Aug 102013

Halo Initiation #1 (of 3)

-Dark Horse Comics releases their first stab at the Halo video game series!

-Brian Reed, who used to write the Marvel Halo miniseries, has followed the property over to Dark Horse!

-This three issue miniseries focuses on Sarah Palmer, prior to her initiation (get it?) into the Spartan IV program.

-A darker take on the property, Halo Initiation will tell solo stories of Palmer venturing into alien territory to pay her dues ODST division.

It Came #1

-Titan Comics continues to release inventive, exciting series to establish its name!

-Ignore the slightly innuendo-esque title (or don’t, as the series features a similar type of humor), It Came is an homage to classic B cinema Sci-Fi films of the fifties.

-Light, bubbly artwork and humorous dialog weave the tale of a giant, mysterious robot roaming the countryside, with only one hope of stopping him:  the quintessential random scientist.

-Fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 need to purchase a ticket!

Thunder Agents #1

-Spies and superheroes collide in THUNDER Agents #1!

-A revival of the classic series, this version, unlike DC‘s recent relaunch from Nick Spencer, continues the continuity of the original while giving new readers a fresh starting point.

-As always, the powers of the Thunder Agents are eventually lethal, however that may not matter here as they’re presumed dead from the start.  Only Dynamo can wield the Thunder belt to save them!

-Local author Phil Hester (artist on Green Arrow, writer of Godzilla and Wonder Woman) takes the reins of these classic characters to infuse them with a modern tone.

Infinity #1

-Thanos has returned!

-Jonathon Hickman applies his talent for weaving complicated story threads and characters together for a rewarding payoff to his first event book!

-With The Avengers off-planet, fighting intergalactic baddies, Thanos takes the opportunity to attack Earth.  Only a hand-full of street-level heroes are left to ward him off.  Will The Avengers make it back in time?

-Join us Wednesday for the Infinity launch party, complete with free buttons, posters, numerous variant covers (including the Skottie Young one to the left), and more!  As usual, supplies are limited, so show up early if you want to grab some swag!

Nov 122011

Have you ever had an imaginary friend?  Pretty positive I did whenever I was a kid, but I can bet they weren’t as cool as Jake Ellis.  Who is Jake Ellis, you ask?  Maybe you should read Who Is Jake Ellis? to find out.

One of the many critically acclaimed Image miniseries from this past year, Who Is Jake Ellis? brought Nathan Edmondson (currently writing Grifter for DC) to the forefront of the comics community.  Putting a wonky sci-fi spin on the classic spy book premise, Edmondson crafts a tale about Jon Moore, a well-traveled secret agent, who gets most of his Intel from an imaginary friend, Jake Ellis, who only he can see.  When the poo hits the fan, though, Jake is the only person who can save Moore.  If you’ve been keeping up with Grifter, you’ll know that Edmondson’s writing style keeps you on your toes, always questioning where the story’s going, and if you like that sort of thing in your comics, I’d recommend the Who Is Jake Ellis? TPB.

[If you are Brian Michael Bendis, ignore the next couple of sentences as you, more than likely, already have ten copies of this statue.]

A secret agent in her own right, Jessica Drew has returned to prominence in the Marvel universe over the last decade, due mostly to her constant inclusion in Brian Bendis’ Avengers.  And, if you’ll allow me the wordplay, this Spider-Woman Statue deserves inclusion into your statue collection so that you may display it with prominence.

And they say Bendis has a way with words.

I can feel your halo halo halo
I can see your halo halo halo
I can feel your halo halo halo
I can see your halo halo halo

Unknown to most, Beyonce is actually singing about the new Halo Series 3 Minimates whenever she belts out the above lyrics.

What she failed to include was any details about which soldier variations and baddies come in the set.  Allow me to correct this:  CQB with Khaki Armor, Jackal Sniper, Elite Combat Armor in gold, and a Rogue Cobalt.

All fairness to Beyonce, those are some hard words to rhyme.

A little past Halloween, but the Headless Horseman (popular WoW Hallow’s End Nemesis) receives the action figure treatment in the fourth series of World of Warcraft Premium Action Figures.  As you might notice in the picture below, he comes with a well-rendered base featuring his stead rising from the ground as it does in the game.  Oh, and he has company in pumpkin minions.  Ole Headless with be joined in the set by Wildmoon Moonkin.