Sep 202014

Pathfinder Adventure Time Card Game PlaymatThe Pathfinder Adventure Card Game gets organized this weekend, thanks to a new playmat.

Featuring a layout that helps to show new and old players how to arrange the various important cards piles.  As well as being a guide for placement, the mat also helps organize the game (heading off clutter) and keep the cards from shifting about the table.  The layout is made to cover up to six players.Villainy

With the superheroes getting all the love in games like Sentinels of the Multiverse, Legendary, and Heroes Wanted, it’s time for the bad guys to have their day!  Villainy puts players into the role of a supervillain attempting to destroy the hero of the metropolis they call home.  In order to do this players will need to complete three distinct secret plans, made possible by hiring henchmen.  Each game plays Khans of Tarkir Card Sleevesdifferent, as the objectives and story alters.

Many readers out there will know that this weekend was the Magic the Gathering prerelease event for Khans of Tarkir, the start of the newest card block.  Anyone who knows this will also likely know that means the sleeves, binders, and card boxes for the set are also out.  Boosters, fat pack, and intro Talisman Woodlandsdecks will go on sale next Friday.

Over the hill and through the woods to Talisman‘s expansion we go.

Another large sized expansion for the Talisman 4th Edition board game, The Woodland provides an entire new board to place adjacent to the main board, five new characters, and an added fate mechanic that gives you the option of bettering Hour of the Wolf Warhammer 40K Sanctus Reachyour chances or lessening those of an opponent.

The sequel to the recently released Warhammer 40K Red Waaagh! hardcover, The Hour of the Wolf, is out this weekend.  Contained within its glossy, hardcover-bound pages are details on various skirmishes between the Orc and Space Wolf factions, along with formation templates and more.

The major Warhammer release this weekend, however, is a blast from the past.Space Hulk Warhammer 40K

Once again, Games Workshop has re-released the classic 40K universe board game, Space Hulk.  If you remember the last time this game was released, you’ll also remember the incredibly short amount of time it stayed on shelves and the astronomic price hikes that occurred after it vanished.  This new version comes complete with the same miniatures and accessories as the last, but with one important alteration.  The 2014 version includes an entirely new set of tiles, allowing players who own the previous version to combine them and create one, Five Tribes board gameover-sized game board.

Days of Wonder, publisher of Ticket to Ride, Smallworld, and Cargo Noir, has released a new board game designed by Bruno Cathala (Shadows Over Camelot).  Five Tribes is a meeple placement game, but in reverse.  The game begins with a selection of meeple figures, each from one of the five titular tribes, arranged across the board and it is the players’ challenge to rearrange them.  How they are moved and where they are moved is the strategic challenge of Five Tribes, with the best player gaining the most points from their movements.Netrunner First Contact Data Pack

The third Data Pack in the Lunar Cycle of the Android Netrunner LCG has been downloaded to the Pulp Fiction shelves this weekend.  First Contact’s sixty card expansion intensifies the conflict between the runners and the corps on a number of fronts.  A new meat space is introduced along with new regions, Anarch identities, traps, resources, and mythic ice.

Star Wars Force and DestinyFinally, the force is strong with you.

Fantasy Flight expands its roleplaying galaxy far, far away with the Force and Destiny Beta softcover, a third  system to add to the Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion systems.  This long awaited edition incorporates force based abilities into the universe, providing information on character creation and a fully playable adventure.  And because this system is set in the same universe as the two previous systems, they are all fully compatible.Chinatown

Long out-of-print and going for insane money online, Chinatown has been revived by Z-Man Games.  A truly antagonistic experience, Chinatown is based around bidding, bartering, and negotiating with your opponents.  Players attempt to lay business tiles onto the game board, hoping to group as many like tiles together as the can for greater payouts.  But players can also attempt to convince others to sell or trade for tile Monster Manual D&D 5th Edition Next HCand spaces, requiring a sharp skill for salesmanship and strategic dealing.

Eagerly awaited, the second major core hardcover for Dungeons and Dragons 5.0 is out this week!

The Monster Manual for D&D Next follows hot on the heels of the Player’s Handbook, containing beasties and creatures from the long history of the famous fantasy roleplaying game, all illustrated with beautiful new artwork and provided with easy-to-use rules and statistics.  An essential volume for any Dungeon Master.

Jul 192014

D&D Dungeons Dragons Icons of the Realms Starer Set MiniaturesSince most of tonight’s post is mostly populated by Magic the Gathering product, we’ll start out with the two non-Magic related items.

First up, is the second item release for Dungeons & Dragons aka D&D Next aka D&D 5.0 is out this weekend.  The Icons of the Realm miniature set for the D&D Starter Set includes pre-painted miniatures for each of the six character classes, including cleric, fighter, wizard, and more.

The second non-Magic release for the week is the new Stormclaw box set for Stormclaw 40K WarhammerWarhammer 40K.

Acting like a semi-starter kit, Stormclaw features two playable armies, one for Orks, one for Space Wolves.  Outside of a condensed, digest sized version of the 40K core rules, the box set also includes an exclusive Stormclaw campaign booklet and two exclusive figures for each army.  Grukk Face-Rippa, for the Orks, and Krom Dragongaze, for Space Wolves, also come with rules for play.

M15 Core Set 2015 Fat Pack BoostersNow to the Magic stuff.

In case you’ve been asleep for a month or so, the 2015 Core Set for Magic the Gathering is out.  As is the case with all set releases for Magic, the standard booster boxes, Fat Packs, and Intro Decks have been released.  Fat Packs contain nine booster packs of M15, two mini-deck boxes, one larger one, a spindown counter, and more.  Intro Decks are pre-built sixty card decks and two booster packs.M15 Core Set Clash Pack 2015

For the first time, Wizards has also released a Two-Player Clash Pack.  This dual deck set includes two entirely pre-built, playable decks, making it perfect for two friends to pick up and play.  Similar to the previously released Event Decks, the Clash Pack contain a number of high dollar MtG Core Set M15 Sleevesrares, including Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, Temple of Mystery, Genesis Hydra, and  Courser of Kruphix.
Finally, if you’re going to be gaining a ton of new M15 singles, you’re going to want sleeves to go with them.  Each of the six major Planeswalkers for the set have each received the sleeve treatment, so no matter what color you play, Wizards has you covered.  As well, new playmats and binders have also been released.
Jan 292011

Grab on and hold tight because this is going to be a big one.

First up is the cornucopia of restock.  A couple of card related items:  KMC perfect fit sleeves (clear, basic sleeves), Ultra-Pro Magic binders (black with a MtG logo on the front, and the card game Gosu (space goblins dueling it out).

The three restocked boardgames to come in were the Shadow Hunters expansion, 1960:  The Making of the President, and the Battlestar Galactica Boardgame expansion, Exodus.  But wait, there’s more explaining!

The Shadow Hunters expansion comes with new character, white, and hermit cards to replace older cards.  Released from Z-Man games, the original Shadow Hunters had players assuming roles of a Shadow, Hunter, or Citizen.  Each player keeps their identity secret from everyone else so that everyone has to figure out who is what.  Once identities have been discovered, battle occurs.  The expansion’s cards alter previous cards changing the game’s play system.  If you’ve played Bang! or The Target, Shadow Hunters fits right in with them.

For those of you who have been looking for a solid, strategic 2-player game, 1960: The Making of the President is for you.  A card based game, 1960 has players controlling Nixon and Kennedy, respectively, as they navigate their way through the campaigning process.  Players must choose carefully which political battles to fight and which to sidestep.  Historical landmarks like the televised debates have all been woven into the gameplay.  Like I said, it’s made specifically to house two players and is rich with historical accuracy.

Battlestar Galactica Exodus adds three new scenarios that can be inserted into the main game based on the players’ preference.  The three scenarios focus on different aspects of the show/game:  fighting, loyalty, and personal struggle.  They can be inserted into the base game in any number of combinations (fighting and loyalty, loyalty, personality, and fighting, etc.).  Perfect for fleshing out both the number of players and the type of game play, this Exodus expansion is ideal for improving your Battlestar gameplay.

And now, a brief intermission.

As of this week, Pulp has restocked our Used RPG boxes.  The additions are too numerous to mention, so please come up and take a gander at your leisure.  To give you people a slight estimate of the kind of books included, I’ll mention that all of the Decipher’s Star Trek line of books are included.

A release from a couple of weeks ago that we simply had no space to mention is the new Tannhauser: Hoax single figure kit.  The Hoax character wears an invisibility suit that allows her to sneak around her opponents on the battlefield.  The kit includes four miniatures that depict her going into invisibility mode as well as being fully invisible.  Also included is a rule book that explains her power and tokens to place on the battlefield.

Luna is our first new game this week.  A multi-mechanic game, Luna involves piece move, resource management, and strategic placement.  Up to four players via for the approval of the Moon Priestess, ultimately hoping to choose her replacement at the throne.  Once again from Z-Man games (man, those guys put out some good stuff), Luna should satisfy any veteran gamer.

Guess who publishes Cleopatra’s Caboose?  Z-Man games!!  Surprise!!  Okay, enough of that.  Cleopatra’s Caboose is another multi-mechanic game, combining bidding, buying, and building.  Players bid for turn order at the beginning of rounds and then use their money supplies to build buildings, train track, and pyramids while also revitalizing cities and shipping goods.  Basically a train game, Cleopatra’s Caboose plays three to five and offers a decent level of strategy and challenge.

Whooo, last one (if this was in real life, I’d be outta breath).  Killer Bunnies adds one more new deck to its Odyssey line of expansion being released at the beginning of this year.  This one, in particular, is called Cool Psychic Penguins and, believe it or not, includes new cards that center around psychic penguins.

…AWWWWWW, NOOOO, THERE’S ONE MORE!!!!  Hmm, well, allow me to compose myself.

Okay, Munchkin Reloaded is our last highlight for today.  Another in the line of Munchkin booster packs, this edition contains 15 reprinted cards (designated “very evil”) like Dark, High, Master, and Reloaded Die.  Like the previous boosters, this is the perfect expansion to pick up, inexpensively, to liven up your Munchkin game.

Whew, now I’m going to go die.