May 252013

Facebook and iTunes have the market cornered on useless updates, so we’re going to try something different here and update the format for a reason.  Tonight we’re going to try out a new, more concise format for Comic List Highlights, one we intend to call 4 x 4.  It’s simple, four facts about four new comics or trade paperbacks coming out the next Wednesday.  Short.  Sweet.  Less of an eyesore.

Adventures of Superman #1

1. Ignore the hubbub about Orson Scott Card writing this book, because he’s been replaced on issue one by some of DC‘s best artists and writers, including Jeff Parker, Jeff Lemire, Riley Rossmo, and Chris Samnee.

2. Samnee’s Golden Age-esque style has been put to great use on Daredevil and The Rocketeer lately, and now does the same for Superman.

3. Contrasting Samnee’s style, Riley Rossmo’s (Bedlam, Debris, Cowboy Ninja Viking) sketchy style is exemplifies the high contrast of visual styles represented in this issue.

4. This anthology brings the baddies with stories about Lex Luthor, Bizzaro, and Zod.  Oh, and maybe some Superman, too.

Thor, God of Thunder v.1 HC

1. Kansas City native Jason Aaron has been weaving a Thor yarn for the ages, destined to become a modern classic.

2. Split across three time periods, God of Thunder stars three incarnations of Thor, past, present, and arm-less, one-eyed, Odin-like future.

3. Esad Ribic’s painterly style lends an epic, tapestry-like quality to the series that enhances its mythic tone.

4. Thor.  Loves.  Ale.

X-Men #1

1. Forget testosterone, it’s all estrogen all the time thanks to the all female cast of X-Men #1.

2. Brian Wood has dabbled with the X-Men in the past on Ultimate Comics X-Men and the previous X-Men series, but now gets the keys to the kingdom in this Marvel NOW! series.

3. Olivier Coipel’s (House of M) slick, appealing style works equally well for dialog and action scenes, which, the last time I checked, are the X-Men’s bread and butter.

4. Milo Manara and Terry Dodson both have contributed variant covers for the first issue!


The Wake #1

1. Current writer of Batman and Superman Unchained, Scott Snyder, returns to his horror roots with the Vertigo series, The Wake.

2. In previous horror series Severed and American Vampire Snyder showed his vast talent for pacing scares on the comic page, not an easy task.

3. Sean Murphy of Joe the Barbarian and Punk Rock Jesus joins Snyder to tell this confined thriller which follows a marine biologist as she ventures into the icy waters of the Arctic Circle to explore a sunken oil rig…and what resides there.

4. Fans of isolated suspense movies like The Thing and Alien need to check The Wake #1 out!

Jan 212013

Pulp will be holding four prerelease events for the newest set of Magic the Gathering, Gatecrash, over the weekend of January 26th.  All events will cost $25 to enter, which will provide each player six Gatecrash booster packs (and some other cool swag, as well).  Prizes will be awarded in the form of more Gatecrash boosters, playmats, and other Magic related accessories; payout will be determined by the number of entrants.  Players who arrive late or do not wish to participate in the main event, pay purchase Gatecrash Intro Decks and play casually with other participants during the night.  The events are as follows:

Midnight Prerelease (1/26)

Starts: 12:01 AM

Format: Sealed

Noon Two-Headed Giant Prerelease (1/26)

Starts: 12:00 PM

Format:  2HG (tag-team) sealed

7 PM Prerelease (1/26)

Starts: 7:00 PM

Format: Sealed

Noon Two-Headed Giant (1/27)

Starts: 12:00 PM

Format: 2HG (tag-team) sealed

Check out our Facebook events page for further details:

Oct 062012

Like any big Marvel event, now that the Avengers and X-Men have fought, they must team-up. Thus Uncanny Avengers.

Uncanny Avengers is not only the teaming up of the Avengers and X-Men, but also the launch book of Marvel NOW! If you haven’t heard of Marvel NOW!, the scoop is this: many of the main Marvel books are being relaunched with new high-profile writer and artist teams in effort to create perfect jumping-on points for new readers.

Back to the point, Uncanny Avengers #1 is written by Rick Remender (Uncanny X-Force, Secret Avengers) and drawn John Cassady (Civil War), so the team is solid. Given that the issue is a landmark one, Marvel is releasing hordes of variant covers, including a baby version drawn by Scottie Young. Also, Pulp will be holding a release party all day Wednesday where we will be giving out buttons, lithographs, posters, and other Uncanny Avengers memorabilia to the first fifty or so customers to purchase a copy. And if you haven’t heard, we’re holding a contest for a free Deadpool sketch variant for the issue. Check out our Facebook events page for all the details.

Uncanny Avengers may be one of the consequences of AvX finishing up, but there are so many more. Most of them can be found in the new AvX: Consequences miniseries coming out this Wednesday. The rest can be found in your empty wallet. Anyway, AvX: Consequences, which is written by Kieron Gillen (Journey Into Mystery, Uncanny X-Men) and drawn by a slew of top artists, deals with the fallout of the major death that took place at the end of the event as well as the punishment that will befall the culprit.

The button is back!

Evil Ernie has laid dormant as a property for years, but Dynamite is bringing him back this Wednesday with Evil Ernie #1. The series is going to reintroduce the character to a new audience, changing up his origin slightly, but keeping all the essentials alive. The new series will ship with four variant covers by top artists like Dan Brereton, Nick Bradshaw, and Tim Seeley. If you’re into horror comics like Hack/Slash, Evil Ernie is going to sharpen your machete in all the right ways.

This year brought with it a number of extremely inventive independent comic series, such as Prophet, Saga, Memorial, and Planetoid. Smoke & Mirrors is one of our favorites, however. Set in a world where magic is the equivalent of electricity and spells operate every piece of equipment from cars, to digital tablets, to stoves, Smoke & Mirrors follows a young boy who encounters a street magician with a knowledge of illusion not of this world. Incorporating actual visual magic into the book (that works!), this series is an inventive use of the medium as well as a well told tale.

May 252012

Many of this week’s new game stuff has been displayed on the Face of Books throughout the week, so I’m just going to be lazy here and show off some pictures. Truthfully, most of these items are so cool that’s all you need to know.

First off, the newest Munchkin booster pack expansion gets a shot of Felicia Day as it focuses on the popular web series, The Guild.

Also Munchkin related, the new Munchkin Cthulhu Kill-o-Meter joins the previously released meters of death. As usual, the accessory comes with two exclusive promo cards, one for Munchkin Cthulhu and one for Munchkin Quest.

The final mention of the lightning round is the Pathfinder Buff Deck, a quick reference solution to keeping track of character’s bonuses. Easy to stack cards help to keep rulebook referencing down to a minimum.

Okay, into the actual listings. In case you haven’t been up to the store recently, we’ve started to carry so many sleeves that, at this point, we’ve got to be pulling them in from an inter-dimensional gateway or something. The newest acquisition in our quest to rule the world of card sleeves are a wide selection of Legion sleeves. These include such inventive designs as “Mmmm…Bacon”, “RTFC”, “Pure Jank”, the V for Vendetta mask, and sleeves with the Ascension logo on them. Basically, there’s a sleeve for every day of the year.

Not exactly new stuff, but we got a massive, massive, gigantic restock on Pathfinder materials. I’m just going to list a bunch of them because there’s too many to go into any detail. Council Thieves item cards, Weapons Locker item cards, Skull Shakles item cards, Crimson Throne item cards, Winter Witch, Master of Devils, The Final Wish, The Sixfold Trial, What Lies in Dust, Infernal Syndrome, Mother of Flies, Cities of Golarion, Adventurer’s Armory, Humans of Golarion, Twice-Damned Prince, Vaults of Madness, and a whole heck of a lot more. Come check it all out.

With Avacyn Restored Game Day on the horizon (tomorrow night’s horizon, in fact), player’s may be searching for strong constructed decks to wield. Well, as usual, Wizards has an answer: Event Decks. The two newest decks dropped today, one being a black deck (Death’s Encroach) and the other being a blue/white (Humanity’s Vengeance). Both, also as usual, contain some decent rares, including Glacial Fortress, Moorland Haunt, Mirran Crusader, Geralf’s Messenger, and Gravecrawler.

Possibly the #1 statement I hear from customers is, “This store is so much like The Big Bang Theory!” After this weekend we relate even further to the popular nerd-loving show, because we now carry The Big Bang Theory Party Game. Mechanically set-up like Apples to Apples, players submit cards attempting to match the keyword phrase card in the center of the table. But there’s an added spin, certain cards can alter the keyword in the middle of the turn. Bazinga!

Feb 132012

We asked and you voted! Come support this store’s team, the Avengers, with the release of AvX #1!

Not only will the first issue be on sale a day early, but posters, buttons, and other memorabilia will be handed out!

An epic brawl of these proportions demands more than just cool swag, though! So, coinciding with this release Pulp will be launching a tie-in Fantasy Superhero League (think Fantasy Football, but with laser beams and capes)! Details will be posted on and a separate Facebook event soon, so keep your eye-beams peeled.

Show up to Pulp on Tuesday April 3rd at 8:00pm to pick up your copy of AvX #1 by Brian Bendis and KC native Jason Aaron a day before anyone else! Then get in on the action yourself by joining the Fantasy Superhero League!