Sep 112015

Artifacts Inc.Indiana Jones would tell you these artifacts belong in a museum, and as the owner of your own archaeological company in Artifacts, Inc., that’s exactly what you’ll attempt to do.  An up to sixty minute playtime dice rolling game for two to four players, Artifacts, Inc. has players rolling dice (which represent adventurers) in order to place them onto cards (that require specific numbers) in order to gain cash and favor with museums.Valley of the Kings Afterlife

Staying in the realm of tombs and buried treasure, Valley of the Kings:  Afterlife is out this weekend.  The second expansion/stand alone addition to this Egyptian themed deck building series, Afterlife can be played with one to four players or added to the original to facilitate six player Cthulhu Realmsplay.

As there can never be enough games that feature everyone’s favorite elder god or a deck building mechanic, Cthulhu Realms combines the two in a cheap, quick to learn package.  Putting a spin on the traditional deck building scheme, Cthulhu Realms allows players to chain cards for a great payoff than if they played them individually.  As well, each box contains a special promo character that can be played in the game.Marrying Mr. Darcy

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice has been combined with zombies before, but never with the mechanics of a card game.  Well no more, because the Kickstarter funded Marrying Mr. Darcy card game is on shelves, as of last week.  In this literary role-playing card game, players take on the roles of female suitors from the novel, building up their romantic appeal in order to woo a handsome suitor.  You’ll attend balls, receive proposals, and cunningly outwit your opponents all in an effort to avoid becoming an Tides of Timeold maid.

A possible contender for the minimalist card game spot held by Love Letter, Tides of Time is a card game that consists of only eighteen cards and plays with only two players.  Players try to build grand civilizations by combining a set of complimentary cards in their kingdom, while also attempting to sabotage their opponents plans.  After three rounds, each player will have either a memorable empire or a pitiful group of random ventures.Discoveries the Journal of Lewis and Clark

A completely standalone addition to the previous Discoveries release, Discoveries:  The Journals of Lewis and Clark requests that you get your explorer on!  In the game, players will take on the role of either Lewis, Clark, or two of the other members of the famous expedition.  Over the course of sixty minutes, players will then compete to collect cards that represent scientific discoveries (as well as Takenoko Chibisvictory points).  To do that, players will need to roll dice to gain exploration actions.

I think we can all agree that pandas are cute.  And more pandas equals greater cuteness.  Such is the theory behind Takenoko Chibis, the first expansion for the popular panda gardening game.  Pairing this expansion with the base Takenoko game, players will gain a handful of new objectives, new plots (including the discovery of the gardener’s cabin), and an additional figure named Miss Panda.  Miss Panda, as well, has the ability of delivering baby pandas, increasing the levels of cuteness to a nearly unbearable degree.

May 282011

Can’t think of a Bond villain that played this game off the top of my head, but it certainly seems like Khet 2.0 would fit perfectly with a pool of piranhas.

Why?  Lasers, sir, lasers.

Two opponents face off on a chess-style board with Egyptian-themed pieces which have either two, one, or no mirrors attached to them.  Strategically maneuvering theses pieces around the board, players attempt to refract the lasers being emitted by each others’ pharaoh figure.  If you get your laser to touch your opponent’s pharaoh, you win; if a laser beam does not touch the mirror side of a piece, then it is eliminated.  To do this, you move your pieces one space in any direction or rotate them a quarter turn.  The one downside:  the lasers are to small to affix them to the moon.

Like a grim, dystopic speeding bullet, Wild Talents the Essential Edition drops the budget boo-ya.  This little digest sized RPG is only $9.99 but contains all the usual elements found in a regular sized RPG book.  Thematically, it is a superhero game, but set in a dark, futuristic environment (it  follows, chronologically, the Godlike RPG that was set in WWII).  But the real kicker here is that it utilizes the One-Roll Engine, which eliminates multiple rolls during combat and the like.

Call the exterminator, ’cause we’ve got Horned Rats.  Doubt there are any exterminators in the Warhammer Chaos of the Old World series, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking out the new The Horned Rat expansion.  Inside, you’ll find the new playable Skaven faction.  All the miniatures, rules, threat dials, tokens, and other Horned Rat goodies are included, as well.  Plus, new rules that allow the addition of a fifth player.  Oh, and plus number two, a bunch’a new Chaos, Upgrade, and Old World cards to challenge all involved.

Ultimate is an adjective that gets thrown around a fair amount in the comic book and gaming circles, but, rarely, is it as fitting as with Pathfinder‘s new Ultimate Magic hardcover.  If you’re jonesing for magical might to flesh out your character, this tome is for you.  Introducing the new magus (a magical warrior) base class is only the first ultimate step the book takes.  It also introduces 100 new spells, a spellcasting system called words of power, new caster options, and many, many more magic enhancers.  Not just saying this, they are going fast here, so magic, and by that I mean drive, your way on over to Pulp for a copy.

Judging by the new Cookie Fu boxes, Pulp is getting into the take-out business.  Yes, this creatively themed game comes in swanky Chinese delivery cartons.  And you do get a fortune cookie with your meal.  But I’m getting ahead of myself, what is Cookie Fu?  Well, think of a combination between Zombie Dice and Yomi.  Players build their fighters based off of a handy “Nutritional Info”-style chart that explains the type and number of dice that are required.  Some die are covered in unique symbols that indicate fighting moves, like block, grab, or throw, while others represent “initiative” that decides who goes first.  Best of all, in each starter or booster there are actual edible fortune cookies that give players special abilities.  Talk about a game that takes advantage of its theme!