game where everyone competing to complete various random tasks. The trick is these tasks never stay the same for too long. Even more complicated, after players are eliminated from the game they continue to play as donkeys, this time keeping to only one goal: eliminate all other players. Add a little Wild Turkey to the mix and you might have yourself a dang good party game, too.
Apr 202012

Close, close in a gaming store not so far away…


Yes, hum the theme song in your head if you must. Fantasy Flight has released an exceptional limited run of specialty Star Wars backed card sleeves. So, play Magic with the man who shot first or catch’em all with Lord Vader or throw them on any other card game that needs some sci-fi spice. But whatever you do, pick them up before an X-Wing comes along and vaporizes them because there will not be any prequels here.

Of course, if space battles and laser swords aren’t your thing, maybe the other limited edition Lord of the Rings sleeves will be. Slip them over your favorite standard sized cards to give them a Samwise Gamgee to their Frodo Baggins. Or grasp the One Ring to rule all other swag-less individuals. Whatever you choose, wield them responsibly.

You want to kick your Warhammer Fantasy RPG game up to level 4? How about level 5? Then let Hero’s Call be Fantasy’s version of the Spinal Tap speaker! Chocked full of new hero and GM options for careers, action cards, talents, spells, and region options, this player’s resource is loaded with must-have ingredients for kicking your game up a couple levels.

Bringing Cthulhu to the deck-building party, Penny Arcade: Rumble in R’Lyeh is both a standalone game and an expansion for last year’s Penny Arcade: The Game, Gamers vs. Evil! So, players can enjoy Eldar God gaming goodness in the base 2-4 player version of the game or combine it with the previous game for excessive nerd overload. Rumble in R’Lyeh specifically adds Gold cards to the gameplay, which must be acquired through the use of Token and Power cards. Totally worth it when they have names like Gunhorse (a horse made of guns, duh!), Sad Zombie, and Gabe’s Gross Mouth.

Bridging books and board games, the Where the Wild Things Are board game from the Tales to Play series, lets families take control of Max’s journey to the land of the Wild Things. Each player controls a different Max miniature game piece on his trek through the becoming king of the Wild Things. Players draw cards and roll dice to decide their success or failure across the illustrated game board. Great gameplay and Wild Thing miniatures for the whole family.

Gamers have been waiting for this next exapnsion since somewhere around the dawn of man. Yes,  has finally arrived. Adding not only a fifth player ability to the game, but a new item dubbed decoration. Players may now trade their resources for this item in an effort to gain further points. Club someone if you have too, fight a t-rex, do whatever you have to for a copy of this valued expansion.