Jun 122015

ThorsSecret Wars Battlworld Week 4

-After a three week deluge of new Secret Wars tie-ins, Marvel lets up slightly for the fourth week.

-Essentially the Marvel Universe‘s anti-Justice League, the Squadron Sinister (previously Supreme) are blazing a trail across Battleworld, participating in fisticuffs with every team they cross paths with.

-Every Battleworld needs a school and the new Runaways miniseries is all about class!  Written by Noelle Stevenson (Lumberjanes), Runaways brings back some of the original team alongside new characters like a young Winter Soldier, Cloak and Dagger, and Valeria Richards.

-Taking the place of the stellar Thor series, Thors focuses on the Battleworld police force as they solve mysteries and break cases (cue the CSI:  Miami screech).  Oh, and Marvel writer extraordinaire, Jason Aaron, returns to helm this series! Plants vs Zombies Bully for You

Plants vs. Zombies: Bully for You #1 

-Start planting those sunflowers, because the zombies are breaking through the hedges!

-Crazy Dave and his two young wards investigate the history of Dr. Zomboss.

-Each issue also includes two bonus stories by different creators, including Dustin Nguyen on issue one.

-A perfect young readers entry point!

Gotham Academy v.1 tpbGotham Academy v.1 tpb

-Among DC‘s strongest new series, Gotham Academy is finally out in trade!

-Essentially Harry Potter in Gotham City, Gotham Academy stars a group of original characters navigating the haunted and mysterious hallways of the city’s most prestigious private school.

-Gorgeous, vibrant artwork from Karl Kerschel stands out among other drab, “house style” DC comics.

-There is currently no better series for tween or teen comic readers at DC!  This is a must read for anyone in that age range!

DC June Relaunch Week 3Justice League of America #1

-After three weeks, the flagship title of DC‘s June Relaunch is here!  Justice League of America, both written and illustrated by Bryan Hitch (America’s Got Powers, The Ultimates, The Authority), reunites the seven major DC heroes to battle evil!

-Fans of the current Batgirl run will want to pick up Black Canary #1 from the same creative team!

-A new hero takes over the golden helmeted mantle of Dr. Fate while Scott Lobdell re-imagines Doomsday as a Hulk-like teenager with a Jekyll and Hyde problem in Doomed.

-Rounding out this week are Harley Quinn and Power Girl (by the same creative team as the solo series), Robin Son of Batman (starring Damien Wayne), Martian Manhunter, and Prez (about the first teenage president elected by Twitter).

Aug 052011

You’re looking to take a trip, ya say?  Wantin’ to get away from it all?  Ain’t nowhere’s betta than Spider-Island.  That’s right, Spider-Island, where everyone swings and slings all day long.  Red and blue your favorite colors?  You’ll fit right in!  Yes, indeedy, nowhere’s betta.

That rambling textual impersonation of a New Yorker was both offensive and informative as it created a perfect set-up for next week’s premiere of the Amazing Spider-Man event of the year, Spider-Island.  The proverbial feather in the cap of current Spidey scribe, Dan Slott, this event involves a mass outbreak of spider powers across New York City.  Everyone’s got them and Spider-Man is trying to reverse the whole while maintaining order.  Obviously, a bunch of Spidey’s buddies attempt to lend a hand, as is the case with the Cloak & Dagger tie-in series.  Written by hot new writer Nick Spencer (Morning Glories, Iron Man 2.0, Thunder Agents, I don’t know, probably the Bible, too) and drawn by equally hot artist Emma Rios.  Combining Spider-Man with Spencer and Rios creates a comic sandwich I want to sink my teeth into.

With weather like we’ve been having lately, a nice cool glass of ice water hits the spot. But something about normal cubes of ice just isn’t sitting right with me.  Something’s missing.  Oh, that’s it, they’re not in the shape of famous Star Wars characters!  But no worries, Pulp’s got you covered with the new Han Solo in Carbonite and R2-D2 Silicon Ice Cube Trays.  Yup, enjoy a cool glass of H2O or tea or that weird soupy stuff Jabba the Hutt drinks even more with Han Solo or R2 shaped cubes bobbing around in the glass.  May the drink be with you.

It’s hard describing statues.  I mean, really, all you have to do is look at a picture of any statue to figure out if you think it’s cool or not.  So, what more could I say to make you interested?  I could say that this new Jean Grey Bishoujo statue is the newest edition in a line of swanky female Bishoujo statues.  I could say that she stands over 8 inches tall.  I could say that her base has a rockin’ Blackbird firing a rocket mold going on.  But you can all see that by looking at the picture to the right.  Wow, why am I getting paid for this?

And now what you’ve all been waiting for, the Doctor Who portion of the post.  Because, lets be serious, it’s becoming a regular segment on these things.  Tonight we switch up the formula a bit by tossing out two new timelordy items.  The first could work in conjunction with the Star Wars Trays from above if you pleased, because it’s a Tardis Ice Bucket.  Keeps all your drinks that are bigger on the inside nice and cool.  Or transport them to the 17th century.

If you’re going to drink in style like that, though, you need to have a drinking buddy.  Sure, you could call your real friends, but who wants to talk to those guys?  Inside, pick up the 10th Doctor and Dalek Standups and never be lonely again.  Trust me, these guys have some good stories to tell…if they could actually talk, that is.