May 182013

Image Comics has the market cornered on genre-based series that stray far away from the capes-and-cowls dynamic.  But, as they’ve proven with Invincible, when Image wants to do a superhero book, they do it well.  Hence, The Bounce, a new ongoing superhero series unlike any other from Joe Casey.  Casey has made his name on creating original properties like Ben 10 and Generator Rex for Cartoon Network, but recently also made a striking return to the world of comics with Sex.  Now, Casey brings his unusual touch to a hero who’s smart, fast, and a rebel, The Bounce, along with a rogues gallery of twisted unique villains, as well.  

Tank Girl is back, baby!

Always a notable occasion when a Tank Girl comic shows up, Titan Comics, in its recent relaunching of classic series, is releasing Solid State Tank Girl this Wednesday.  Written by series creator Alan Martin, Solid State Tank Girl brings back the gang of Tank Girl, Jet Girl, Booga, and Barney.  This time, in the act of trying to save a local record store, the gang unleashes evil alternate reality versions of themselves which they must defeat to live!

Following up Dark Horse‘s Last of Us miniseries, Akaneiro is another video game spinoff series created and written by the mind behind the game, American McGee.  A sci-fi retelling of the classic Red Riding Hood fairy tale, Akaneiro, is a Japanese-infused tale of violent demon fighting in a fantasy world.  Elegantly designed characters and world brim over the pages of this miniseries that is a must for die-hard gamers!

If you’ve got the green, they’ve got the team.

Following hot on the heels of Gail Simone’s wonderful first issue of The Movement, Green Team #1 is the companion series featuring the upper-class wunderkinds of the DC Universe.  A group of billionaire teens set out to spend their money to become super powered jerks, dealing with the limelight of celebrity and the burden of inhuman abilities.  Written by Art Baltazar and Franco (Tiny Titans, Superman Family Adventures), this series marks their first venture into adult side of the DC Universe.  Considering their talent for fun, traditional comic storytelling, this series should be the newest underdog hit for DC.

Aug 182012

Dun dun dundundun, dunna na na nana na na na NA!

Say it with me!

I am Iron Man!

If you’ve rocked out to the Black Sabbath tune, devoured the Robert Downey, Jr. films, and/or been reading about the alcoholic, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist for years, then you will want to snag these first time items quicker than a repulsor ray can blow away the Hulk.

First up, the Iron Man Neon Sign. Matching the Captain America Neon Sign from earlier this year, this one comes complete with a dual-purpose stand which can be used as an up right base or a wall mount. Also, as the preverbial cherry on top, the sign comes with a special edition Iron Man comic. And, yes, we are open to doing layaway.

Second, the fantastic looking Avengers Iron Man Statue from Kotobukiya. Pulling the design directly from the box office behemoth that was The Avengers, this glossy, detailed statue will decimate all other Iron Man memorabilia you have in your house through sheer awesomeness. Which means you may want to pick up the neon sign after you’ve already got the statue home and behind plate glass.

And since we’re in a statuey mood, let’s all just admire this fantastic new Black Widow Covert Ops variant statue from Bishoujo for a moment, yes?



Okay. Done.

Unlike the original version of the statue, this edition features Natasha in an alternate grey suit and wielding a stealthy knife instead of a massive sniper rifle. And, as you can tell, those are just the first of the statues, *cough*, ample features.

Before Avengers vs. X-Men there was Fear Itself. Marvel‘s previous universe spanning event incorporated both Iron Man and Black Widow as well as practically every other prominent hero to face off against a ransacking bunch of ancient Norse gods. Each of these gods manifested themselves within hammers, similar to our boy Thor‘s, which, when wielded, would infect the carrier with the god’s being. And who picked these hammers up, you might ask? Oh, just lightweights like The Thing, Hulk, and Juggernaut. So, as you might imagine, much world-shaking fisticuffs ensued. Written by former local boy, Matt Fraction, Fear Itself is an excellent jump-on point for curious Marvel readers, as well as an all around epic tale.

With epic in mind, there’s no other book coming out currently that’s better suited to the word than Prophet. Written (and occasionally illustrated) by Brandon Graham (King City), this reworking of Rob Liefeld’s original character is simply the strangest, most beautiful, unusual, brilliant comic you will read in many years. Set thousands of decades into the future, Prophet takes place all across the galaxy, following John Prophet, the last human, as he treks across Earth and other planets in search of his mission’s end. Graham has accomplished world-building on scale with Star Wars and Avatar with this book, filling his pages with dense wildlife, cultures, and equipment beyond general human imagination. Bridging sci-fi space adventure with Manga sensibilities, Prophet is a unique comic experience you won’t soon forget.