Feb 112012

Image Comics has been turning out bold, inventive series after bold, inventive series this last year and it shows no sign of stopping. However, when you have that many great series coming out at one time, some get lost in the shuffle. Pigs is one of those series.

An espionage book at its core, Pigs revolves around a sleeper cell of Cuban assassins who were assigned to positions in America during the Cold War. None of them have received word from their supervisors…until now. A mysterious notice awakens each member of the team, but for what nefarious purpose? Lovers of The Losers or Sleeper should definitely take a stab at this intriguing thriller.

What’s with all this Avengers merchandise lately? It’s like there’s a movie or something. But that’d be crazy, no one could ever make an Avengers…what? They’re what? Ohhhhhhh.

Well, in that case, gear up for the Avengers movie by reading the first thirty issues of the original series, created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. These thirty issues contain some of the most important, classic moments in Avengers history. Can you say, thawed Captain America? There is no better way to collect these key issues, in color, in hardcover, than in the first volume of the Avengers Omnibus. ASSEMBLE!!!!

Speaking of the Sentinel of Liberty, there’s no better way to light your Avengers Omnibus as you read it than with the new Captain America Neon Sign.

Glowing hot with justice and freedom, this sign, shaped as Cap’s classic shield, can be hung from a wall or placed, upright on a special dispaly stand that comes with the sign. Lighten up your man cave with this symbol of truth, justice, and nerdom.

You’ve read The Stand. You’ve read The Shinning. You’ve read Locke & Key. You’ve loved them. You’ve craved more.

Now, read the mind meld of these two horror geniuses. Yes, folks, father and son, Stephen King and Joe Hill, have combined talents for a new comic series based off a short story the two co-wrote. This comic is called Road Rage and it is made of awesome. A group of rough and tumble bikers are taken to their limit by a crazy truck driver leads them on a made chase across the open road. Sound a little familiar to Duel? That’s probably becasue Richard Matheson’s short story was an inspiration for this tale, oh, and the fact that Matheson himself is working on the title too. This powerhouse of writing talent must be read to be believed!

Jul 292011

Yup, another Sonic Screwdriver.

I know, by this point we could probably be considered Pulp Fiction Hardware & Some Other Stuff.  Seriously, lanterns and screwdrivers all over the place.

This time around it’s the screwdriver of the 4th Doctor, Mr. Tom Baker himself.  As with the 10th and 3rd Doctor’s screwdrivers from a few months back, this one makes authentic sound effects from the show.  Maybe the neater detail, you slide back the covering to make the sound.

Charities are a good thing, right?  Comics are also a good thing.  What about combining the two?  Yes, the annual Hero Comics, released through the Hero Initiative and IDW, is a compilation of short comic stories by top, top, tipy top level creators all for the purpose of supporting aging comic creators without things like health insurance.  What’s truly exciting in the 2011 issue is that the creative team from the epically touted Sandman series reunites for one of the entries.  On top of that, the issue also contains Chew and Elephantmen short stories by their creators.  And the profits go into the pockets of ladies and gentlemen who have delivered consistent entertainment to you kind readers since you were knee-high to a bottlecap.  Find that spark of kindness in your heart and pick up a copy (even the lump of coal in my chest has managed a brief surging).

No one can hear you say, “Aw, thas so coot,” in space.  The Alien Facehugger Plush will either garner that reaction from you or cause you to run screaming from the room.  Could go either way.  Me, personally, I love all things Alien and all things adorable, so how can you go wrong.  Plus you can totally creep out your significant other by wrapping this thing around your face and run screaming through the halls until they tackle you to the floor and attempt to pry it off your flesh.  Good times.

Okay, usually I try to make with the witty banter, generate some giggles and whatnot, but for this last one I’m gonna get serious.  If you’ve ever read Terry Moore‘s magnum opus, Strangers in Paradise, you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he is a master of the medium.  His grasp of comic language and ability to craft story and artwork equally place him in the pantheon of creators.  But Moore is not a one-hit wonder, he recently finished his second series, Echo, once again proving that he understands comics better than most.  This Wednesday his third creator-owned project releases its first issue.  Called Rachel Rising, this new series follows the story of the titled girl who wakes up in a fresh grave.  Just as Strangers was a romance book and Echo was superhero book, Rachel Rising is essentially a horror book.  If you’re a person who’s looking to start fresh on a series that’s guaranteed to be a good read, you can’t go wrong with one by Terry Moore.