Nov 212011

Join us here and on Facebook all through this week for updates on Black Friday Specials!

Oh, and don’t forget we open at 10:00 AM on Friday!


-Comic Back Issues: buy 2, get 1 free

-Dollar Comic Back Issues: 3 for a dollar

-20% off RPGs








General Disclaimers:
*Discounts do not combine.
*Certain items from the above categories may not be discounted, ask an employee for details.
Nov 222010

It begins!

If you have gotten a Pulp Fiction postcard in the mail or up at the store, you hopefully noticed that you needed to check on Facebook or on this very website to find out about Black Friday Sales.  If that’s why you are here, you’re doing good.

We will continue posting pieces of the sale leading up to Friday the 26th!  Until then, keep checking back to get updated on each of the sales.

Oh, and don’t forget, we’ll be opening at 9:00 AM on Black Friday, so if you’re going to get in on the best deals you better show up early.

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for.

Sales Part 1:

  • The “Dilbert Board Game” will be on sale for just $10.00 (a savings of $20!)

  • ALL back issues will be at Buy-One-Get-One-Free! (equal or lesser value)

  • “Heroscape Fortress of Archkyrie” will be only $15.00 (a savings of $15!)

…stay tuned as we continue more of our deals throughout the week and be sure to tell your friends!!!