Jan 102014

One thing you may not know about Samurai, and a point that was certainly left out of 47 Ronin, is that they like their liquor.

Sake and Samurai plays off of this fact, pitting opponents against each other in a booze fueled conflict, where the most drunk Samurai gains the big prize.  But be mindful of the sake’s effects, as each drink will eliminate your ability to use certain special skills.  Drinks, also, however, offer special abilities in return, so each player must strategically choose when and what to drink in order to best reach that perfect state of zen buzz.

Castle Panic was ready made for the addition of zombies, so it’s a little shocking its taken Fireside Games this long to take advantage of that fact, but its finally happened.

Dead Panic takes advantage of Castle Panic‘s castle defense mechanics and applies them to a zombie apocalypse scenario.  Zombies will randomly be rolled up to appear in the various regions of the game board, offering increasingly difficult obstacles for the players to overcome while holed up in the central mansion.

The suburbs continue to encroach upon the city thanks to Suburbia, Inc., the first expansion for the popular Suburbia board game.  This expansion adds a range of new buildings, a further reaching boarder ability, and a handful of exciting new bonuses.

Much like Sims for the boarding game and steampunk crowd, Steam Park combines each of these elements in the most appealing way possible.

Players compete as amusement park architects in a world of gears and levers, literally constructing their own parks from tiles and pieces included in the game.  Carefully balance the amount of rides, bathrooms, and food carts within your park for the most lucrative results.  And if you have younger players joining in, the game will scale to accommodate younger or less experienced players.

It’s been a long wait, but the hordes are here!

The overdue Tyranids Codex, complete with updated rules and stats, ships today, along with a range of new and repackaged models.  The latter include the Harpy, the Tyranid Swarm, a set of psychic power cards, and more. 

A classic Warhammer game is once again re-envisioned by Fantasy Flight Games with their relaunched Warhammer:  Diskwars.  A war game at heart, Diskwars utilizes a unique mechanic wherein each army and regiment is represented by a disk.  These disks get flipped across the game board, as players attempt to land them on top of their opponent’s disks in order to take out portions of their armies.

Feb 152013

Summoner Wars asks the one eternal question!

Guild Dwarfs or Cave Goblins?

Wait, wait!  Or, Phoenix Elves or Tundra Orcs?

Okay, these are not nor have they ever been eternal questions, but they are important questions if you plan to start up a Summoner Wars game.  These two new starter packs give players everything they need  to begin playing one of the most popular card-based war games out there.  Each pack comes with two faction decks as well as rules, tokens, and other necessaries.  Choose your deck carefully, however, as each faction specializes in a different form of attack.

Cook yourself a box full of fishsticks, call up your buddy, and get ready to play the freshly caught two player version of Le Havre, Le Havre: The Inland Port.  Incorporating the same building mechanic of the original Le Havre, this version adds a new dial mechanic where each player bases their actions off of the round indicator noted each turn.  Because of its unique design and easy-to-learn gameplay, Le Havre: The Inland Port is the perfect two player game for husbands and wives, two friends, a cat and a dog, a pigeon and an aardvark, or any other pairing that wishes to find a game they can share.