Jan 102014

One thing you may not know about Samurai, and a point that was certainly left out of 47 Ronin, is that they like their liquor.

Sake and Samurai plays off of this fact, pitting opponents against each other in a booze fueled conflict, where the most drunk Samurai gains the big prize.  But be mindful of the sake’s effects, as each drink will eliminate your ability to use certain special skills.  Drinks, also, however, offer special abilities in return, so each player must strategically choose when and what to drink in order to best reach that perfect state of zen buzz.

Castle Panic was ready made for the addition of zombies, so it’s a little shocking its taken Fireside Games this long to take advantage of that fact, but its finally happened.

Dead Panic takes advantage of Castle Panic‘s castle defense mechanics and applies them to a zombie apocalypse scenario.  Zombies will randomly be rolled up to appear in the various regions of the game board, offering increasingly difficult obstacles for the players to overcome while holed up in the central mansion.

The suburbs continue to encroach upon the city thanks to Suburbia, Inc., the first expansion for the popular Suburbia board game.  This expansion adds a range of new buildings, a further reaching boarder ability, and a handful of exciting new bonuses.

Much like Sims for the boarding game and steampunk crowd, Steam Park combines each of these elements in the most appealing way possible.

Players compete as amusement park architects in a world of gears and levers, literally constructing their own parks from tiles and pieces included in the game.  Carefully balance the amount of rides, bathrooms, and food carts within your park for the most lucrative results.  And if you have younger players joining in, the game will scale to accommodate younger or less experienced players.

It’s been a long wait, but the hordes are here!

The overdue Tyranids Codex, complete with updated rules and stats, ships today, along with a range of new and repackaged models.  The latter include the Harpy, the Tyranid Swarm, a set of psychic power cards, and more. 

A classic Warhammer game is once again re-envisioned by Fantasy Flight Games with their relaunched Warhammer:  Diskwars.  A war game at heart, Diskwars utilizes a unique mechanic wherein each army and regiment is represented by a disk.  These disks get flipped across the game board, as players attempt to land them on top of their opponent’s disks in order to take out portions of their armies.

Feb 042012

Possibly you’re the kind of comic fan with refined tastes. You enjoy your caviar black, your bourbon warm, and your Rolls Royce.

If you share in respectable tastes such as those you might be inclined to pick up a copy of Thief of Thieves, a sequential periodical penned by two gentlemen of leisure known as Robert Kirkman and Nick Spencer. These two have earned the gentleman title through a succession of highly successful books, namely Walking Dead and Invincible for Mr. Kirkman and Morning Glories, Infinite Vacation, and Thunder Agents for Mr. Spencer. A classic heist scenario, Thief of Thieves is about a father who lives a secret life as a master thief…but maybe not for long, as the FBI is closing in. Sharpen your comic palette by giving Thief of Thieves a chance.

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, we have the first issue of Adventure Time. Based off the popular, trippy Cartoon Network show, Adventure Time the comic is written by Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics webcomic acclaim. The Land of Ooo will be torn asunder during the first few issues as an old enemy returns, ready to stomp all over the lives of Finn and Jake. It’s gonna be lumpin’ amazerin!

And now a little item for those in the audience enjoy the ability to drink.

Normally, a pint glass with Batman plastered on it would be reason enough to get excited and drop some bank, but what if I told you this one had a Batmobile on it too.

And the phrase, “Wanna come to my Bat Cave?”

And “Chicks dig the ride!”

I think the appropriate answer would be, “Holy Bat Glass, Batman!”

Lastly, tonight, a creator shift change for a great book that’s been flying under the radar lately.

That book is Secret Avengers, which has, of late, been written by Warren Ellis (If you haven’t picked it up, do so. Some of the best one issue stories I’ve ever read.), but will now be written by popular Venom and Uncanny X-Force writter, Rick Remender. Not only does the book get a writing make over, but a couple new members join the team, too. Namely, Captain Britain and Hawkeye. Wait one more issue and you’ll also get the added benefit of Venom joining the team. With Remender’s credentials from Uncanny X-Force, primarily in the violence and sensation aspects, this version of the Secret Avengers should be insane action all the time.