Jul 172015

Power Up #1Power Up #1 (of 6)

-Have you missed on the ebullient fun that is Lumberjanes (Eisner winner!) and Giant Days?  Don’t miss out again!

-Boom! Studios mainstay, Kate Leth, will be writing the series, bringing to bare her previous experience on Adventure Time Fionna and Cake, Bravest Warriors, and Edward Scissorhands.

-Prophecies in most narratives revolve around epic heroes and legendary heroines.  Power Up is not that story.

-Instead, the heroes of prophecy are an apathetic woman in her late twenties, a past-his-prime athlete, a mother of two, and a goldfish.  Yes, you read that last one right.

Wolf #1Wolf #1

-Ales Kot is gaining a reputation as the Hunter S. Thompson of comics, writing some of the most psychedelic, trippy series in recent years.

-Now, Kot launches Wolf, an ongoing detective/crime story from Image Comics!

-But unlike your Chinatowns and Maltese Falcons, Wolf will have hints of the supernatural, akin to True Detective or the Dresden Files.

-Fair warning, there may also be a fair share of Thomas Pynchon’s Inherent Vice, for those that are so inclined.

JLA Gods and Monsters BatmanJLA Gods and Monsters Batman #1

-Leading up to the release DC‘s newest animated movie, this series of one-shots will detail the alternate reality versions of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

-Bruce Timm, co-creator of Batman the Animated Series, is overseeing and writing all of these one-shots.

-Each of these one-shots will feature a done-in-one story about the origins of these drastically altered characters.

-In the Batman issue, readers will find out how Kirk Langstrom, not Bruce Wayne, became the vampire Batman of this world!

Cyborg #1Cyborg #1

-Vic Stone, a founding member of the New 52 Justice League, finally receives his own ongoing series!

-Cyborg has received upgrades before, but, at the beginning of this series, he’s receives a complete overhaul!

-Writer David Walker introduces a slew of new villains for Cyborg to battle, including the Technosapiens, an alien race that want to devour Vic’s own tech.

-Bringing of this insanity to life is one of DC‘s best house artists, Ivan Reis (Blackest Night, Justice League, Green Lantern).

Aug 262011

The wait is over.

Come next Wednesday, August the 31st, there’s no turning back for the DC Universe.  The only two books shipping from DC this week will simultaneously end Flashpoint and begin the New 52.

The truly important portion of that equation is Justice League #1 by the dream team of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee.  That’s right, Geoff “Blackest Night/Green Lantern/Teen Titans” Johns and Jim “Batman: Hush/X-Men/All-Star Batman & Robin” Lee!  Not only will this book be the most dynamically written and drawn comic to ship in months, but also a perfect jumping-on point for anyone who’s interested in DC characters like The Flash, Green Lantern, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman.  The reasons (yes, more than one!) Justice League #1 is a perfect jumping on point are:  one, the story takes place in the past, so you get to see all the members meet for the first time, and, two, it is being written so that anyone can pick it up and not get lost in continuity.  Remember there will also be a couple variant cover editions floating around as well as the Combo Pack which comes with a code to download a digital copy of the book.

Grrglle growl raga rag, rummma rum.  Sorry, for those who don’t speak Christian Bale Batman voice, allow me to repeat.  The next edition in the Black & White Batman Statues is design by David Finch.  There, that better?  Seriously, though, of the artists who have had B&W Batman Statues based off of their work there are few who can encompass every ounce of grit and grim that comprises the Dark Knight.  As somewhat of an added benefit, this statue based on Batman‘s most recent Incorporated costume.  So, as they say in Gotham City, mrggle meerrr growwlll grumppa.

Half of this next product’s appeal is it’s name alone.  Say it with me, folks, To-ki-doki.  Marvel Tokidoki Frenzies may sound like gibberish, but, if they are, they’re the most dagnabity cute gibberish I’ve ever seen.  Swinging from tiny chains which you can affix to an zipper in the immediate vicinity, these bright, cartoony renditions of all your favorite Marvel heroes and villains are just as well designed as the most artistic Munny or Dunny.  And just take a look to the right to see who all’s in the first series.  There’s Spider-Man and Punisher and the Thing and Wolverine and Dr. Doom and Red Skull and the Hulk and Thor and…well, there’s a butt load of’em.

And now, since we’re all 5-by-5, let’s get to the final shout out, B.

If you’re a fan of slayage then you’ll be happy to hear about the new Angel & Faith series.  Leading into season 9 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Wait, season 9?!  Yeah, it’s been continuing in comic form for the last few years), this series will follow the vamp with a soul and the slayingest slayer of them all and bridge gaps between last season and this one.  Not only that, but it’s written by the royally talented Christos Gage, who’s been doing a bang up job on Avengers Academy.  If you’re a Buffy die hard, how can you resist such a perfect pairing.

Aug 192011

Tonight’s word is synergy.  That’s pronounced si-ner-gee, G.

But before we get to that, let’s discuss some other important words, namely teenage, mutant, ninja, and turtles.  Relaunching through IDW next week, the original shellheads, the one, the only, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  And if you’ve always wanted to read up on the TMNT comics, this is the time to jump on.  With Kevin Eastman (one of the original creators) steering the ship, this new Turtles books will be a back-to-the-basics slice and dice action adventure book with all the characters you’ve come to know.  And if you’re still on the fence just take a gander at the conjoining set of covers at the right.  What the shell, son, buy them all?!

Now for a little bit of that synergy I mentioned at the start.  Two unrelated properties have some how miraculously come together next week in a thematic bonding unseen until this point in the Comic List Highlights posts.  These two starstruck lovers are Doctor Who and Green Lantern.  Both space bound.  Both universal police, of a sort.  And, this week, both USB compatible.  Yes, first up is the Tardis USB Hub.  This police box of awesomeness plugs into any USB port splitting it into four.  Not only does it quadruple your USB power, but also gives you a little rush of joy every time you plug in a new device as it flashes its lights and makes that famous Tardis vrooming.  And, secondly, what do you plug into your Tardis USB Hub but a Green Lantern 4Gb Flashdrive?  With a pop off top, a mini-Lantern ring, and a cute cartoony design, there is no better flashdrive to carry around with you, but the predominate space cop, Hal Jordan.

Don’t know about everyone out there in Internet wonderland, but I grew up watching this cartooncalled Batman the Animated Series.  If you haven’t ever seen this cartoon (the greatest cartoon ever!) then go search it out immediately, but if you have (like the rest of us) then you’ll know that Harley Quinn was originally developed for this show.  Now, she’s gone on to become an incredibly popular character, but it all started with Batman the Animated Series.  However you first became aware of Harley, though, there’s no denying she’s never looked better than the new Harley Quinn 1/4 Scale Statue. Don’t gaze too long, though, because my girlfriend will steal this guy right out from under your nose.

To end on a hopeful note of synergy again we turn to the wise, patient, and tentacle-headed Saint Walker.  Maybe people like the color blue, maybe they’re attracted to the concept of hope, whatever the case anything with a Blue Lantern symbol slapped on it is a hot property up here at Pulp.  For that reason, I present to you folks the new Saint Walker mini-bust. An equally detailed sculpt as any of the other Blackest Night DCU mini-busts DC has been releasing lately, the Saint Walker bust comes displayed on a sharp Blue Lantern base.  What’s more, and this is where the synergy comes in, this week also marks the release of another light-up prop lantern (you guessed it), the Blue Lantern one.  So, stop in and fill up on hope this Wednesday at Hope Fiction.

Yeah, I was stretching for that last one.  Sue me, it’s late.

Jul 222011


That’s what I like to imagine this new Atrocitus Blackest Night mini-bust is screaming at the top of his lungs.  It could also be COOKIES or, the ever popular, KHAN.

Or it could just be a primal scream over the fact that the Green Lantern movie kinda sucked.

The idea here is, if you make this nifty mini-bust your new shelf buddy, you can imagine him screaming whatever you want.

Oh, and if we’re conversating about Atrocitus, it’s also important to note that the Red Lantern Light-up Prop Lantern and Ring is also coming in this week.  If you’ve been up to the store recently, you’ve probably seen the Green Lantern and Orange Lantern versions of these.  They rock the casbah.

Up, up, and destroy!  If you picked up The Cape one-shot from last year, you probably understand how that paraphrasing of the famous line fits in here.  A devilishly twisted superhero book, the new The Cape four issue mini-series is a must buy thanks to Joe Hill‘s talented penmanship.  Some of you might have heard us Pulp folk spouting off about Hill‘s incredibly brilliant series Locke & Key and that’s because this guy knows how to write a comic.  His grasp of panel usage, character, dialog, and theme prove that a his papa’s (Stephen King) writing talent seeped into his gene pool.  So, The Cape is basically Hill taking that same talent and applying it to the superhero genre the only way he knows how:  gory, dark, and sinister.

Will you open The Vault?  I’d leave it to the professionals, frankly.  Luckily, that’s exactly what The Vault #1 is about.  In the tradition of The Abyss, Sphere, and Alien, The Vault involves a crack team of archaeologists and treasure hunters who travel to the bottom of the ocean in search of a lost item that they believe will bring them fortune and glory.

That’s never the way, is it?  No, the item is a veritable “Pandora’s Box” that will bring about untold destruction and death.  So, it’s for kids.

So, you’ve got David Tennant‘s screwdriver and Matt Smith‘s (which is an actual screwdriver, by the way), but something’s missing.  The future, that’s what!  Next Wednesday the Future Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver travels back to the past and lands on the shelves of Pulp Fiction.  First seen in the “Silence in the Library” episode being wielded by River Song, this screwdriver is a perfect replica of the one seen in the show!  That level of detail includes a break-away panel that reveals a switch that changes the screwdriver’s LED color from blue to red.  Oh, and each color makes different sounds.

Jun 242011

Wonder Woman‘s newest costume catches a lot of flack (personally, I don’t know why), but there is no way you can look at this first item and doubt its impressiveness.

Settle your eyes to the right and soak her in, gentlemen and ladies.  Soak.  Her.  In.

Done soaking?  Okay, now is that a cool looking statue or what?  This porcelain dandy is based off of Jim Lee’s recent redesigned of the costume and stands 9.75 inches high.  I don’t need a lasso of truth wrapped around me to say this is a sweet statue.

Speaking of redesign, DC complements its new #1 relaunch/simplifying by releasing a line of DC Universe t-shirts that are simple and sheik.  Basically parring the design down to the hero’s symbol and a striking action for the hero themselves makes these shirts look  sharp.

There’s the Batman one (modeled after the Batman, Inc. logo).  

The Superman one.

And, the man of the hour, Green Lantern.

Two new DC Eaglemoss magazine figures drop next week, as well.

The first is the next figure in the set of Blackest Night series.  White Lantern Sinestro floats off his base by a white strand of light.  As always, he ships with magazine detailing the history of the character.  If you’ve been keeping up with the series thus far, this is easily one of the most well designed figures of the bunch.  Gander to the left and check him out.

The second DC Eaglemoss statue is another edition to the JSA:  Dr. Midnight.  Oh, and his trusty owl.  Can’t forget the owl, guys.

Make some bangers and mash, check Big Ben for the time, and make sure the tea is on because the Knight and Squire trade paperback is here.  This was a seriously under appreciated mini-series when it was on the shelves and we’re trying to give it some love here.  Written by Paul Cornell (who penned the equally amazing, but equally unrecognized Captain Britain series), this book is loaded with inside-comics references and wry British humor.  If you’re a fan of Monty Python or, you know, fun comics like Nextwave, this book is chock full of the ridiculous.  For instance, a British superhero called the Milkman and a nude female hero called Birthday Girl.  For anyone out there looking for a quick, light, original read, this is your bread and butter.  Just remember British Joker = Jarvis Poker.