Nov 232011

Join us here and on Facebook all through this week for updates on Black Friday Specials!

Oh, and don’t forget we open at 10:00 AM on Friday!


-25% off comic trade paperbacks, graphic novels, and hardcovers.

-20% off board games.

-10% off CCGs (except selected limited edition items and single cards).

-Table of Deals!  Including $10 board game specials.

General Disclaimers:
*Discounts do not combine.
*Certain items from the above categories may not be discounted, ask an employee for details.
Nov 232010

  • All Trade Paperbacks (tpbs) and Graphic Novels will be on sale  at 20% off.  Spend $100 or more and also get a $10.00 Gift Certificate!!!
Ultimates TPB cover

Captain America reads trades. So should you!

  • All T-Shirts and Statues will be 25% off!

Make your statue collection Super!

  • The following family-style board games will be on sale at 25% off: Say Anything, Wits & Wagers,  and Wits & Wagers Family.

Fun for everyone!

  • Do you like board games? Do you like’em a lot? We will be blowing out a select group of games at a price BETTER than we ever have before!! Shop early as these will go faster than lightning!!!

…Don’t forget, these sales will be for one day only!