Oct 052012

There’s been Star Wars. There’s been world wars. But never has there been anything like Mage Wars. I mean, like, really, this game is pretty damn unique. Players build a spell book of spell cards, doubling up on ones if they want (put you’ll want to pick up the spell expansion pack to do that), with an end goal of decimating you opponent more than they decimate you. Coming with an excellent looking game board, tokens, life counters, and more, this is a well designed and pretty looking game to own.

The chaos can’t be released just yet, but when it does (which is midnight) you better run for cover.

That’s right, the new Chaos Space Marines, well, everything comes out tomorrow (which, again, is midnight). The “everything” of that last sentence includes the new Chaos Space Marines Codex, sporting the new hardcover trade dress. The big guns, that being the Heldrake and the Forgefiend/Maulerfiend, plus the Raptors, Warpsmith, and Mutilators. These guys look b-e-a-utiful! Check out the detail on the Heldrake to the right. Great looking miniatures all around.

Don’t have the free time it takes to construct, paint, and organize terrain for your miniatures games? That’s where Terraclips come in. These easy to assemble thick cardboard terrain sets are designed for use with any miniatures with in the 25mm to 32mm range. Each location collection comes with all the pieces you’ll need to build the environment (which are three dimensional, by the way), which includes the walls, floors, obstacles, and clips used to link the pieces. The three newest sets releasing today are the Prison of the Forsaken, Vaults of Ruin, and Dungeon Essentials, each coming fully painted.

If you’re the kind of person who’s ever said they want to experience mind-numbing terror as you evade and escape evil creatures who want to eat your brains? No, probably not, but if you want to play a game like that then Level 7 is your game. A semi-cooperative game for 1-4 players, Level 7 drops you into a subterranean base and makes you work with or betray your partners as you fight to get out. If Last Night on Earth and Panic Station had a slimey, evil baby, Level 7 would be it.

Mar 092012

What’s that clock say? Ten thirty? Yuuuup.

‘Kay, let’s get started.

Two restock items from the same company shipped in today; both are card games, both are colorfully designed.

First up, we’ve got The Big Idea. And what is The Big Idea, you may ask sniddly? Well, I’ll explain. You may be familiar with the game if you ever picked up the previous Cheapass Games version of it. Now, however, The Big Idea has been retooled as a complete party game. Players combine noun and adjective cards to create insane inventions that they then attempt to pitch to the other players. Every secretly votes on the best inventions and who ever ends up with the most approval wins the round. Add drinks and you’re good to go.

For the second I’ll need you pay close attention, ladies and gentlemen. As my lovely assitant takes the stage, please remain utterly quiet.

Yes, Illusio brings the magic, folks! A card game based around a battle of illusion, players choose which famous magician they want to control, then set out to trade off spells, slights-of-hand, and other parlor tricks in an effort to become the top trickster of the 1920′s.

Finally tonight there’s a new Dungeons and Dragons tile set on the block. This time around the setting is Cathedral of Chaos. As always, six tiles, double-sided tile sheets as well as tokens comprise this handy-dandy little supplemental pack.

Feb 102012

A’right, sos you got your Dark Goblins, right? Right. But then ya also got these new critters dey call Shadow Goblins. Dey come from da other side a da portal, see?

So goes the story for the first expansion to the hit deck building game, Gozu. Last time around, players were introduced to a type of goblin, the Dark Goblin, that could trap other goblins. Here the Shadow goblins come with a similar power along with a zombie mutation ability. Ultimately, if you wish to freshen up your base game, Kamakor will offer gamers a new type of goblin to challenge them and their opponents.

When your box says “Embrace the madness!” on the back you know you’re doing something right. Such is the case for the newest set of Dungeons & Dragons Fortune Cards. Spyral of Tharizdun introduces 80 new cards into the adventure, each adding extra abilities and skills to your average encounter. Use them correctly, and your party will gain formidability without dredging itself in complication. And if you want to get a first hand example of how they work, come visit Pulp on any Wednesday night at 8:00 for D&D Encounters.

Sure Storm and Thor can toss about lightning bolts and whatnot, but they won’t be anything compared to whoever picks up the new D&D Heroes of the Elemental Chaos HC. Venturing deep into the realm of those who wield the elements, this Player’s Option introduces the new class options of sha’ir wizard and sorcerer while also supplying new character themes, feats, powers, paragon paths, epic destinies, and elemental companions. Put on some Earth, Wind, and Fire then rock the campaign like your very own Avatar the Last Airbender!

Jan 082011


I hope there’s no rule about yelling “murder” on a crowded blog post like there is shouting “fire” in a crowded movie theater.

What’s the reason for doing it in the first place?  Well, the new edition of Kill Doctor Lucky, of course.  This newest version of the game includes the previously released “…And His Little Dog, Too!” expansion.  Three new rules variants are also included, focusing on the Doctor’s pooch.  Along with all that, this version of the game does away with the generic colored player pieces by replacing them with character standees so that you may choose which potential murder you wish to control.

If you’ve never played any version of the Dr. Lucky games, they are basically a reverse version of Clue.  Players attempt to catch Dr. Lucky unaware in a room and kill him with a deadly weapon.  As his name hints at, though, the good doctor is rather elusive.

If you already own the game, you might think about checking out the new release Save Doctor Lucky.  A reverse scenario from the original game, this prequel has players on a sinking cruise ship attempting to save Dr. Lucky’s life in front of other passengers.

Who doesn’t love monsters, eh?  Pathfinder:  Bestiary 2 adds over 300 new creatures, creeps, and crawlies to their already expansive horde.  With the base addition of monsters, the book also offers extra templates to be used in game.  If you’re a fan of D&D 3.5 and haven’t tried Pathfinder yet, you might want to give it a try as it offers some of the same mechanics that 4.0 does not.

The tastiest version of Killer Bunnies has to be the new chocolate booster.  This box adds 55 new cards including Psi, Omega, Arrow Kite, and Nu cards.  Cards like the Indiana Clones card help to improve your weapons while Through the Looking Glass will up your water and cabbage.  As with any of the Killer Bunnies releases this booster is off the wall goofy and full of knowing pop culture shout-outs.

A couple of important restock items to mention this week, as well.  We got stocked up on many of the Z-Man Games favorites, including Chaos, Pocket Battles, Mountain of Inferno, and Fairy Tale.  The Pocket Battles games, if you’ve never heard of them are, basically, a tile war game in a box.  The two versions of them we currently have are the Orcs vs. Elves box and the Celts vs. Romans box.  Mountain of Inferno is also a game of note.  Based off an ancient Chinese fable, the game has players carefully laying character cards (each with special abilities) so that they eventually succeeded at getting a complete set in a row, either horizontally or vertically.  Colorful anime-esque artwork adds to the total package.

For those who’ve been chomping at the bit, we also were able to get a new copy of Descent’s base game back in this week.  As some of you might be aware, this game has been hard to come by as of recently, so if you’ve been looking to get a hold of it, do it while you can.

And so we end with the Elder Gods.  Call of Cthulhu the Card Game adds another expansion to its repertoire.  This time around it’s The Order of the Silver Twilight.  The Order is the 8th faction to show up in the game and, as is often the case with H.P. Lovecraft, is secretive, shadowy, and subservient to the dark ones.  40 of the 55 new cards are centric to the Order, but all the other previous 7 factions are represented, as well.