Jul 142012

Snnf, snnf.

Anyone else smell that?

Like fish and slime.

Oh, wait, it’s the Cthulhu Pest Control Air Freshener that’s coming out next week. And you know that’s gotta be a pretty pungent odor if I can smell it five days before it even ships. But when it comes to the primary Eldar God, what can you expect. It itsn’t just the sight of him that’ll drive you insane.

Red and white stripped hat versus bowtie? Winner: Bowtie

Single location versus all of time and space? Winner: All of time and space.

Regular every-day people versus millions of alien races? Winner: Millions of alien races.

It’s pretty clear, folks, when it comes to Waldo versus Doctor Who, the undeniable victory is the good Doctor. And if you need more evidence all you have to do is pick up the Doctor Who: Where’s the Doctor kid’s book we will be receiving this coming Wednesday.

In a short and sweet Comic List Highlights, we’ll end on a hardcover collection with a bit more substance. Yeah, when it comes to substance the new Amazing Spider-Man: Ends of the Earth hardcover has it in spades. Not only does the volume contain all eight main and tie-in issues from this year’s major Spider-Man event, but also covers and behind the scenes material. But what’s the story about, you ask? Doctor Octopus, arguably Spider-Man‘s main arch-enemy, has been handed down a death sentence after having received countless pummelings from the webbed wonder. With his body deteriorating, Doc Ock sets out to either save the world or destroy it, with no one knowing what his intentions are. Spider-Man will doubt Doc Ock until the end of time, but could he be wrong this time? Great slam-bang, globe-trotting superhero action, Spider-Man: Ends of the Earth is the great Spidey epic of our time.

May 132011

Welcome to Pulp’s plush corner.

Doesn’t that just sound wrong, in some way?  Whether it does or not, it’s still true.

Marvel unleashes their secret box of cute with four new superhero plush figures.  Can you guess what four heroes they’ve chosen?  Seriously, shout at the computer.

That’s just silly, don’t do that.  Okay, it’s Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, and Thor.  Hmm, coincidence that they all have movies coming out soon?  Not as coincidental, they are all super cuddly.

And if you’re sitting there, thinking to yourself, “Man, I wish my plush Marvel figures had some bad guy to fight”.  Well, think no more!  Actually, that’s probably not a good idea, keep thinking.  In fact, start thinking about this new uber darling, My First Cthulhu.  Look how pudgy his belly is!  An elder god has never looked so huggable.

Do you like zombies?  Do you like cowboys?  Do you like zombie cowboys?  Of course you do.  This week welcomes Zeke Deadwood, Zombie Lawman to the shelves; the primary zombie cowboy.  What do creators Thomas Boatwright and Ryan Rubio do with how undead hero?  It’s the classic western tale:  bad hombres are roughing up a town until Zeke rides into town, ready to lay down the law.  This one shot looks like it could have a twisted, humorous sensibility like Rango or Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.

Okay, pay attention, ’cause this is important.  An omnibus version of Geoff Johns a chunk of his run on The Flash his arriving this week and you all need to buy it.  Why?  Because you might be out there doubting that the Flash can be an interesting character and this collection of Johns’ first twelve issues, the one-shots Iron Heights and Our Worlds at War, as well as Secret Files #3.  In these issues (and the ones that follow) Johns was able to infuse Wally West, the then Flash, with a well-rounded emotional core.  In short, he made you care about him.  He always went a step further and fleshed out the backstories on all of the Flash‘s rogues, making each of them way more compelling than they had ever been before.  And when you’ve got guys like Captain Cold and Weather Wizard, that can be a steep mountain to climb.  Fluid, detailed art by the likes of Scott Kolins and Ethan Van Sciver adds to the total package here.  Seriously, this is good comics.  Check it out.

If you think fezs, bowties, and stetsons are cool, then here’s something else you’re going to think is cool:  the 11th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver.  Want to know why you’ll think it’s cool?  Not only is this an exact, collectible replica of the Doctor’s famous deus ex machina tool (complete with green lights and “vir” sound effects), but it’s actually a screwdriver.  Yes, it comes with three tips for various size screws that can be fitted to the bottom of the screwdriver.  Usually, it’d be cool enough just to whip the thing around pretending to open doors and whatnot, but now you can actually screw something together!