Aug 182012

Dun dun dundundun, dunna na na nana na na na NA!

Say it with me!

I am Iron Man!

If you’ve rocked out to the Black Sabbath tune, devoured the Robert Downey, Jr. films, and/or been reading about the alcoholic, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist for years, then you will want to snag these first time items quicker than a repulsor ray can blow away the Hulk.

First up, the Iron Man Neon Sign. Matching the Captain America Neon Sign from earlier this year, this one comes complete with a dual-purpose stand which can be used as an up right base or a wall mount. Also, as the preverbial cherry on top, the sign comes with a special edition Iron Man comic. And, yes, we are open to doing layaway.

Second, the fantastic looking Avengers Iron Man Statue from Kotobukiya. Pulling the design directly from the box office behemoth that was The Avengers, this glossy, detailed statue will decimate all other Iron Man memorabilia you have in your house through sheer awesomeness. Which means you may want to pick up the neon sign after you’ve already got the statue home and behind plate glass.

And since we’re in a statuey mood, let’s all just admire this fantastic new Black Widow Covert Ops variant statue from Bishoujo for a moment, yes?



Okay. Done.

Unlike the original version of the statue, this edition features Natasha in an alternate grey suit and wielding a stealthy knife instead of a massive sniper rifle. And, as you can tell, those are just the first of the statues, *cough*, ample features.

Before Avengers vs. X-Men there was Fear Itself. Marvel‘s previous universe spanning event incorporated both Iron Man and Black Widow as well as practically every other prominent hero to face off against a ransacking bunch of ancient Norse gods. Each of these gods manifested themselves within hammers, similar to our boy Thor‘s, which, when wielded, would infect the carrier with the god’s being. And who picked these hammers up, you might ask? Oh, just lightweights like The Thing, Hulk, and Juggernaut. So, as you might imagine, much world-shaking fisticuffs ensued. Written by former local boy, Matt Fraction, Fear Itself is an excellent jump-on point for curious Marvel readers, as well as an all around epic tale.

With epic in mind, there’s no other book coming out currently that’s better suited to the word than Prophet. Written (and occasionally illustrated) by Brandon Graham (King City), this reworking of Rob Liefeld’s original character is simply the strangest, most beautiful, unusual, brilliant comic you will read in many years. Set thousands of decades into the future, Prophet takes place all across the galaxy, following John Prophet, the last human, as he treks across Earth and other planets in search of his mission’s end. Graham has accomplished world-building on scale with Star Wars and Avatar with this book, filling his pages with dense wildlife, cultures, and equipment beyond general human imagination. Bridging sci-fi space adventure with Manga sensibilities, Prophet is a unique comic experience you won’t soon forget.

Jan 282012

Magic the Gathering, now in comic flavor.

Yup, coming with special playable promo cards, the new Magic the Gathering series from IDW will not only give its readers free swag, but the tale behind the Planeswalkers and worlds of the famous CCG. Collect all four issues to follow the story and acquire each of the limited edition cards featured in the book.

If you enjoy your comic series inventively insane, then you’re in luck with the new Xombi trade paperback. John Rozum spins a yarn full of regenerating superheroes, shrinking nuns, undead trick-or-treaters, floating skull-shaped islands, and bad@$$ Rabies. If those ideas alone don’t hook you, a little background information might. Xombi is a lazy, slacker vigilante who gets drawn into a world of mystical hi-jinks revolving around the chase for a lost fortress in the sky. But the piece de resistance of this little miniseries is the artwork. Completely illustrated by Frazer Irving (Gutsville, Batman & Robin, Return of Bruce Wayne, etc.) in his famous painterly style, this book is simply gorgeous!

Though the Superman Ice Cube Trays from a couple weeks ago are sweet, but the primary question I get asked about them is, “Do they make a Batman one?”

Usually I just guess and say, “Yeah, probably, but it’s not out yet.” Well, the guessing is over. As of this Wednesday, there will be Batman Ice Cube Trays in the world. Of course, that also means they will disappear about as fast as they appear.

Finally, we’ll end with a little moment of statue zen. Enjoy.

Aug 052011

You’re looking to take a trip, ya say?  Wantin’ to get away from it all?  Ain’t nowhere’s betta than Spider-Island.  That’s right, Spider-Island, where everyone swings and slings all day long.  Red and blue your favorite colors?  You’ll fit right in!  Yes, indeedy, nowhere’s betta.

That rambling textual impersonation of a New Yorker was both offensive and informative as it created a perfect set-up for next week’s premiere of the Amazing Spider-Man event of the year, Spider-Island.  The proverbial feather in the cap of current Spidey scribe, Dan Slott, this event involves a mass outbreak of spider powers across New York City.  Everyone’s got them and Spider-Man is trying to reverse the whole while maintaining order.  Obviously, a bunch of Spidey’s buddies attempt to lend a hand, as is the case with the Cloak & Dagger tie-in series.  Written by hot new writer Nick Spencer (Morning Glories, Iron Man 2.0, Thunder Agents, I don’t know, probably the Bible, too) and drawn by equally hot artist Emma Rios.  Combining Spider-Man with Spencer and Rios creates a comic sandwich I want to sink my teeth into.

With weather like we’ve been having lately, a nice cool glass of ice water hits the spot. But something about normal cubes of ice just isn’t sitting right with me.  Something’s missing.  Oh, that’s it, they’re not in the shape of famous Star Wars characters!  But no worries, Pulp’s got you covered with the new Han Solo in Carbonite and R2-D2 Silicon Ice Cube Trays.  Yup, enjoy a cool glass of H2O or tea or that weird soupy stuff Jabba the Hutt drinks even more with Han Solo or R2 shaped cubes bobbing around in the glass.  May the drink be with you.

It’s hard describing statues.  I mean, really, all you have to do is look at a picture of any statue to figure out if you think it’s cool or not.  So, what more could I say to make you interested?  I could say that this new Jean Grey Bishoujo statue is the newest edition in a line of swanky female Bishoujo statues.  I could say that she stands over 8 inches tall.  I could say that her base has a rockin’ Blackbird firing a rocket mold going on.  But you can all see that by looking at the picture to the right.  Wow, why am I getting paid for this?

And now what you’ve all been waiting for, the Doctor Who portion of the post.  Because, lets be serious, it’s becoming a regular segment on these things.  Tonight we switch up the formula a bit by tossing out two new timelordy items.  The first could work in conjunction with the Star Wars Trays from above if you pleased, because it’s a Tardis Ice Bucket.  Keeps all your drinks that are bigger on the inside nice and cool.  Or transport them to the 17th century.

If you’re going to drink in style like that, though, you need to have a drinking buddy.  Sure, you could call your real friends, but who wants to talk to those guys?  Inside, pick up the 10th Doctor and Dalek Standups and never be lonely again.  Trust me, these guys have some good stories to tell…if they could actually talk, that is.

Jul 152011

Before we get into tonight’s proceedings, allow me, if you would, to give a much deserved shout out to a Pulp Fiction Alumni, Dennis Hopeless.  If you haven’t heard, Dennis has two big books coming out very soon.  In fact, if you haven’t heard, go here and read about them.  We’ll wait…

Okay, so now you’re up to date about the fact that he has a new graphic novel called Lovestruck shipping in September and his first book from Marvel (about the Legion of Monsters) shipping in October.  Good.  Now you have to buy them.

So, to get into the product for next week, there’s no better way to begin than with Adam West.  In fact, the new Mis-Adventures of Adam West comic is all up in the business of Adam West.  If you know him from Batman or Family Guy or Robinson Crusoe on Mars (doubtful), then you’ll be happy to know that he’s saved the universe!  Yes, in this book from Bluewater, Adam uses a magical amulet to venture through all sorts of space and time to save everything!  Everyone Batusi!

Next up a bit of the ‘ole spooky, spooky.  Haunted City #0 is a joint venture between Aspen comics and McG, the director of Charlie’s Angels.  But it’s not all jumpy, jiggly girls.  No, in fact, it’s more paranormal activity and creepy magic.  Seen from the perspective of a New York cop who’s been through it all, this book chronicles the mystic underbelly of the city that never sleeps.  The zero issue specifically details the entire unseen history of New York, giving you a rundown of all the magical forces present throughout the city’s existence.

Alright, statue time!  Break it down!

**Hammer dances across the room**

Speaking of breaking it down, Colossus is doing plenty of that in his new Danger Room Sessions statue.  The newest in this highly detailed, exceptional sculpted line of statues, Colossus is doing as the previous statues, and basically all X-Men do, destroying the danger room.  Kotobukiya is known for producing statues posed dynamically and painted beautifully and this one’s no different.

To finish things off tonight, we bring you two more statues, this time from Bishoujo.  These two new ladies fall into the recent Women of DC and Marvel line that Bishoujo has been releasing.  One from each here, with Supergirl from DC and the Invisible Woman from Marvel.  Both come on appropriate bases and are sculpted in the shapely cheesecake manner fanboys have come to expect.  Best part, though:  Streaky the Supercat on Supergirl’s base.

Apr 082011

Infinity is a very long time.  I know some books (COUGH-Ultimate Comics X-COUGH) take that long to come out, and are worth it when they do, but, luckily, S.H.I.E.L.D:  Infinity does not live up to its name by arriving next Wednesday.

If you’ve been keeping up with Jonathon Hickman’s opus, then you’d be quick to tell others how insanely captivating it is.  Secret societies, Leonardo da Vinci using a steam punk jet pack, Galactus attempting to devour ancient China, it’s all in S.H.I.E.L.DInfinity is the first collection of short stories for the series and features art by a various and sundry group of up and coming individuals, include one Kevin Mellon, artist of Gearhead.  His work only gets better and better with time, folks.  Combine Hickman’s high concept writing style with Mellon’s wild page layouts and angles and you’ve got a must-buy book!

When I say Duela Dent, you might immediately think Harvey “Two-Face” Dent’s daughter.  You’d be right, but also wrong.  She has taken the moniker of “Insert Batman Villain’s Name” Daughter for a number of the Dark Knight’s rouge’s gallery.  The new Ame-Comi statue for Duela Dent has her in her most famous costume (the one she wore during her stint in the Teen Titans), that of the Joker’s Daughter.  Personally, I think the design pops!  You can never go wrong with a can and top hat.

If you’re a Walking Dead fan you probably all ready have a survival guide written out in case of a zombie apocalypse.  The new Walking Dead Survival Guide, however, is not that.  Instead, it is an encyclopedic collection of character bios, location descriptions, and other detailed explanations of information from Walking Dead‘s 80+ issue run.  This first volume (of four) contains entries from A to C.  If you do some digging on the Intro-webs you might be able to find some images of the pages contain within this issue and you will realize that they look swanky.  For a series as packed with detail as this one, a collection of this magnitude is well worth it.

And one for the kiddies.  If Neil Gaiman’s Coraline (either the movie or the book) appeal to you or your children, then the first digest collection of Courtney Crumrin might be worth a look.  Setting a tone similar to the aforementioned Gaiman work, Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things follows Courtney as she explores and investigates her mysterious Uncle Aloysius’ house.  Creepy, monstrous ghoulish are discovered and dealt with in a manner only a spunky adolescent girl can manage.  Ted Naifeh both writes and illustrates this series in a style similar to Eduardo Risso and Gabriel Ba.

88 miles per hour.  Find a way to get this new Back to the Future DeLorean minimate up to that speed and…you probably still won’t be able to time travel.  But you’ll have an excessively cool miniature version of the time machine from Back to the Future and a Marty McFly in radioactive gear figure.  If you’ve purchased any of the previous BttF minimate releases, they all are usable with this mini.  Who knows, it may nab you 1.21 gigawatts if your in dire straights.

Let a black cat cross your path.  Why?  Because with this new Bishoujo statue of The Black Cat is slick, stylish, and screaming to be in your collection.  Following in a tradition of beautifully designed statues, Bishoujo releases Spider-Man‘s gal pal bounding around in her classic catsuit over a tiny building.  If you’ve seen the Psylocke or Jean Grey statues, then you know that Black Cat is perfect for this manga-style statue treatment.

Finally, whom ever wields this Travis Charest poster of the upcoming cover to The Mighty Thor #1 gains the power of ultimate awesomeness.  Travis Charest is easily one of the truly talented artists working in the industry currently, so, as you can see, his version of Thor is stunning.  If you’re planning to make a Thor smock to wear to the upcoming Thor movie, then this poster could serve that purpose.  Or, you know, if you just want to put it on your wall, that’d be fine, too.