Nov 152013

While there is only one ring to rule them all, there are a ton of Lord of the Rings games to rule them all!

The Lord of the Rings:  The Battle for Middle-Earth from Playroom Entertainment is a new edition to the extensive LotR card game options.  A fast-paced, two to four player game, Battle for Middle-Earth has players competing to form the strongest fellowship in order to fight off the armies and minions of Sauron.

You can never only eat one fortune cookie, you have to have all the Cookie Fu!

The newest take-out expansion for the stylish dice fighting game is called The Grand Buffet Pack and features dice for an entirely new faction, the Caramel Crane.  This complete two-player set contains new rules for multiplayer, special moves, and all the secret moves of the agile Caramel Crane.

All those chemistry classes you had to take in high school will finally pay off in Compounded!

Acting as lab managers, players work against the clock and their opponents to construct elements off of the periodic table.  But remember that your opponent may be looking for the same compounds you’re looking for.  Oh, and some of those can be rather flammable, capable of blowing you up if you don’t complete them in time.

Remember what the ancient monks always say:  Be the mechanic squirrel.

Or, at least, that’s what the monks within the FATE System RPG say.  The FATE System Toolkit book that released today with allow you to hack the rules of the game for your own nefarious purposes, especially when combined with the newly released Worlds books.  Worlds on Fire and Worlds in Shadow offer, between the two of them, twelve campaign settings, tailor-made to a number of different genres.

 Fantasy Flight keeps the living card game market alive with two more releases in the Netrunner and The Lord of the Rings series.

As per usual, both decks come with sixty cards total, with the Second Thoughts Data Pack enhancing Corp and Runner decks while The Morgul Vale Adventure Pack provides an original scenario for players to work through.

As if the trailer park was not weird enough already, Terror in the Trailer Park adds a whole new layer of creepy to the cult hit Trailer Park Wars game.  Including purple “variable” flamingos and over one hundred cards to expand the base game in a horrifying way.

Dungeons and Dragons‘ second encounters adventure pack, Legacy of the Crystal Shard, is out this weekend.  An adventure for characters from first to third levels and compatible with 3.5. 4.0, and D&D Next systems.  The adventure can also be played as a weekly encounter campaign path, if you are so inclined.


-Warmachine Convergence of Cyriss figures, including Accretion Servitors and Steelsoul Protector.

-Restock on the Lupin III miniature game, based of of the hit anime.

-Cheap Shot, a rummy insult party game, and its expansion are both back in stock.

Mar 162012

If the idea of boxing seems attractive to you, outside of the getting your face punched in thing, then Jab: Realtime Boxing might just be your speed. And speaking of speed, it’s a rather important element in how you play the game. As the game has no strict turn structure, play is based off how fast and how strategically you play your cards/fists. You can either KO you opponent with haymaker punches or wow the officials with your skill. For a quick two-player fighting experience, this is the champ!

Maaaaaaaps! They don’t love me like I love you! Maaaaaaps!

They do however love Steam like Steam loves you. Or so I’m guessing; they’re all inanimate objects. Anyway, insanity aside, the newest Steam Map Expansion Pack has arrived. This time around the pack comes with three new maps, China (2-4 expansion), California 2090 (3 player expansion), and Great Britain (3-4 expansion). Get to shoveling that coal, folks!

Just like the Jimmy Johns of interstellar delivery, the Rocket Jockey makes his supply run in a flash. Unless those pesky aliens get in their way. That’s the premise of the fast to learn, easy to play card game known as Rocket Jockey. With artwork from legendary comic artist Cliff Chiang, Rocket Jockey is a racing game which pits currier against currier for the fastest delivery time. Have you got the nerve?

Using our summoner powers we’ve summoned a hefty restock on Summoner Wars…summon…summoning…sum…um…yeah. So, not only do we have the Summoner Wars Master Set back in stock, but also the rereleases of the Dwarves/Cave Goblins and Phoenix Elves/Tundra Orcs expansion packs. Along with all this, the new Taliya’s Spirit and Piclo’s Magic Reinforcement Packs are in stock.

Team work is put to the test in Mayfair GamesWhitewater. Players control two rowers in two different rafts of four rowers each (try to say that three times fast). So, it becomes a careful decision of how much energy to exert and in which raft, all while trying to avoid obstacles in your path. Quite the family outing.

Pergamemnon travels far, far back in time to a point when the Carthagians, Romans, Hellenes, Egyptians, and Persians ruled the world. They also didn’t get along very well. A card based battle game where players square off, nation to nation, with soldiers, war machines, and creatures of legend. Containing 110 cards and all the rules you’ll ever need, Pergamemnon give you all you’ll need to rule the world.

Another P card game from Iron Games, who made the above Pergamemnon, Pax takes place during the Spartacus uprisings. More on the card management side of things alonside tactical decisiveness. If you’re a fan of 7 Wonders, you should give it a look see.

May 282011

Can’t think of a Bond villain that played this game off the top of my head, but it certainly seems like Khet 2.0 would fit perfectly with a pool of piranhas.

Why?  Lasers, sir, lasers.

Two opponents face off on a chess-style board with Egyptian-themed pieces which have either two, one, or no mirrors attached to them.  Strategically maneuvering theses pieces around the board, players attempt to refract the lasers being emitted by each others’ pharaoh figure.  If you get your laser to touch your opponent’s pharaoh, you win; if a laser beam does not touch the mirror side of a piece, then it is eliminated.  To do this, you move your pieces one space in any direction or rotate them a quarter turn.  The one downside:  the lasers are to small to affix them to the moon.

Like a grim, dystopic speeding bullet, Wild Talents the Essential Edition drops the budget boo-ya.  This little digest sized RPG is only $9.99 but contains all the usual elements found in a regular sized RPG book.  Thematically, it is a superhero game, but set in a dark, futuristic environment (it  follows, chronologically, the Godlike RPG that was set in WWII).  But the real kicker here is that it utilizes the One-Roll Engine, which eliminates multiple rolls during combat and the like.

Call the exterminator, ’cause we’ve got Horned Rats.  Doubt there are any exterminators in the Warhammer Chaos of the Old World series, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking out the new The Horned Rat expansion.  Inside, you’ll find the new playable Skaven faction.  All the miniatures, rules, threat dials, tokens, and other Horned Rat goodies are included, as well.  Plus, new rules that allow the addition of a fifth player.  Oh, and plus number two, a bunch’a new Chaos, Upgrade, and Old World cards to challenge all involved.

Ultimate is an adjective that gets thrown around a fair amount in the comic book and gaming circles, but, rarely, is it as fitting as with Pathfinder‘s new Ultimate Magic hardcover.  If you’re jonesing for magical might to flesh out your character, this tome is for you.  Introducing the new magus (a magical warrior) base class is only the first ultimate step the book takes.  It also introduces 100 new spells, a spellcasting system called words of power, new caster options, and many, many more magic enhancers.  Not just saying this, they are going fast here, so magic, and by that I mean drive, your way on over to Pulp for a copy.

Judging by the new Cookie Fu boxes, Pulp is getting into the take-out business.  Yes, this creatively themed game comes in swanky Chinese delivery cartons.  And you do get a fortune cookie with your meal.  But I’m getting ahead of myself, what is Cookie Fu?  Well, think of a combination between Zombie Dice and Yomi.  Players build their fighters based off of a handy “Nutritional Info”-style chart that explains the type and number of dice that are required.  Some die are covered in unique symbols that indicate fighting moves, like block, grab, or throw, while others represent “initiative” that decides who goes first.  Best of all, in each starter or booster there are actual edible fortune cookies that give players special abilities.  Talk about a game that takes advantage of its theme!