May 012015

Avengers Vs #1Avengers Vs. #1

-So you’ve seen Avengers: Age of Ultron and loved it!

-And you’ve picked up your free All New All Different Avengers on FCBD!  What’s another Avengers entry point?

-Avengers Vs. #1 is that entry point!  Perfect for young or old readers who are looking for an introduction to the comic version of these characters.

-A one shot, Avengers Vs. #1 contains four short stories featuring the Avengers battling four of their worst enemies, including Loki!

Batman Earth One v.2 HCBatman Earth One v.2 HC

-The long awaited sequel to the Batman Earth One original graphic novel is finally here!

-Returning as the creative team are Geoff Johns and Gary Frank!

-A young, very different Batman must contend with alternate universe versions of his arch foes!

-Features The Riddler, Killer Croc, and Two-Face!

Swords of Sorrow #1Swords of Sorrow #1 (of 6)

-Gail Simone is taking Dynamite by storm!

-Simone’s acclaimed run on Red Sonja has led Dynamite to hire her talents out on many other series.

-This epic six issue miniseries brings together the famous female stars of the Dynamite universe!

-The three protagonists are Vampirella, Red Sonja, and Dejah Thoris, but they will be joined by Miss Fury, Lady Zorro, and many more!

Secret Wars #1 (of 8)Secret Wars #1

-It’s finally here!  The Marvel event that will literally change the universe as you know it!

-For the last three years, the various alternate Earths of the Marvel Universe have been slamming into each other, killing millions.  The Illuminati have warded off as many as they can, but no longer.

-Alternate realities smash together, forming a singular Earth called Battlworld.  Comprised of major Marvel realities, like Planet Hulk, Days of Future Past, Marvel Zombies, and many more, Battlworld pits them all against each other in a fight for survival.

-If you read any Marvel comic in this year, Secret Wars #1 is THE book to read!

Aug 102013

Halo Initiation #1 (of 3)

-Dark Horse Comics releases their first stab at the Halo video game series!

-Brian Reed, who used to write the Marvel Halo miniseries, has followed the property over to Dark Horse!

-This three issue miniseries focuses on Sarah Palmer, prior to her initiation (get it?) into the Spartan IV program.

-A darker take on the property, Halo Initiation will tell solo stories of Palmer venturing into alien territory to pay her dues ODST division.

It Came #1

-Titan Comics continues to release inventive, exciting series to establish its name!

-Ignore the slightly innuendo-esque title (or don’t, as the series features a similar type of humor), It Came is an homage to classic B cinema Sci-Fi films of the fifties.

-Light, bubbly artwork and humorous dialog weave the tale of a giant, mysterious robot roaming the countryside, with only one hope of stopping him:  the quintessential random scientist.

-Fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 need to purchase a ticket!

Thunder Agents #1

-Spies and superheroes collide in THUNDER Agents #1!

-A revival of the classic series, this version, unlike DC‘s recent relaunch from Nick Spencer, continues the continuity of the original while giving new readers a fresh starting point.

-As always, the powers of the Thunder Agents are eventually lethal, however that may not matter here as they’re presumed dead from the start.  Only Dynamo can wield the Thunder belt to save them!

-Local author Phil Hester (artist on Green Arrow, writer of Godzilla and Wonder Woman) takes the reins of these classic characters to infuse them with a modern tone.

Infinity #1

-Thanos has returned!

-Jonathon Hickman applies his talent for weaving complicated story threads and characters together for a rewarding payoff to his first event book!

-With The Avengers off-planet, fighting intergalactic baddies, Thanos takes the opportunity to attack Earth.  Only a hand-full of street-level heroes are left to ward him off.  Will The Avengers make it back in time?

-Join us Wednesday for the Infinity launch party, complete with free buttons, posters, numerous variant covers (including the Skottie Young one to the left), and more!  As usual, supplies are limited, so show up early if you want to grab some swag!

May 032013

The annual Free Comic Book Day event is at hand!

FCBD begins tomorrow at 10am, when doors open, and will commence until the end of the business day.  Everyone will be allowed to pick up three different books at maximum.  However, as we run a canned food drive alongside FCBD, every can or non-perishable item you bring in will gain you another book.

We will also be offering a range of sales on certain comic related merchandise.

-25% off Clothing and plush figures

-Comic Hardcovers will be at buy one get one 1/2 off

-25% off comic supplies (bags, boards, boxes, dividers, etc.)

-50% Comic Back Issues

-10% off comic trade paperbacks

Oct 242012

Instead of rotting your children’s teeth (or your own) with candy on Halloween, how about giving them FREE comics?

Yes, just like Free Comic Book Day in May, the Halloween Comicfest is another occasion for readers to sample various comic series at the low, low price of FREE (have I mentioned FREE enough?). This year’s books include the likes of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spider-Man, Batman, Adventure Time, and many other spooky heroes and baddies.

Along with the selection of free books, Pulp will be running a special sale that’s so terrifyingly unbelievable, you may pee your pants!

And while you’re at it, you may want to start working on a costume!

UPDATE: For costume contest information, go to

Check back regularly for further details as the date gets closer.

Jun 152012

Before we get deep into the mass of new games for this week, we want to give a brief shout out to tomorrow’s Free RPG Day.

Pulp will be hosting a number of games throughout the day featuring various systems, including Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons, and Shadowrun. If you’re curious about the schedule, here it is…

10am Shadowrun (Blade Runner meets Lord of the Rings)
11am Pathfinder
1pm Pathfinder
2pm D&D (4e)
And there may be a few pick up games throughout the day.

Of course, as the title suggests, there will also be some free materials for various game systems being handed out along with sales on RPG related merchandise.

Okay, now to the real reason we’ve called you all together. We’re putting together a job, see, and we need the right, specialized people to pull it off.

Infiltration, the new stand-alone card game based off Fantasy Flight‘s Android board game, takes that famous heist movie premise and transports it to the far, far future. Two to six players control futuristic noir thieves attempting to steal valuable secrets from a corporate entity. But, as is the case with these situations, the further you descend into the heist, the more difficult it becomes to escape.

Taking a different kind of journey down the rabbit hole is the newest expansion for Dixit, Dixit Journey. Offering a wide variety of new illustrative cards (by a new artist, none the less), Journey can be played as either a stand alone game or a companion expansion to the base game.

Fortress America has received a make over thanks to Fantasy Flight. The new edition of the classic game involves the same storyline and mechanics (two to six players controlling America or invading countries in a vicious struggle for control of the continent), but with a grimy, gritty redux accompanied by 300 detailed miniatures and a revised rulebook.

One for the kids now. Donkey, It’s a Kick is a mad cap family friendly game where everyone competing to complete various random tasks. The trick is these tasks never stay the same for too long. Even more complicated, after players are eliminated from the game they continue to play as donkeys, this time keeping to only one goal: eliminate all other players. Add a little Wild Turkey to the mix and you might have yourself a dang good party game, too.