Feb 232013

Hey, everyone, come on, grab your friends!  We’ll go to very distant lands!

Jake and Finn have stopped playing with BMO and are back for a second round of Adventure Time trade paperback mathematics!  Adventure Time volume two collects issues five through nine of the series that’s sweeter than Peppermint Butler.  Within these flippin’ sweet pages are stories of Finn and Jake turning into robots, traveling in Princess Bubblegum’s time machine, and laying some smack down on the Ice King.  Make your kids (or, hell, yourself) happy and pick it up!

Liches and zombies need not apply.

Scott Snyder just finished what is sure to become a classic Joker story in the main Batman series, but, before he made a name for himself, Snyder wrote one of the creepiest runs of Detective Comics ever.  Set during the period of time where Dick Grayson was Batman, this extended run has an entirely different tone from other Batman books as Grayson is all about the sarcasm and acrobatics, both brought to life by Jock’s expressive pencils.  Faced with a complicated murder mystery to solve, Grayson must team-up with Commissioner Gordon to crack the case.  Not only do Gordon and Grayson share sleuthing duties, but the story is also evenly split between them.  Gordon must deal with the arrival of his prodigal son, James, Jr., who may or may not be entirely sane.  Snyder is incredibly dept at pacing horror and suspense on the page, a talent uses handily during many of Gordon and James, Jr.’s scenes together.  Just remember to watch out for that water running under the bathroom door.

One thing you will certainly not find in Image Comics Five Weapons miniseries is a sorting hat.

That just makes it all the more important to choose wisely when you’re enrolling in The School of Five Weapons, because the weapon you choose will define the rest of your life.  Knives, staves, archery, exotics, and guns may be deadly, but they have nothing on the brain of Tyler, the most recent arrival to the premiere assassin school.  Join Jimmie Robinson (Bomb Queen), handling both art and writing duties, as he leads you through the halls of the deadliest high school in the country.  

Just don’t call it Harry Potter with guns.

Talking raccoons make every comic better.

Brian Michael Bendis got to sample the Guardians of the Galaxy in his recent run on Avengers Assemble, but now he launches deep into the stars with the beginning of another ongoing Guardians of the Galaxy series.  The first point one issue details the origins of Starlord, the boy from Earth who grows-up to lead the meanest bunch of space police in the universe.  With crisp, detailed artwork from Steve McNiven (Civil War), the addition of Iron Man, and the eminent Marvel Studios film adaptation the only reason to skip this book is if you’re off planet.

Jun 302012

Last night was Munchkin Conan, tonight it’s He-Man. Guess there’s a big demand for shirtless dudes swinging swords around nowadays.

Prince Adam may not be wielding his sword too often at the beginning of issue one, however, because Skeletor has altered the reality of Eternia, effectively making everyone in it forget who they used to be. With Prince Adam as a lowly woodsman, the question becomes, “how will he regain the Power of Greyskull?” Written by James Robinson, current writer of Earth 2 and The Shade, and drawn by former Savage Hawkman and Green Lantern artist Phillip Tan, this miniseries has been given a serious pedigree. So, get our your 80′s nostalgia loin cloths and get to reading.

Steve Gerber was a legendary writer for Marvel and DC comics who passed away a few years back. Before he did, however, he wrote one last Man-Thing story and Marvel is putting out the first issue this Wednesday. If you’re unfamiliar with Man-Thing, other than being a great name for innuendo, he’s a famous cult character for Marvel‘s horror side of things. Much like their version of Swamp Thing, but with a touch that burns those with fear. If you’ve been enjoying DC‘s Swamp Thing book or Animal Man, trying this three issue miniseries would not be the worst decision.

Zak Penn has written some of the best superhero films in the land, including X2, The Avengers, and Incredible Hulk, and now he’s coming the the medium that made him famous. Hero Worship is his new book from Avatar Comics about celebrity obsession. The world’s greatest, most powerful hero is beloved by everyone, but some love him to a creepy degree. One of these stalkers ends up stumbling into powers and things only get complicated from there. Plus, its got a baby about to be hit by a truck on the cover!

Finally tonight, for those who are less interested in reading comics than they are making them, we will be receiving the Blue Line Ultimate Comic Book Art Set this coming week. Included in the set are all the essentials materials and instructions for creating your own comic and learning the tools of the trade. That means art boards, sketch paper, layout pages, character templates, and more. Now you’ll have the equipment to match your creative drive.

Apr 282012

52 titles apparently are not enough for DC Comics.

Starting this week, a new wave of DC comics is cropping up to fill the spots left by the canceled New 52 books. Each of these new books flesh out the universe by bringing in characters previously unmentioned by the first wave.

Primary among the second wave is Earth 2. Written by legendary comic author James Robinson (Starman, The Shade), Earth 2 will focus on an alternate version of the DC Universe where the major superheroes faced off a cataclysmic event and were permanently changed forever. Following, not only these versions of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, but also the Alan Scott Green Lantern and Jay Garrick Flash. For those who’ve missed JSA will find that familiar itch scratched with this series.

The other two DC series to launch this week will be Dial H and World’s Finest. Dial H will be the first comic written by popular crime novelist China Mieville. A reworking of a cult classic series, Dial H will follow different individuals as they encounter a special dial with gives them random superpowers each time they turn it on. Gaining buzz as the underdog favorite of the new batch, Dial H should be picked up by anyone who loves off-kilter series like Xombi, BPRD, and Resurrection Man. World’s Finest, on the other hand, is a classic team-up book starring the Power Girl and Huntress of Earth 2.

Speaking of the New 52, the first group of hardcovers and trade paperbacks ship this Wednesday. Personally, I am making it a mission to sell every single copy of the first volume of Animal Man by Wednesday night. And I don’t plan to do this out of any greedy desire, but instead because this is the best book being released from DC right now. A wonderful blend of family drama and horrific, otherworldly creatures and adventures, Animal Man delivers sympathy and scares all in one twisted package. A wholly unique read, this series should not be ignored.

Lastly, because I’m tired, here’s a cool picture of a cool Doctor Who item coming in this Wednesday.