Jan 152016

Silver SurferSilver Surfer #1

-Dan Slott (Amazing Spider-Man, She-Hulk) and Mike Allred (iZombie, FF) return to one of last year’s most acclaimed Marvel series!

-Slott’s take on the Silver Surfer is Doctor Who-esque, as he has paired him with a companion, Dawn Greenwood, and sent them journeying about space and alternate universes!

-After traveling the universe, Dawn has brought the Surfer back to Earth to explore the weird and mysterious creatures and realms that populate her home planet.

-Allred’s artwork is vibrant, experimental, and entirely indebted to Jack Kirby, so the series looks gorgeous.  That’s not to mention that Allred and Slott play with the format, even publishing an issue that wrapped around on itself, telling a never-ending story.

Poison Ivy Cycle of Life and Death #1 (of 6)Poison Ivy

-One of Batman‘s most beloved villains gets her own miniseries!

-In line with the recent Batgirl, Ms. Marvel, and Gotham Academy series, Poison Ivy will see Pamela starting a new job only to be accused of murder when a fellow scientist turns up dead!

-Amy Chu will be writing the entire miniseries, one of her first major works for DC!  An up-and-comer, Chu has previously written short stories for Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman and Vertigo Quarterly.

-Joining Chu is Clayton Mann on art duties.  Previously Mann has been interior artist on hits like Gambit, Daredevil, and The Immortal Iron Fist.

DevolutionDevolution #1 (of 5)

-Rick Remender has jumped ship from Marvel to Dynamite and he’s bringing his crazy ideas with him!

-Devolution is set not in a post-apocalyptic world, but a prehistori-pocalyptic world.  Essentially, every human and animal on Earth as been devolved to their base state.

-One young woman has to venture across this endless jungle, fighting cavemen, giant bugs, and other deadly foes in search of a cure.

-If you’ve been keeping up with Remender’s work at Image, including Low, Deadly Class, Black Science, and Tokyo Ghost, then you’ve got to pick up a copy of Devolution #1!

Captain Marvel #1Captain Marvel #1

-In a couple of years, everyone is going to have Captain Marvel‘s name on their lips when Marvel Studios releases a film about her, so get the jump and find out who she is with this new series.

-Following up Kelly Sue Deconnick’s acclaimed run, the new Captain Marvel series finds Carol Danvers leading a global coalition in space, defending against and negotiating with alien forces.

-Taking over writing duties are Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas, the showrunners behind the Agent Carter television show!

-Marking one of his first interior art jobs in a good while, Kris Anka, the man behind nearly all of Marvel‘s recent, popular costume redesigns, will be drawing the series.

Aug 042012

Anyone who grew up watching the nineties X-Men animated series probably found themselves dropping Creole phrases like “mon ami” and “hey, cherie” into daily conversation for one reason: Gambit is cool. Sadly, the Cajun conman has been forgotten about over the last few years, often being given the short shrift in X-Men books. Well, up-and-coming writer James Asmus is fixing that omission this Wednesday with the new Gambit ongoing series. After laxing on his no-thieving policy for one night, Gambit falls into an underworld of trouble in the first arc of Asmus’ story. After proving himself to be a legit talent on books like Captain America & Bucky, Generation Hope, and the Escape from the Negative Zone storyline from last year, Asmus is going to unload some slick, heist movie cool on this new series.

Two months ago, the store received an email from one Ian Ally-Seals asking us to consider a comic he had coming out soon called Doctor Atlantis. Ian even sent along a PDF of the graphic novel’s first two chapters so we could get an idea of what the book was about. Smart move on his part, because we loved it! A blend of Jules Verne, Edgar Rice Burrows, Mysterious the Unfathomable, and good ole fashion swash buckling action, Doctor Atlantis is carefully paced, smartly drawn, and filled with some interesting surprises. A buddy actioneer, Doctor Atlantis‘ characters reveal themselves over the course of the story through their actions, leading to some unexpected reveals. Also, Ian has told us that any person to pick up the book can take a picture with it at Pulp Fiction, then email it to Ian@RareEarthComics.com for a sweet personalized art print. Support a young creative duo trying to break into the industry and pick up a copy!

Sticking with the small publisher theme, 12 Gauge Comics releases the first issue of Anti this Wednesday for only $1. Following in the footsteps of the Constantine film and other apocalyptic action books and movies, Anti contains ton’sa demon ‘sploding action thanks to an atheist and his gun totting, evangelical protector. But are the people they’re shooting demons in human disguishes or actual humans? Oh, and did I mention the first issue is only a dollar?!

Doing what ever a Spider-Man can, the first Scarlet Spider collection ships this Wednesday. Following one of Peter Parker’s numerous clones (these guys should form a band or something), Kaine, down to Houston, Texas, this series has an edge the main Spider-Man books do not. Kaine, unlike Peter, is willing to get violent with his enemies, but he’s working to be a better man, too. Also, given the book’s unique Southern setting and road tripping mentality, the scenery is different from the common New York environment seen in most Marvel books. As many know, it’s the C-list, rarely spotlighted characters who create the most interesting stories, which is certainly the case here.