Dec 142012

Managing to actually beat the next Star Wars films into the world, the Fantasy Flight Star Wars RPG base set has, shockingly, arrived earlier than expected.  Copying the Pathfinder Beginner Box method of release, Star Wars Edge of the Empire is also released in a beginner box format, coming with all the essentials for play.  Included in the box is a quick-to-learn rule booklet that will teach anyone, even the most uninitiated roleplayer, how to play the game.  Dice, pre-generated character sheets (which are ready-to-play), an adventure book, tokens, and much more are also included.  Create your own galaxy far, far away by picking up this one, catch-all Beginner Box.

Maybe you haven’t heard, but there’s this movie called The Hobbit coming out this weekend.  I don’t know, people are excited.  In a brilliant stroke of cross-marketing, Fantasy Flight has released a new Hobbit trick-taking card game.  A head-to-head battle of good versus evil, The Hobbit card game has players taking on the roles of Bilbo, Gandalf, and Thorin to take on the forces of Smaug and Bolg.  Each card has its own special abilities as well as associations with good or evil, which will benefit or harm them depending on the items being attached to them.  Trust me, you’re going to need something to keep you and your five friends busy while your sitting in line waiting for tickets.

In an effort to make an RPG system for every corner of the Warhammer 40K universe, the Only War Core Rulebook drops today.  Focusing on the Imperial Guardsmen, Only War allows players to control any of the twelve specialties, whether that’s the powerful Heavy Gunner or the beneficial Medic.  The game also supports all forms of interaction with easy-to-understand rules capable of handling conversations to mass battles.  Also, by the weird possibility that you’re playing a 40K game without knowing anything about the universe, this rulebook comes with complete background details on the Imperial Guard and all their enemies.

The fire is rising, brother.  And you just read that in Bane’s voice.

Though he, technically, has nothing to do with Dominare, Bane’s general revolutionary plan does share some similarities with the gameplay.  It’s all about influencing the citizens of Tempest with secret backdoor dealings, underhanded treachery, and cunning.  Each player controls different agents of the underworld, sending them into eight different city districts to begin spreading rumors of a conspiracy that will upset the city’s balance.  In the end, its all about control and who possesses it.

Ticket to Ride continues to trek across the globe for its most recent map expansion packs, this time landing in Africa.  Ticket to Ride: The Heart of Africa (beside being a minor reference to Joseph Conrad’s famous short story) features an entirely original map of the country, complete with new terrain cards which specific different track colors for different geographical regions.  Players can multiply their points by using them in conjunction with particular routes.  As Ticket to Ride is one of the best family games on the stands since forever, so keep it fresh and interesting for yours by picking up this new expansion.

Wares!  Fine wares!  Get your fine wares right here!

Continuing from Catan Histories previous releases, Merchants of Europe is the newest stand-alone Catan edition.  This augmentation of the basic Settlers of Catan rules has players controlling merchants and trading posts in various cities in Europe, attempting to expand their mercantile reach ever further.  Ultimately, your goal should be to recruit as many new merchants as you can in an effort to build trading posts further from your original locations and acquire different commodities (i.e. sugar, wood, sheep, etc.) for trade and sale.  Along with this, players must also build trading routes over which they will need to transport their goods, hoping they’ve built them in safe areas or else have their product pillaged from under them.

Aug 102012

Name a blond singer who you wouldn’t take home to your mother.

Yes, I understand there could be a lot of different answer to that description, but that’s exactly the point of Fame Us, a punnily named party game following in the footprints of Apples to Apples. A game that tests your celebrity knowledge, Fame Us has players, either in teams or individually, playing descriptor cards, which build on each other, and trying to name famous folks who fit the more and more detailed description. Those to ten points or an empty hand of cards, wins.

Arabian nights, like Arabian days, more often than not, more hotter than hot. Regardless of what Aladdin may tell you, the new board game, Sidi Baba, though set in the underground world of Arabian thieving, is not, in fact, hot, but, instead, very cool. With real time gameplay, players take on the role of Sidi Baba and his band of thieves as they venture through a maze, facing off against the leader of thieves. Each side has their own objectives to complete in an ultimate goal to be most successful thief.

A new expansion to the retooled Thunderstone Advanced has arrived!

Caverns of Bane is not a reference to The Dark Knight Rises nor a political statement about Bain Capital, it is simply a 250 card addition to the base game. Included within these 250 cards are six new monster groups each with the ability to carry and use treasure against the player. Three new Thunderstone bearers also add a increasing challenge to the overall story and game.

Begin your quest for knowledge in the name of Omnissiah!

Dark Heresy The Lathe Worlds reveals the history of the Lathe worlds while granting access to alternate careers such as Mech-Assassin and Agent of the Lords Dragon. Along with such guarded information, this hardcover includes a thrilling adventure involving a journey to a lost comet station. Learn the secrets of the Machine God!

Jul 082011

Time to get committed too the asylum.

That’s Arkham Asylum, folks, action figure series two.

This time around DC Direct is pumping out the crazy pants with four new figures.  Set two includes a new buff Armored Batman, a tantalizing Poison Ivy, a ‘roided Bane, and a chop-you-into-tiny-bits Zsasz.  As with the first set, these figs are nicely sculpted and packed with a handy-dandy display base.

Jonathan Hickman, master of design and the well-crafted tale, delivers one more in his line of Image books this coming week; the others being reads like The Nightly News, Red Mass for Mars, and Pax Romana.  This new book is called The Red Wing and, as you can see by the cover to the right, involves helmets.  Now, the helmet itself may seem boring, but when you realize that it is drawn with the incredible hands of Nick Pitarra (a style reminiscent of Frank Quietly) and is worn by a squadron of time pilots, you thought of boring washes away.  Yes, The Red Wing centers on pilots from the future who have to fly planes through time.  More, please!

She may be dead right now, but that doesn’t stop Jean Grey from being part of a sweet-tastic statue!  Not only does this statue have a swigiddy diggidy base with some gnarly swirling smoke, but also Jean is rockin’ her X-Factor costume, which never, ever gets any play.  Add on top of that sundae of swasity sweetness (yes, I’m trying to use it as many times as I can) that this statue is sculpted by Bowen and you have a sexy sweet-numcious buy.  Yeah, got it in one more time!

And now, for all you greedy space horses (Is that what Larfleeze is? Who can tell?) our final product of the night.  Certainly the orangiest of all nights wares, the Orange Lantern Power Battery and Prop Ring won’t give you the power of the Orange Lanterns, but will get you the closest anything can in this reality.  How so?  Because it lights up, folks.  And the ring can be separated and worn.  Oh, and it’s big.  Yeah.  Space horses assemble.